eternal love episode synopsis
To distract herself from thinking about Dijun, she goes to look for Shao Xing to vent her anger for betraying her aunt. She was in love with Dijun while they were in the Celestial Palace but their relationship was not fated to be. Eventually, Dijun still have to face heartbreak when Feng Jiu does as told. Su Su suggests that they get married. The phoenix is eventually slayed by Ye Hua. After 20,000 years of being in Kunlun Mountain, words have spread that Si Yin is Mo Yuan’s favorite disciple. She wants to head to the Celestial Palace to get the Soul Gathering Lamp. Ye Hua warns Su Jin that he will show her no mercy if she persists with her evil plans and that she means nothing to him. While walking around, a man tries to take advantage of Bai Qian. The next day, Bai Qian tutors Yuan Zhen. Trouble is brewing in the Mermaid Clan of Chang Sea. He doesn’t want to lend her the jade because he is jealous of Mo Yuan. But he is determined to put an end to their relationship now. If his children die, his power strengthens. Bai Qian takes a walk around the lake and then wades in for a dip. Li Yuan surrenders. Su Jin who is supposed to guard the bell timidly runs away from her duties as trouble looms. The wedding between Ye Hua and Su Su will be held soon. Feng Jiu rushes to the Rock of Three Incarnations. Dijun offers to hear Su Jin’s case as both sides are giving conflicting account of the events. Then, he proceeds to destroy everything. Bai Qian and Bai Zhen are wandering around in the mortal world. In the mortal world, Ye Hua has been gone for more than half a year. Principal photography began on February 10, 2016 at Xiangshan Movie & Television Town. Ye Hua asks Bai Qian if he has any standing in her heart or that she only has room for someone she has been waiting for. This covering will block out intense rays for her when needed. Ye Hua also announces that he will take Su Su as his consort. But she falls asleep and A Li ends up wandering inside a brothel. Si Yin is devastated over her master’s death. On her way out, she stumbles into Mo Yuan. But their master has secluded himself for meditation. Ye Hua’s third uncle suggests that he marries Bai Qian to take Sang Ji’s place. Su Jin tells Ye Hua that he could create a new Su Su if he takes her belongings and burn it using the Soul Gathering Lamp. Si Yin is sad about his death. Hence, he had repaid her with a child as gratitude and nothing more. He loves to drink and wishes to live a carefree life. Li Jing is also invited to the banquet. But he knows he cannot go and see her. She pleads innocence. Mo Yuan's second disciple. Ye Hua asks Bai Qian the reason for her decision to send Miao Qing home. While he recuperates, he minimises into a snake. Ye Hua is worried about A Li and carries him away to be checked by the imperial physician. Ye Hua and Su Su begin to get closer to each other. But Bai Qian refuses to see him. But he keeps it to himself and wonders why she would take away Mo Yuan’s body. The next day, Bai Qian wakes up from her drunken state and thinks she has had a romantic dream. But his crystal coffin and burial ground offered a sacred place for healing which helped to speed up his re-awakening. She asks him about the Rock of Three Incarnations. Su Su is also miserable and keeps asking for Ye Hua. He is seeking pleasure with a woman in a cave. Her identity as a Qing Qiu princess also becomes public knowledge. Bai Qian dreams about her time at Mount Junji again which woke her up. Si Yin jumps in and tries to help. Xuan Nu tries to kill Yan Zhi while the latter is asleep. But Ye Hua reassures her that he is only a mortal who has some cultivation knowledge. He is also the Master of the Kun Lun Mountains as well as Bai Qian (Si Yin)'s mentor and Ye Hua's older twin brother. But Qing Cang has connected his life to the bell. She tells him to come to her dream often. She refuses to give his body back to the Celestial Tribe when asked to do so. Dijun goes over to take a look with Feng Jiu following him. The beasts attack Yan Zhi and Zi Lan. Hence, Su Jin convinces Miao Qing to drug Ye Hua’s soup with a seduction potion to make him sleep with her. It is to celebrate the birth of his son. However, Ye Hua can see through her lies because she has also done the same thing to Su Su in the past. After Li Yuan is imprisoned by Li Jing, he leaves the Ghost Realm and goes into hiding. It should be deemed as a repayment of favour to Ye Hua for saving his life during the battle with the beasts at Yingzhou. Wang Yifei as Zhi He A water deity under Lian Song. He has a soft spot for Si Yin which invites jealousy from Goddess Yao Guang as the latter has feelings for Mo Yuan. The only descendant of the heavenly Su Jin Tribe. Back at the Celestial Palace, Die Feng reports to Ye Hua that the demonic figures are only targeting highly ranked immortals. Si Yin is devastated and angry. Bai Qian asks her to push Dijun into the water during a certain day of the month to change Yuan Zhen’s fate. Li Jing is imprisoned by his father for helping Si Yin. Bai Qian’s request to attend his burial is turned down as the place is a sacred ground of the Celestial Tribe. With her status as Qing Qiu’s Queen, she is wistful that she won’t be able to go to Taichen Palace to see Dijun freely. Dijun uses his powers to heal Feng Jiu. The West Sea prince awakes with the help of the Soul Gathering Lamp. Feng Jiu goes to Kunlun Mountain to look for Bai Qian. Transforming herself to look like her, she goes to Qing Qiu to look for Mo Yuan’s body. But Zi Lan goes in after her. Shao Xin and Sang Ji's son. She wants the shaman to keep it a secret. So, Ye Hua pretends to be injured by a monster to get Bai Qian to look after him. Qing Cang has also become more powerful with the death of Li Yuan and it won’t be long for him to break the seal once Mo Yuan’s spirit vanished. He shares a special relationship with Zhe Yan. Mo Yuan enquires whether Ye Hua has been treating her well. Instead her name is listed as married to someone else. She leaves Bai Qian’s written spell to seal the Bell Of East Emperor to Mi Gu with the instruction to forward to their elders. He helped take care of Kun Lun Mountains during Mo Yuan's absence. Feng Jiu assures him that she had done it as a heavenly trial for Dijun and nothing else. But Xuan Nu makes a deal with him to help him to break the formation of the Celestial Tribe’s army. Xuan Nu kills a prison guard and escapes from her cell. Before she does so, she speaks privately to him and tells him that she can’t keep him in Qing Qiu as promised as that would create problems between their 2 tribes. The critical point of Yuan Zhen’s trial is when a maiden falls into the river. [1] It is based on the xianxia novel of the same name (released as To the Sky Kingdom in English) by Tang Qi Gong Zi. Zhi Yue locks up Feng Jiu in the Evil Sealing Pagoda as she has always been jealous of her. He is devastated although they won the war. Bai Qian questions Feng Jiu who has visited her as a fox at the Hall of Beautiful Youth. So, he is not who he appears to be and is emotionless. She is consort-in-name only as the Heavenly Lord only making use of the occasion to build up relationships with the different branch leaders. They hug and are overwhelmed by emotions. Eternal Love (Chinese: 三生三世十里桃花; pinyin: San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua), also known as Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, is a 2017 Chinese television series starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao.


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