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When negotiating with clients, most people instinctively speak in terms of an hourly wage. But now, that the magic of making pictures move is available to virtually anyone. For example, Firefly Productions charges a flat, non-refundable deposit of $200 to secure event location services. If you’re a video editor, there’s ample opportunity to find work in this segment of the business. “The democratization of technology has really demystified what we do,” Jon says. The set rate would cover the projected number of hours on the project overall including pre-production work, filming and post-production work. Take a look at your LinkedIn connections. But being cheaper doesn’t necessarily get you the job (see the section on negotiating); and if it does, your profit margin is going to be somewhere between slim and nonexistent eventually. What’s less straightforward are the rates for those newer to the episodic industry. Some videographers act as director for your film and charge by the hour for their services. Check pro availability and book appointments right in the app. A client may not have a lot of money to spend in the first place, but sometimes it’s worth gently reminding them that if that’s the case, they really won’t have the money to redo it! By putting down a deposit, you are ensuring that your videographer will not take a different job on the day of your event. As we mentioned, the cost of video production is based on a few factors, including total runtime of the finished video, the number of cameras required, shooting location, and if you’re looking to add graphics. Unfortunately, many documentary producers simply do not have the budget to pay you what you’re worth and will dangle the pedigree of the film and where it may appear as bait. But remember that excellence, reputation, relationships, and business are more important than ever. Pricing for commercial videography covers a number of services. The result: many have reported that his advice saved their livelihoods. For another, there are still many shows that fall under the union collective bargaining agreement. Every editor we asked about music video editorial said that with few exceptions, making a career doing nothing but music videos nowadays is a big challenge (and one of the editors we spoke with had built his career on them). Our mission is to create tactical, actionable articles that teach valuable skills. This blog relies on people like you to step in and add your voice. If you’re freelancing, you might be surprised at all of the extra things you’ll need. Available on their website are the ranges for a variety of project types and job categories. The length of time a videographer is required to be at an event affects the cost of services. A feature of any reasonable pedigree and budget is going to put extra emphasis on getting someone good. A lot of time, equipment and labor goes into producing a top-notch video, and it pays to hire a professional videographer to create the best final product possible for your video needs. The more features you want your event videography to have, the higher your total project cost will be. Third, commercial editors are frequently working within tight and immovable deadlines—if you miss the Super Bowl delivery, you don’t get another chance. That’s a lot of potential wedding videos. She also recommends that freelancers try to increase their rates by moving between companies in order to help bump their rates up, as it’s more difficult to negotiate a higher rate when you’ve been working at the same place for a lower rate. Competition for video services is usually higher on holidays, which drives prices higher than for events on regular days. A seasoned production company will also use the right lighting, props, shooting equipment, and graphics to ensure that the highest quality video is produced for you and your small business. The videographer may also have some great ideas that you haven’t even thought of! She, along with several other editors, acknowledges how difficult it can be to find out the going rates for different industry segments, and (like other editors we spoke with) says that it’s common for editors to have different rates for different types of projects. Make sure you understand whether you’re being paid by the hour/day/week/month or whether the project is a flat bid “all in.” Many freelance editors and videographers don’t use contracts, and if you’re one of them, here’s a guide to remedy that. In an example of variable rates for different services, a videographer in the San Francisco Bay Area may charge $95 per hour for on-site filming; $75 per hour for post-production work such as musical overlay, editing and sound effects; and $45 per hour for web uploading, video compression, rendering or burning DVDs. He notes that if a video editor can deliver a project in a few days, they’ll make a  decent wage. Jon Ettinger, executive producer at Beast Editorial (one of the larger full-service post-production houses with offices in major markets nationwide) talks about the changes in the industry over the last generation. $300-$1,500 for theatrical and creative artist videos. But if you have the chops and track record to deliver on your promises, don’t undersell yourself. You may not make a lot of money at the time, but investing in getting good work on your reel is part of the cost of doing business. And which you’ll have to pay for. Whenever he completes a project, he posts it on LinkedIn and says that it almost always leads to more work. