dump truck preventive maintenance schedule
You will also want to lubricate the chassis, suspension and drive shaft, basically anywhere that there is a grease fitting, to extend the life of the major suspension components of your truck that are always under a heavy load. To allow for enforcement of their safety regulations, the FMCSA also asks that all owners maintain accurate maintenance records for each vehicle in their fleet. However, the return from investing in preventative maintenance early on will be a vehicle that performs well more consistently and for longer periods than if it only receives retroactive repairs. Additional checklist items may be required depending on equipment or circumstances. To learn more, book a demo or request a free trial today. I've got Peterbilts, Kenworth's, Western Stars and a Mack. In the past many fleet managers and truck drivers have relied on paper documentation which ran the risk of getting lost, destroyed, or stolen. Rollback Carriers (2-Car Carriers and 3-Car Carriers). Our ASE certified technicians provide service on weekdays until Midnight, Saturday until 3PM. However, they also deteriorate rapidly with use, so it’s important for them to undergo a comprehensive inspection before the start of a trip. Does anyone know where I can find a standardized, easy to read, preventative maintenance schedule that would apply to most semi trucks. By checking below the undercarriage, a driver can usually determine if leakage has occurred. Samsara  also allows fleet managers to create and scale a preventative maintenance checklist for semi trucks that factors in each vehicle’s unique environment and usage. Defect . Drivers should also frequently check the fluid levels for their coolant, antifreeze, fuel, and oil. truck maintenance and interviews with the end users, i.e. Read on for tips to plan a maintenance schedule, employ relevant maintenance checklists, and document your preventative maintenance program. Samsara allows you to schedule a preventative maintenance task for any vehicle based on custom intervals that Samsara tracks automatically such as mileage, days, or engine hours. Before your driver starts operating a vehicle, make sure they check that warning lights, turn signals, brake lights, and flashers are working correctly. Metrics such as engine hours, fuel levels, and mileage can often be used as benchmarks to help you predict when a truck will need to be serviced next, making it important to closely track these indicators for every vehicle in your fleet. Whether you have one semi truck or thousands, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that you “systematically inspect, repair, and maintain all motor vehicles and intermodal equipment subject to its control.”. In semi trucks, the preventative maintenance that needs to be done will differ greatly based on how the truck is used. Following a commercial truck maintenance checklist is a smart idea if you want to avoid extensive repairs and expensive downtime. The purpose of replacing parts and fluids on a regular maintenance schedule is to save costs in the long run by preventing more serious and expensive issues from arising. Areas to focus on include: Air Conditioning: check for leaks and debris build up, Coolant: drain, flush, and pressure test the system at least once a year, Electrical system: check the battery for corrosion and ensure that wires are secure, Tire pressure: ensure warm air does not raise the air pressure of tires over safe limits. Your truck drivers are the eyes and ears of your operation, and will almost always be responsible for conducting the vehicle checks that are necessary to maintain a preventative maintenance program.


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