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Conrail MOW Equipment. The current paint scheme is also listed for all the active 4/16/2015: NS 7226 was released from Conway into active service still in CSX colors. Those four are NS 7220, 7221, 7224, and 7225. Home » CR Historical Images » Conrail Locomotive Photos and Information (1976 - 1999) » EMD - GP, SD, SW, F, and MP Series » EMD SW8 Series CR 8683 Bethlehem, PA … Conrail Special Paint -- A listing of locomotives that carried special paint schemes. original Conrail locomotive, Norfolk Southern painted newly They were short-lived on Conrail. In 1999, we sadly said goodbye to the railroad we had known since 1976. Also includes FP7's. Of the four repainted at Chattanooga, only 7225 and 7220 are in service at this time. 2/2020: Progress Rail purchases the remaining 23 SD80MACs. If you are an existing site contributor, please view this page for some important information about your account. In January 1996 Conrail added a brand new locomotive breed to their roster. should not be used without permission and/or proper credit. The unit was painted by NS at the 11/2016: NS 7210 suffers major cab damage after an electrical fire. 2/2020: Canadian Pacific purchases six of the SD80MACs for parts. The home to first generation locomotives photos, data and history, and central location for over 475 current locomotive rosters. Contributors. Today (3/31/15), 29 of the 30 80MACs are still in around with one having been scrapped after a derailment. Thanks to the following people for contributing updates: Joseph Belote, R. Camp, Bob Carper, Dave Honan, John Komanesky, J. Alex Lang and "Widecab". More are likely to follow. Conrail Survivors (Equipment After 1999) Search the Conrail Photo Archive. 3/2015: CSX and NS have made a trade. Needing high-horsepower, high-tractive-effort locomotives in the 1990's for hauling coal over the Pittsburgh and Boston Lines, Conrail purchased General Motors Locomotive Group's (GMLG) new 5,000hp SD80MAC, placing them in CR 4100-4129. website If you just mean Conrail power in general, many units that lasted until the end remain with CSX & NS. 1 - 60 of 221 images by this photographer, CR 1939-8046 XSL-15, Montgomery, PA 4/10/92, CR 3216 and 8133 on Local WHNO-99 at Northumberland, PA. The 1980's saw many changes to Conrail's roster. By far the most important feature of the SD80MAC not found in any other Conrail locomotive until this time is alternating current (AC) traction motors which coupled with the previously mentioned features create adhesion of 35%. Please Note: Information and photos from this website In the late 1980's General Electric was winning the horsepower war and the new locomotive orders from railroads. In March 2015 CSX's remaining SD80MACs were traded to NS. All rights reserved by original owner of image. NS GE Dash 8-40C 8312, was finally retired by NS in 11/2014. The last active former remain in BLUE paint: 0 In the 1960's, American Locomotive Company began their "C" or "Century" series, such as C-628 and C-630, designed to replace their aging RS series. 1/2020: Due to cuts in motive power caused by implementing PSR, NS places all 29 SD80MACs up for auction. Until recently NS has restricted their 80MACs to coal service between Altoona, the South Fork Secondary, and Shire Oaks in western Pennsylvania, but with declining coal shipments in the area, many are getting out on the road. Among many other advances and improvements is the isolated cab, also found on the SD60I, to improve crew comfort and Integrated Cab Electronics. Improvements continued through the 1990's with the Dash-8 series. Reproduction or redistribution in any form without express written permission is prohibited. Reference Shelf . Photos for personal use only. This new locomotive was the AC traction, 5,000 hp EMD SD80MAC and was the first model to use a 20-cylinder prime-mover since the SD45 series and Conrail's first and only independent order for AC power. Total Through its Matching Gift program, Conrail provides support for eligible educational, health and human service, cultural, civic, environmental, and community organizations. The Conrail Office Car Special (OCS) Miscellaneous Conrail Photos. Conrail Photographic Roster. Active Units by Paint Scheme: Total Conrail unit still in blue, The Dash-7 and Dash-8 models from GE also arrived in large numbers. Conrail was so impressed with EMD's versitile SD80MAC, that they purchased the two demonstrators, EMDX 8000-8001, outright. All rights reserved by original owner of image. Locomotives. Conrail