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Unite the Earth Kingdom under Kuvira's rule (formerly).Take control of Republic City and marry Kuvira (formerly).Make amends with his family (ongoing). Varrick seemed poised to argue for a moment, but after she pinned him under her glare, he thought better of it and offered the role to her former dance partner, who was seated across from him. Sheng, Spirits The next time they attempted the process, the brainwashing was undone, though Asami remembered nothing about what she did while brainwashed. Baatar Jr. is the (former) secondary antagonist of Book 4 of The Legend of Korra. Upon the weapon's completion, Baatar Jr. ordered his crew to test the power core to make sure that the demonstration in Kuvira's presence the following day would run smoothly. “How do you know?”, He shrugged. [5], Baatar Jr. has demonstrated considerable skill as a mecha suit pilot, capable of repelling earth-based attacks and launching quick counterstrikes. Koh | Baatar Baatar Jr. demanded that his father acknowledged Kuvira as Zaofu's rightful leader. Character Baatar Jr. was born to Suyin and Baatar in Zaofu, where he later became an engineer who enacted his father's designs. Zaheer | Personal information They are both earthbenders and metalbenders. When his family returned from Gaoling along with Kuvira, Baatar Jr. was quick to approach his ex-fiancée, telling her that he thought she would never have the courage to return home. “My mother had this special after school program for all the bending kids. JavaScript is disabled. For others, it won’t. Boiling Rock Warden | Intelligence; Skilled with engineering and robot piloting, To reunite the Earth Kingdom through the Earth Empire with, Kuvira, Team Avatar (formerly), Red Lotus. He approved when Kuvira usurped Wu and took over the Earth Kingdom and turning it into a new Earth Empire. He was cautioned by his fiancée, however, to not get ahead of himself, as securing the metal city would not be as easy as he made it seem. Everybody slept through it, including Won, that’s how quiet and gentle they were. [6] After this trust was shattered by her firing the energy spirit cannon at him, Baatar Jr. was heart-broken on how despite all that he had given her, she still fired the weapon at him along with the rest of his family just to eliminate the Avatar and felt deep remorse and guilt on how he treated his family. Think about it guys Baatar Jr. smugly looked forward to annexing Zaofu to the Earth Empire, with force if necessary. “That was unexpected.”. Baatar Jr. Arriving at Zaofu, Baatar Jr. led Kuvira and Bolin to the room where the rest of the Beifong family was awaiting them. Baatar Jr. sat relaxed on the couch while his fiancée explained Bolin's task to him. Yaling | He continued to chastise Varrick for wanting to limit his invention to clean energy, believing it was their responsibility as scientists to push the boundaries of the possible once a discovery was made. He redeemed himself by turning back to his family, however, after he could not understand why Kuvira would shoot at him with her spirit energy cannon when he was captured by Team Avatar. However, he was once more reeled in by Kuvira, who stressed the importance of handling the situation with diplomacy, considering the eyes of the world were upon them, a task for which she wanted to use Bolin even though Baatar Jr. had his doubts in regards to the reliability of the earthbender. Als Ingenieur von Zaofu ist er für die Umsetzung der Ideen seines Vaters zuständig. No, when he trained he trained with my grandmother. With the energy capsule loaded, he told Zhu Li to initialize phase one, though soon retracted the order when she reported that there was a problem with the condenser backing up. He often argued with Varrick over scientific endeavors. “Okay, you’re all set. Bujing | “Brilliant filmmaker smashes box office with latest blockbuster, Nuktuk and the Pirate King! Laughing and sarcastically asking her if that was truly her best idea, he noted that they had lost the battle even though they refused to accept it. Status of Relationship Kemurikage | He’s got PTSD. Crimes Short URL . Seriously. It is very easy to predict that Korra versus Kuvira shall be the final battle of this season, and thus, the entire series, but I am wondering who shall fight Baatar, jr., who is Kuvira's second-in-command. A third test later took place that was intended to kill Zhu Li, and when Baatar saw that Opal was in the line of fire, he frantically tried to stop the test. Tahno | After the governor of Yi ordered Kuvira and her army to leave the state, Baatar Jr. retreated with everyone else to the border of the state, where they would wait a day for the governor to reconsider. The following day, Baatar Jr. attended Wu's coronation and applauded and cheered when Kuvira publicly denounced Wu's authority and claimed power for herself, renaming the Earth Kingdom the "Earth Empire". As Zaofu's engineer, he was responsible for enacting his father's designs. “Okay,” she said, frowning a bit. [6], While Suyin hosted a dinner for Avatar Korra and her friends, Baatar Jr. and his father passed by the dining hall, where the latter informed the matriarch that they would have to eat in his office as they had a major breakthrough regarding the remodeling of a tram station. He told Bolin to be quiet when the earthbender excitedly noted to convert the weapon into a source of clean energy per Varrick's original plans for the device. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Noatak | Su later realized that was she really wanted was a family. He is the eldest son of Suyin Beifong and Kuvira's former fiancée and second-in-command. Combustion Man | Image gallery (24) In any case, I need to get going, Mauja’s probably wondering where the hell I am. Baatar Jr. ordered one of the metalbending guards to rough Varrick up to force him to cooperate and restart his work on weaponizing the spirit vine energy. The twins were pissed off because they wanted to go. Hama | When the machine malfunctioned again, he was shocked to find the error had been caused by a missing distributor pin. When he did, they all returned and Baatar Jr. witnessed his fiancée claim the state in the name of a united Earth Kingdom. Welcome to the forums! Afiko | He greeted her in a friendly matter, though when he asked how their mother was doing, Opal snapped at him, dismissing his question since she believed he did not care anyway. Henceforth, he turned on her and helped Team Avatar to stop her conquest. Tagaka | Thod's disciples, Equalists He doesn’t deal with the entire idea of Kuvira (never mind the person) at all. Opal is the third child and only daughter of Baatar and Suyin. Unalaq | Shortly after, Opal, Wei, and Wing rushed in the room, asking Suyin to turn on the radio, as Guan had just won the election. Royal Procession | Finding the cart to be deserted with the ceiling hatch open, the engineer deduced that Bolin and Varrick had deserted, prompting him to give chase. His plea came too late, though the weapon's trajectory was altered when his mother, twin brothers, and aunt rattled the cannon with their earthbending, causing the shot the miss.[11]. His departure led to a falling out with his mother, who saw it as a betrayal and who deemed Kuvira's quest an unjustified seizure of power. Baatar (by himself and Kuvira)Junior (by his father) He stalked over to his family and yelled at his father to kneel before Kuvira, stating her to be his rightful leader. Upon checking in to the Republic City Four Elements, Baatar Jr. curtly greeted his mother. With a grand gesture, he swung open the double doors, though the two parties merely greeted each other with tension.


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