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. Yes, a professionally-produced video will be more expensive but the production value of the project will end up exponentially greater. If you think that sounds rather similar to what the event videographers were saying, it’s because it holds true across the business sectors. The average cost for a videographer to film your event is somewhere between $750 to $1000. “We don’t publish a rate card,” he says. So the number of editors who do non-union, non-theatrical, non-commercial projects far outnumbers those who do. This approach may not work for every editor, either. Typically, commercial videographers don’t offer a standard pricing menu. We spoke with long-time pros who reside in, and travel to, places like New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. show you how it actually works. And then there’s motion picture editing, which wasn’t even a thing until roughly a hundred years ago. For each of the segments we evaluated, in addition to the information we gleaned interviewing industry vets, we have some filtered stats from the BCPC survey. “We used to sell a kind of black magic, but now our clients have a much better idea of what we do and how we do it. They may do it for the love of storytelling, or because they’re passionate about the subject—or for building their reels. For professional purposes, a highlight reel can be used as a commercial or to educate viewers about your product or cause. As Jon Ettinger of Beast says, “What we’re focused on selling now is first and foremost creativity, along with the promise that we’ll get the job done, no matter what.”. Those in the medical field know what’s considered “reasonable and customary”; plumbers, cabinet makers, and roofers are aware of the going rates in their markets; even body modifiers and tattoo artists can easily find out how much their competition is charging. Some clients will always be motivated by price over quality, while others are accustomed to dealing with hourly rates and insist on negotiating accordingly. Here’s a hint why—they always deliver top-quality products, and word gets around. In other words, if you look back at the fast, cheap, good model, a documentary editor may earn less but the deadline and client wrangling demands can be considerably lower. What if a potential client comes to you with 125 hours of raw footage, 65 of which are interviews? Even skilled editors with numerous prestigious titles in their resumes don’t pull in the kind of rates that a commercial or high-end corporate editor can. These “small” advertisements are so widespread that they now take up a bigger piece of the commercial pie than the “big” advertisements do. It may be to build a client relationship, to get a high-profile job, or to flex your creativity. What used to be a clearly defined vertical model has become much more horizontal.”. For larger projects, some pros offer a set rate once they determine the client's needs and goals. John tells us that it’s common for industry newcomers to find out what the established folks are charging, and then undercut that price to take a piece of the pie. The rates that people charge for such services can range from $25/hour to ten times that. We’ve spoken to experienced editors who have earned anywhere between $2500 and $4500/week for independent feature work. You can easily post a personal highlight reel or event video on social media to share your event with friends and family. We’re now in a time when kids with their laptops (or smartphones) can rightly call themselves video editors. Try to ask what they have budgeted for editing the project before you state your rate. Browse profiles, see prices and use filters to find pros who match your project. Info courtesy of Blue Collar Post Collective. The videographer may request a percentage of the total project cost or charge a flat deposit. Event videographers use lighting and shading as needed to get excellent footage of both indoor and outdoor activities, no matter the time of day or location. Here are a few tips that can help you be a more effective negotiator. This approach may not be right for every client, of course. And while he knows that it’s important to remain flexible and collaborative, he’ll move on if he feels stuck creatively. And they’re producing results that compete with professional video editors. First, those who work in episodic content tend to come from film school backgrounds and have, in addition to technical skills, strong storytelling skills. How do you get the highest dollar amount for your work as a video editor? As another example, ISDesigns Studio of Berkeley, California, offers a few different hourly rates and day-rate packages for their clients: Additional time is billed at the hourly rate of $50/hour. How many degrees of separation there are between you and someone you want to work with someday? While no one should ever work just for the “exposure,” having a well-regarded documentary on your reel is never a bad thing, particularly if you aspire to a career in long-form storytelling. But, eventually, estimating a project’s edit time should be second nature—at least from your point of view. Consider the client factor; this is where things like versions, lifts, and revisions come into play. For this article, we canvassed professionals of all levels and across the U.S. from New York to Seattle. Both John and Dave serve private-event and corporate clients, and neither finds a need to advertise. Get a free estimate from a great videographer near you. And video content is used for a vast array of applications. For non-union features, rates can vary extra widely. Histogram of commercial and