inherited their large U series fleet from its predecessors. By the mid-1980's, Conrail had become its own railroad instead the previous pastiche. Conrail and predecessor 6-axel locomotives from EMD, such as SD35, SD40, SD40-2, and SD80MAC. Condensed Conrail Locomotive Roster As of February 14, 1998. In 1956, General Electric launched their Universal series of locomotives, designated with a U prefix. with your friends: Although not an The 1980's saw many changes to Conrail's roster. EMD: SD Series. Special Topics. This is the personal The Dash-7 and Dash-8 models from GE also arrived in large numbers. During the 1950's, many of Conrail's predecessors purchased these. All rights reserved. In the 1970's, General Electric began their improved Dash-7 series, replacing their aging "U" series. The SD80MACs are also equipped with distributive power but it has been rarely used. 7/2015: NS 7222, the last of the CSX 80MACs, has been repainted. Units … With the retirement of many switchers and shedding of secondary lines, the 1990's became the decade of the lean, mean, and highly profitable Conrail, dominated by massive road units like the C40-8W and SD80MAC. Conrail owned several locomotive classes not fitting under the above categories, such as MT-4 and MT-6 slugs, oddball Baldwin locomotives, and others. roster was last delivered GE ES44AC unit #8098 in full Conrail paint as the first of its on NS: Total You could find them switching yards or pulling locals. Home > Conrail > Locomotives : Conrail Photographic Roster : Reporting Marks: CR : Click on a locomotive to view pictures: Roster Options: Group by model; Show All thumbs; CR Rolling Stock; ... X-CRL 529 (Conrail Leasing) ex-ATSF 8049: C30-7 41716: 4: 128883: CR 532: ex-ATSF 8054: C30-7 … CR 6436, 6197 & 6737 are leading a W/B train during … Conrail Freight Cars. Electric locomotives, such as the famous Pennsylvania Railroad GG1, boxy E44, and diminutive E10B, ran off overhead wires or third-rail power. updated on All the SD80MACs are now under one owner for the first time since 1999. What's New. Photos | Prototype Info & Roster CR 4127 would be the last SD80MAC ever built and now that they have been serving their new owner longer than they served Conrail, the SD80MACs remain one of the most followed group of locomotives among railfans in the east. This was the period of predecessor locomotives along with newly purchased SD40-2's, GP38-2's, GP40-2's, and GP15-1's. to top of page Other reference sources include: The Bullsheet (CSX newsletter), CRTS newsletter (Conrail Technical Society), and Eastern Rail News. Share this page Contact. These "special duty" locomotives were designed for hauling heavier trains. Conrail owned many EMD switcher classes, such as the SW900, SW1500, MP15DC, and NW2. All rights reserved. The 80MAC makes use of the self-steering HTCR radial truck with large 45" wheels and flange lubricators for high adhesion and low rail wear. Our Photographers. Copyright (c) 1998-new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Robert S. Waller. We're still working out some of the bugs, but if you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to let us know.If you are an existing site contributor, please view this page for some important information about your account. Of the power that made it to the last day, I believe that only the Dash 7's, MT-4's, executive E8's, early Dash 8's, SD38's, and the B40-8's are gone entirely from the roster of CSX and NS (The B40-8's just went this summer/fall). 3/2015: Three of the former CSX 80MACs were sent to the Juniata Shops for repairs: NS 7222, 7223, and 7227. About. nor supported by Norfolk Southern Corporation. Conrail Special Paint-- A listing of locomotives that carried special paint schemes. Conrail Locomotives. 6/18/2020: Units 7201, 7203, 7204, 7207, 7208, 7210, 7211, 7212, 7216, 7220 depart Altoona heading to Progress Rail Mayfield. Conrail used EMD's class "F" locomotives, such as F7A's, primarily for freight and "E" class, such as E8A's, for their passenger and business trains. It's been a long time in coming, but the new version of this site is finally here. All four were repainted at Chattanooga before entering service. on facebook! 2012. Myers. Home. Conrail and predecessor 4-axel locomotives from EMD, such as GP7, GP9, GP35, and GP40-2. R. Toth. Though most sections feature rosters for individual locomotive classes, this section lists complete annual locomotive rosters from the first 1976 roster to the last in 1999.


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