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Hear panel discussions and presentations from industry leaders who will provide their views on several of the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry today. Scharf was even hailed as the “best CEO of the bank since Alexander Hamilton.” The country’s first Secretary of the Treasury was among the founders of The Bank of New York in 1784. Scharf was along for the whole ride, playing key roles including CFO of Salomon Smith Barney at age 30. By using you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After this, Scharf was allowed access to every meeting that Dimon had to attend. The family of four spend their time in their luxurious house in Westchester, New York. The situation is putting third parties like Huntington and Dwolla in the firing line, though they say they're not at fault. A trait he has learned in multiple assignments where he arrived as an outsider. In 2011 Scharf asked Dimon to be reassigned to a more entrepreneurial position. YouTube, How to Create Agility in Consumer Financing & Lending Post-Coronavirus. Mobile Deposit Usage Continues to Grow, Year-End Budgets Do Not. He will run the bank from New York primarily and the Wells Fargo board agreed to that. His experiences at both Visa and BNY Mellon offer windows into Scharf’s thinking about the radical changes sweeping through financial services. When Dimon would ask him how the job was going, he would answer that he didn’t find it very challenging. In his four years as CEO, total shareholder return increased by more than 130% and he was instrumental in transforming what was still a traditional payments company into a digital payments platform for the e-commerce age. Wells Fargo, though a digital banking pioneer, is still an organization steeped in more than 100 years of history. Occasio, with its prominent “concierge” and tellers working at standing desks in a circular area, was a stunning change from the normal branches of the early 2000s. But what exactly is open banking, and why is it so important? “I love my job, but my family defines me first, not my job.”. Need Help Getting Started with CRM? At Bank of New York Mellon, for example, Scharf shook up the formal, staid culture, eliminating traditional executive offices that had walls and doors — his own included. He continuously grew by learning from his seniors and mentors and he credits his success to them. Actually he wouldn’t even have to move. The Chief of Global Investment company was one of the honorary guests at the start of the stock market. Why Spend is Shifting to Debit and What it Means, Chase Makes Bold Statement With Stunning New Flagship Branch, How Bank of America Became a Tech-Driven Powerhouse, Chase Commits To Long-Term ‘Digital Everything’ Strategy, Open Banking Explained: The What, Why, and How, Transforming Sales Teams in Financial Services, Only 40% of Consumers Say They’ll Return to In-Branch Banking, Customer Journey Orchestration 101 for Financial Services [Free eBook], Financial Minds Symposium – November 9-10, How To Reduce Fraud and Improve KYC Compliance by Orchestrating AI & Business Rules, The Future of Modern Digital Interactions in Banking. It also opened a glitzy flagship branch in Manhattan that is anything but typical and picks up on the circular theme of Occasio in some aspects. Scharf, 52, joined the $338 billion-asset BNY Mellon on Monday, the company said in a news release. “They’re much more involved,” Scharf observes. After Scharf left Chase to join Visa, a “couple of my friends” took his Chase retail job and began to make changes. There's also Matt Zames, 39, a rising star in the investment bank. From 1999 to 2000, he was the CFO of the Global Corporate and Investment Bank division at Citigroup, Inc. From 1995 to 1999 he was the CFO at Salomon Smith Barney. After he left Visa, he was provided a 24.2 million dollar compensation as well. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. In an unusual gesture, Dimon said publicly that his former protege is an “excellent choice for this important role … he is a first-class leader.”. It wasn’t either ‘them or us.’ We could both be successful and we could actually learn from outsiders in the industry.”, All players in financial services, Scharf maintains, ‘should be asking themselves, “Can we be replaced?” The answer is theoretically, yes, they can, he says. Scharf, 54, had been CEO of the clearing and asset management powerhouse for just over two years before agreeing to join Wells Fargo. He left citing difficulties in continuing to perform his job at Visa's headquarters in San Francisco while balancing family responsibilities on the East Coast. That includes chief financial officer Mike Cavanagh, 43; retail head Charlie Scharf, 44; and asset management CEO Mary Erdoes, 42. A prosperous decade leading up to the pandemic had left lenders in good shape, but they're worried the economic shock to the state's most vital industry could linger into 2022. The company said that Kelly would join it on Oct. 31 as its CEO-designate and that Scharf would work in an advisory role “for several months” after Kelly takes the reins on Dec. 1. However, they said that “early feedback is that [Kelly] was well regarded” at American Express and that they expect Visa to continue growing at a steady clip. The change at the top, which had not been telegraphed ahead of time, “is the culmination of the board of directors' robust and long-term succession planning process,” Hassell said in the release. ), New York University (M.B.A) Children – Two; Residence – Westchester, New York; Charles Scharf: Professional Life, Career. Looking further back, when he ran retail at Chase, Scharf was instrumental in the decision to scrap WaMu’s Occasio branch design after the merger. Scharf sat in on all the meetings as “three legends,” as he describes them, did the deals that built Travelers Group (Travelers, Primerica, Salomon Bros., et al), culminating in the megamerger with Citicorp in 1998 that created Citigroup. Recalling his time at Visa, as well as at BNY Mellon, Scharf told David Novak that he definitely comes in with a point of view, but says “it isn’t me dictating.”, “I learned a long time ago that you’re just far better off if you want to move a large group of people forward by winning their hearts and their minds and making them part of the process to get there, than by just telling people ‘you have to do’ something.”.


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