diy electric motorcycle shifter
You can test it, if still ignite I'll update the circuit.Second is, this schematic is for single or dual cylinder engine (most people had one or tho cylinder engine, and some people don't want to risk their engine if they don't know what they doing. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here, so bear with me. Many thanks, I also just wondered using reed switch long time ago but I'm lazy to open up my motorcycle again to adding revisions to this project. Control your motorcycle with the touch of a button. The device works smoothly and allows clutchless changes up through the gears. I hope you found some improvement over my project! I don't use MOSFET because it cause problem last time, and I have no idea why. Far less tiring to ride in traffic and over long distances. had to sell the quad bike, so I removed the kit and now need to sell it to a guy who is an amputee. iam using arduino pro mini.. the code is still the same as your code.. i have test with normal relay SRA-05VDC-CL relay also tried with relay module and the result still the same... the relay will trigger when i put jumper wire into the digital pin 2... please help. Flatshifter Max electric gearshift, £599 + VAT  & postage ( V.a.t where applicable) Did that oil change / full exhaust / modification significantly improve economy or acceleration? Share it with us! Reply 5 months ago. This project maybe started on September 2018 and that's why I new at video making and tutorial video. When I press buttons on the handlebar the actuator moves the gear lever either up or down to change gears. Q Can I use the Flatshifter Max System in conjunction with my standard manual factory fitted gear lever? ), anyway, for the placement of the switch, i mount it on the shift linkage rod and I fix it with Zip Ties after I set the sensitivity. I tried to follow the video, but I am unable to understand the connections. What is the purpose of the clutch switch? Yes, it does. for bikes without clutch switch you could install one of those cheap hydraulic clutches and use a hydraulic brake master switch and connect clutch switch to that. Question DIY Semi-automatic Motorcycle Gear Shifter (SV650) - YouTube I tried to follow the video, but I am unable to understand the connections.What are the resistors used? Also, because it records real-life instantaneous acceleration, fuel consumption, RPM and time it can provide a graphical / quantifiable means of improving ones performance. No bulky air bottles or recharging required. Valerie. on Introduction, 8 months ago About: I love making something about electronics, making something awesome and cool that I've never make before! Servicing IS NOT required & a 12-months guarantee. It will sometimes be necessary to fabricate a simple mounting bracket for the actuator unless there is a suitable surface for the actuator to be bolted to. I have made more than 30 modules and works fine.Also the ignition coil does not have enough current to ignite the spark plugs, even on "engine on" state voltage (14v - 14.5v). Gear-change buttons conveniently handlebar mounted. lol actually no accident just FET is blown. When to shift in a quarter mile? I've made some revisions on this code, just check up my Github Gists page! To set the timing, you should edit the code that I've mention on the code, usually uses 60ms - 100ms, and it depends on your motorcycle! If you're using relay with transistor (not a module) it will run correctly. Hi. I'd appreciate any feedback! In 2013 I bought a Flatshifter Max (i think it was), a Yamaha Raptor 700R quad bike. Question how do u stop the bike stalling without it. In March 2009 I crashed while racing at Brands Hatch and suffered several injuries, one of which has left me unable to move my left foot. It is a truly fantastic system. 5 months ago Hi, is there any reason you are not including the clutch switch in your latest update? you select the required gear by gently pushing the green button to change up the red button to change down not by using the gear-lever, although the gear lever is still available for use if required. Retro Analog Audio VU Meter From Scratch! on Introduction. I am reviewing the code to try and understand what each part does. The Max system electric shifter could be best described as an ‘electronic ‘foot’ which is effortlessly operated by two conveniently placed buttons on the handlebars press one button to change up a gear the other to change effortlessly down through the gears, specially designed for a disabled trike or motorcycle … it just for debug when I developing the code and making sure it's working properly. you might need to reset the sensitivity when you test it on the road. The Flatshifter Max system works on any motorcycle type engine ranging from 90cc right up to 2400 cc. It will not ignite. Powershift ECU dimensions - 58mm X 38mm X 26mm - Weight (packaged) - 850grams Participated in the Microcontroller Contest. Kazeshifter Arduino Adjustable Quick Shifter: Hi Superbike or motorcycle lovers!On this instructable, I'll share how to make your own Quick Shifter for cheap!For people who lazy to read this instructable, just watch my video!Note : For some bikes that already using Fuel Injection System, someti… is that just so that the ignition does not cut when you have the clutch pulled in and shift from 5, 4,3,2 1? 