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You may want to add them to your next review because they are revolutionizing the market. LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 4WDKING 40W Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamps with Auto ON/Off Timer 10 Level Brightness 3 Switch Red/Blue Modes, LeFreshinsoft 1500W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 4x4 ft Coverage Cree COB Aluminum Alloy Fast Heat Dissipation Growing Light Fixture for Indoor Plant Hydroponic Greenhouse Vegetables and Flowers, Lightdot LED Grow Light for Plant 200W (1600W Equivalent), Full Spectrum Panel Growing Lamp Fixture for Seedling Vegetable and Flower. Very light for hanging and bright. This is an excellent post that I have read ever on led grow light.led grow light has bring a revolutionary change in indoor gardening.This system is rapidly increasing.People are liking led grow light to grow their plants. ✔ SUITABLE FOR ALL INDOOR GROWING ENVIRONMENT: grow tent, grow room, etc. With a 5-year guarantee, PlatinumLED offers security to their customers. Thank you for the article above, most helpful. I was wondering if you had a chance to test the bestva 3000w, and was curious why it wouldn’t of beat out the king plus 3000w. When I turned them on they didn't look very bright and didn't look as though they would work. Been running my grow on HPS/MH for years, excited to see how g/watt performs. How can this be the best LED grow lights of ‘JULY 2018’? This is a very safe option as it is also 3x to 5x the efficiency than HID & HPS lights. Widely used in greenhouses, plant factory, greenhouse farming, flower farming, indoor gardens, especially suitable when the plant need extra boost of light. Why is all your text mid grey/beige, making it difficult to read? Are you interested?Please reply to me and give an offer, How does the next light mega compare to these lights, I hope I’m in the right place for this. The brand has been around for a while hence why they are able to make the installation easy for just about everyone (they've been in business for over 7 years and are a well-known brand in the industry). Sometimes the model number is a five-digit numeric code such as 73983. If not then I do understand your review. Curious to know how LED grow lights make it on your list? You can easily check this by removing the illuminant from the socket immediately after turning off the light switch. We are using this light for aquaponics and we have a bumper crop of lettuce! WHY DOES THE RESIDUE OF ELECTRICITY MAKE LEDS GLOW AND NOT OTHER BULBS? LOL – this list is so 2015…. I have 2 different brands side by side. This generates the operating current required for the LED (light emitting diode). The recommended height to plant distance is around 12”-50” depending on the growing stages. When we used this tent, we didn't see any light come through. How has it impacted your yields? If something goes bad you are in your own. I’m also quite interested in the king plus 1200w double chips. If your wiring is old or has not been checked lately then you should consider having it inspected to see how your lighting is behaving. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light, Dual Switch & Dual Chips Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower-1000 wattt ( 10W LEDs 100Pcs) 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,632 $69.99 I just purchased two Morsen 2400w lights with the recommendation of being rated #3 by this review and I received one light that is still almost working with 21 bulbs burnt out and the other light had a section burnt out and continued to fail until I had to take it down and these lights were just purchased on 26 Dec. 2017 and they would not even do anything about the warranty, so I would be very careful . So, if you wanted to supplement your main light, would you buy another similar light and place them side by side or by individual bulbs at say 100w each? It is tempting to buy from China but remember the quality is always an issue with all of their products and more important there is no accountability. You may think that every grow tent is the exact same... wrong. The higher you go, the more powerful and more likely leads to less electrical usage (and more cost effective for you). I’ve tried the morsen 2400w full spectrum panel after reading a review of the best led grow lights on reddit and some other forums. I am interested in the below product, HMorsen 2400W Full Spectrum Panel – Highest Wattage = QTY 15 is this a quality light in your opnion? We reviewed hundreds of LED grow lights available on the market as of Oct 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the best LED lamp for your cannabis grow. Plants are responding favorably and shooting of new growth rapidly. I’m just starting out, curious if these are overkill or if its worth the price for the expensive ones, This article doesn’t say anything about longevity. Any input is appreciated. When researching a good LED light, you'll need to thoroughly understand what the total output is (1000w, 400w, 300w etc). Often, the lamp’s circuit has residual current that makes the bulb glow even when off. Shipping ADD TO CART. This grow light emits the wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants from seedling to harvest, good for both veg and flower. However, the truth is that the issue may be connected to the lamp, the switch or the wiring and frigs such as the neon or resistive load. Used and trusted by commercial growers, LumiGrow has the largest customer network of smart horticultural LEDs in North America. dont be put off by the epistar smd diodes compared to the majority of QB boards having samsung diodes, these new epistar peform just as good. High Times rated this the best LED light of 2016. B The Apollo brands are typically lighter in weight and this light is easier to mount inside grow tents in particular. thanks, Hi. right ive had this ts1000 since december & thought id leave a review , performance of this light is outstanding !!! If not then I wanted to ask your review of the Hlg v2 600. Please forgive the jumping. Many thanks. Thanks, What light gives most yield? I guess you get what you pay for. The diodes in your LED bulb can use the very low level of current to create light (other bulbs can’t do this). Observing this effect the first time could be very surprising The light switch is in the off position and the LED lamp continues to glow. Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2018. ✔ EASILY ASSEMBLE: Plug in to turn on and unplug to turn off, controlled simply as you want, also compatible with an auto timer. I love my california lightworks LED system. Zero issues with anything we've put under it. They are new using wideband technology you should check them out. Take a look at Horticulture Lighting group, Timber, PLC, BC Blonds – all produce quality finished lights that none of the names on this list could possibly hope to keep up with. (Had great reviews for a cheap LED light was around 70 bucks on Amazon) -happy with results. Curious – what’s different between what cannabis plants need vs. vegetables? Our light stays on 24 hours a day, and we have seen only pennies of difference in our electric bill. We strongly recommend you to test it and you can get test result within only 3 days. I was expecting this to be a failure, but I was way wrong!! I saw another manufacturer criticize this as getting too hot, but it is not hot at all and barely warm. And some are claiming to be a direct replacement for 2000w hps! Have you looked at the Niemi Led high performance led grow lights ??? According to its wattage this leads to the afterglow effect from a few seconds to several minutes. For example, an LED light that is labeled as 300W will typically pull only about 180W from the wall. I am Shawn from BlueSea, China. My first cob run yielded 1.7g/w while my best with the lights on this list was .81g/w. Many of these lights are not as efficient as hps… the main reason to switch to LED. The fans on this light also help keep the temperature down dramatically and is great for a beginner indoor grower who wants to test a light at an affordable price.


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