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Avatar of LustAsmoJewel of the Heavens Later on back in the room, Asmodeus is being playfully flirty with MC until Mammon barges in and demands that he stay away from MC. Miura is very determined and laid-back; but he is ambitious on the inside. Miura Rinaldi (ミウラ・リナルディ Miura Rinarudi) is a teenage martial artist first introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Later on during the tour of the castle, he encounters Helene and flirts with her, despite the fact that she blames him for her imprisonment. Thank you ^ (I'm portuguese, sorry for my bad english ;-;) He will be giving a showcase on the Karasu stage as part of the J-music Springboards as well as a panel, and will be meeting you at signings and photo calls. Does anyone know the Miura Ayme age? He also seems to be very aloof, and Romeo has said that he and Lillian have similar personalities. It is revealed that his affair with Helenehad ruined her life and ended up with her getting cursed into a painti… In the TSL fandom, the Lord of Lechery is based on him. Status If somebody looks into his eyes, Asmodeus can charm and manipulate them. Ayane Miura, Actress: Ringu. In the beginning, he treats MC indifferently but is curious about why his power wasn't working on them but quickly brushes it off. Dislikes Voice Actor Asmodeus is extremely shameless and does not care if he causes trouble for others, as seen during the time the group gets sucked into Helene's portrait. While Asmodeus sees himself as the most beautiful of his brothers, he's shown to be attracted to Beelzebub's and Lucifer's sculpted bodies for he often tries every chance to strip them so he can see their physique. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Plot 4.1 Mayoiga Revolt Arc 5 Abilities 6 References 7 Site Navigation Over a thousand years ago, an eruption of Mount Fuji cause a famine, which resulted in tsukumogami being abused and reverting as their owners died. With that being said, Satan ignored what he was saying and gave the news he got from Lucifer that MC was able to make a pact with Mammon which later goes to Asmodeus asking why making a pact is such a big deal while putting example of his pact with Solomon. His eyes are topaz colored. Her first name is presumably a reference to the Lamborghini Miura. As a result of this unexpected wrongdoing, he was imprisoned for this unexplained action. May 15 They have similar hairstyles, though Miura's is wilder, and eye-color. Asmodeus once sneaked in a witch into his room, but she was discovered by Lucifer despite transforming into a spider to hid. [Please note that this section is incomplete and has little information for the time being]. More than 15,000 anime and visual kei lovers follow him on Instagram. Zodiac Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He loves to tease Momona, despite that he is a very good Prince when it comes to evaluations. He performed a lot of lives and released many songs. Before the fuss about Mammon having made into a pact with MC, he and Satan were playing cards stopped with Solomon winning. (I'm portuguese, sorry for my bad english ;-;). Birthday Press J to jump to the feed. 12 talking about this. Character Information In 2017, he performed at HYPER JAPAN Festival in London and at JAPANicon in Poland. Happy Halloween everyone! She is an actress, known for Ringu (1995), Maju toshi 9-1 (1995) and Kyôkasho ni nai! @ayme_official Asmo is my most favorite character in Obey Me! After a round, he asks Asmodeus and Satan on why they always put down Mammon and that shouldn’t they be a bit more respectful since he was their older brother. Idiot Hero: He's one of the main characters and romance options, and he's sometimes quite the idiot. Alive If MC questions about his avatar, Asmodeus tries to seduce them with his charm and became surprised that it didn't have any effect on them. Today I'm going to be volunteering for a trick or treat type event. Miura Ayme (ミウラアイム) Solo career start: March 21st 2018 July A Member History: Vo. : Obey Me!. Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Due to his antics, everyone gathers into the room and a pillow fight erupts. During the main events prior to his imprisonment, he was released when Cayenne transfered to the Royal Palace and replaced his prince candidate position. - An Interview with LONDON BLUE. Don't miss your chance to discover this artist from Friday to Sunday at Japan Expo! He has over 140000Instagram followers who like Japanese anime and V-kei rock.He will start new working as a solo artist and he will release a new song "Kamisama Nante".Along with releasing this information, he uploaded a new lyric video on YouTube. He is also very good with computers, and seems to get along well with Lillian. During Lucifer's lecture on MC, Mammon, Leviathan, and Beelzebub for trying to get a photo of him, Asmodeus announces that he's making a pact with MC; even though they didn't get the photo, he's impressed by their power. Race He is currently working on a song, Kamisama Nante, which will be released very soon. How old do you think he is? Asmodeus is a natural flirt and considered to be very charming. When MC has a competition with Leviathan, Asmodeus becomes the host and provides MC with relatively easy questions and Leviathan extremely hard ones. After that, he becomes smitten with MC and overly flirts with them, much to Mammon's annoyance.


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