5 months ago, Hi Diego,For the ignition coil i have no problem with that, the resistor was needed to manipulate ECU / ECM so he will not detect broken ignition coil. Disabled motorcycle riders will enjoy a noticeable increase in riding or driving confidence and a marked decrease in fatigue and tiredness. Quick Shifter Under $50! The pickup isnt referenced to the ground, so im not sure what the V_GS would be. I have research a lot of QS module, mostly like Healtech QSE it doesn't connect to injectors, i have no idea and i know it's dangerous. Time tested: 1500 miles/8 weeks. Maybe I'll give update.Thanks for suggest, I really like inputs from people like you who cares about project drawbacks and issues! after you found the coil, unplug 1 cable from the coil, then connect 1 cable from the relay on the module to the coil. or it might not work, That's it for this project, I hope you like my creation and forgive my lack of information telling detailed information about mounting, circuit, schematic, etc. Independent Road test from “Motorcycle news” weekly paper. but it's so infrequently so it will be okay. What’s good? Note : For some bikes that already using Fuel Injection System, sometimes Check Engine indicator light up. There’s nothing negative about it. Reply Last updated : August 8, 2020 (Just update the god damn part lists, I forgot to put 1k vr). then find the ignition coil. Simply, that I was able to ride a bike after a long time off. On this instructable, I'll share how to make your own Quick Shifter for cheap! You might need to add some diodes from power supply, but I think that's already grounded. and connect other cable from coil that has been unplugged from the coil to the other cable from the relay on the module. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Complete bike specific kits and universal kits to meet any need. and need to develop or improve it again for their spesific engine), if you use on multi cylinder isn't recommended like you said before it will explode. don't tighten the cable or you won't be able to downshift. Compact design reliable design (in use for over 12 years). To protect your investment and cut your potential costs the electric gear shifter system is not model specific and can normally be removed and refitted onto your next machine to enable you to carry on enjoying the pleasure of motorcycling without having to purchase a completely new system. Sorry for giving the code on other website :(. on Introduction. Once fitted to your motorcycle or trike it is virtually maintenance free, Unlike air shifters, you have no bulky gas bottles to refill or inconveniently run out and are considerably cheaper to purchase and maintain ( no servicing required in normal use). We have that covered as well, the Max kit has been designed as a universal kit to fit virtually all makes and model of motorcycles, so if at a later date you decide to change your motorcycle you can remove and refit the motorcycle shifter system to your next machine, getting the very best value from your investment. This pictures is early build of my project, so I hope you can ignore mess that I made and it uses MOSFET (before accident happened.) Can be integrated with our clutchless up & down gear shift kits (Flatshifter Expert). (And yes, mine still working fine) also, working for another projects. No display version because a lot of people got problem with the LCD not displaying anything, and most of them don't know how to find the LCD Address, so stick with no display version. No left leg control whatsoever. No limit to the number of gear shifts (unlike air bottles). This electric shifter is dual acting for fast reliable gear-shifting, both up & down through the gears and enables fast and consistent gear selection- normally 40 – 50 milliseconds per gear shift on Japanese gearboxes but is powerful enough to work on almost any sequential gearbox from motorbikes to even rally & race cars using Hewland, Quaife, Elite, Sadev etc etc type sequential transmissions etc. What changes in riding style get me through that corner faster?Sorry for deleting all the comments. , he has tried the air shifters and now wants something that works all the time. The Max system is a fully electronic gear selector system for disabled motorcycle & trike riders i.e. Fairly new to Arduino and I am trying to understand why you have/need:Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("initializing");For this project. these can improve my projects and thought for my upcoming project.Best regards,Kazemito, I made a nice potted reed switch pair and just mounted it between engine case and shifter, trigger is magnets on the shift lever. Up/down shifting works perfectly. Until further refinement is desired, the project will remain as is.Purpose: to give those with an injury or sustained disability a tool to help them ride again. I was also pleased to find that when I informed my insurance company of the modification it didn’t affect my premium. Since starting riding again I’ve taken advantage of the good weather and have just come back from a 500-mile round trip to North Wales and am already planning a jaunt to Europe next year., Subscribe to my Channel ! it's not necessary if you don't need that you can delete it, Question What if i just use normal relay? you select the required gear by gently, button to change up the red button to change down, Once you have installed your Max electric motorcycle selector kit you will still be able to, is dual acting for fast reliable gear-shifting, both up & down through the gears and enables fast and consistent gear selection- normally 40 – 50 milliseconds per gear shift on Japanese gearboxes but is powerful enough to work on almost any sequential gearbox from motorbikes. Question Do you mean that don't use that low level relay? You need to lubricate the brake switch, so it won't stuck if it's get wet and dry many times and keeps it smooth. What’s not? The key is to get the angle and travel of the piston just right and I’ve had loads of experience, fitting them to at least 10 different bikes (that I can remember). Disabled motorcycle riders will enjoy a noticeable increase in riding or driving confidence and a marked decrease in fatigue and tiredness. For some time I thought I would never be able to ride a bike again and with bikes having been a large part of my life for 35 years that really wasn’t something I wanted to consider. Contact: or call  ( from uk) 01206 322557   or 0044 1206 322557. (Update) First things! Someone else mentioned that you have removed this function? Can you please post a picture of the circuit. Make sure you use small and tight fit all components inside the box, so you can get compact fit on your motorcycle and not use much space on it!


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