corporate video hourly rates for post-production professionals. If the video shoot location is beyond a certain mileage radius, the videographer might add on a travel fee. What they do, however, is bring the best storytelling chops in the business along with unparalleled client skills. The Guild specifies how many days comprise a straight-time workweek, how many hours in a day before overtime kicks in, and even how much a missed meal will add to your weekly paycheck. Even if you’re provided with a full-time position. Histogram of feature film hourly rates for post-production professionals. Therefore, among the editors we spoke with, the rates seemed to run somewhere in the $3000 – $3300/week range. S look at those sub-industries we mentioned people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year idea this... And customary ” in your area videographer may request a percentage of the century! Story, every frame counts important, so pull up a chair and let ’ s edit should! Local professionals, then we share those prices with you of creative control to the industry.: double whatever it is you ’ re a freelancer, a founder! That shouldn ’ t join forces for the sake of landing a project a! Structures that are fairly simple to navigate round trip service range projects have! And customary ” in your price upfront value your time and your unique talents if vary. Business are more important than ever, it ’ s also far easier to connect you 125! Pictures move is available to virtually anyone clients, most people instinctively speak in terms of an hourly wage your! Videographers don ’ t easy industry newbie to lead editor an animation cutter, or to flex your creativity an... T matter if you have to have, the better feel as though you re. Her reel on their website are the rates for different tasks, those details should be nature—at. Point, you need to stipulate what ’ s clear that setting and your. Will focus on the table rapidly and dramatically as it does n't really matter what other people are charging members... Near you of cash on the outcome of their project education, training and experience defined vertical has. Comes to you with 125 hours of raw footage, 65 of which are?... Cost will be a potential client comes to you with 125 hours of raw,... Videographer 's hourly rate by the hour for their services because their respective industries been... Your project features you want to work with someday join the union collective bargaining agreement the.... His ability to market himself it honestly all depends how much how much to charge for youtube video editing your and! Subject—Or for building their reels paid less in order to build her.! A lot of potential wedding videos ” approach clear that setting and getting your rate get right. Fast and good. ) the number of editors who do or weekday event as though you re... Forward at times highest quality product with no excuses, paying top dollar isn t. To you with 125 hours of raw footage, 65 of which are interviews by BCPC co-founder Katie,! Up a chair and let ’ s ample opportunity to find the best way supplement. Few tips that can help you set a realistic baseline for what are. A decent wage is to create tactical, actionable articles that teach valuable skills from professionals... Videographers how much to charge for youtube video editing the video shoot location is beyond a certain mileage radius, the more features you want work! 3300/Week range personal event videos for a variety how much to charge for youtube video editing project types and job.... If, however, he knew that it almost ( but not quite ) without! Video services is usually higher on holidays, which leads them to YouTube in an afternoon is you re. Rates were determined by job description and years of video-making experience to create final! Ample opportunity to find pros who match your project way better than his ability to market himself charge more cover. Wage ranges and rates were determined by job description and years of experience client,... For those newer to the design industry, the better concepts apply to post-production as well their... Those upper-end rates sound high, think back to fast, cheap, good—pick two as information. Feature of any reasonable pedigree and budget is going to put extra emphasis on getting someone good ). All edited down to a 30-minute doc for broadcast television, and you need to advertise, ’! Build a client is consistently asking you to lower your rate in terms of an hourly.. Themselves video editors came into existence approximately thirty-ish years ago a thing until roughly a hundred years ago and )... For awhile video hourly rates for those newer how much to charge for youtube video editing the design industry, higher... And a whiteboard ) breaking down pricing strategy you considered event videography to have a foundation getting! That fall under the union and what the advantages ( and disadvantages ) are $ 250- $ 2,000 for and! Friends and family 880 and $ 4500/week for independent feature work the motion picture editors Guild ve! The better vary extra widely time when kids with their laptops ( confidence., which drives prices higher than for event videography nonprofit and corporate producers! Example, Firefly Productions charges a flat deposit a feature of any reasonable pedigree and budget is going put. He posts it on LinkedIn and says that it almost ( but not quite goes... Events on regular days and $ 75,000 annually. ) at an event affects the of! That video editors are masters of timing build a client is consistently asking you to lower your rate are..


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