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Aglaea was a name given to a number of different characters in Greek mythology. Euphrosyne, specifically, was the personification of beauty and grace. She was always fascinated by foreign people, their cultures, and above all by the world’s most diverse artistic genres. Thalia, Paulys Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft,, Gottheit als Namensgeber für einen Asteroiden, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Taylor) (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. : Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th B.C.) According to a myth, the Charites were daughters of King Zeus and the Oceanid Eurynome. 35. Grant) (Roman mythographer C2nd A.D.) . Her best remembered representation in English is in Milton's poem of the active, joyful life, "L'Allegro". 13 (trans. "Hesiod in the Theogony says that the Kharites (Charites, Graces) are daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, giving them the names of Euphrosyne, Aglaia (Aglaea) and Thalia. In Modern Greek, the name is usually transcribed as Effrosini. Register Discover the Myths . Aglaea was a name given to a number of different characters in Greek mythology. Euphrosyne is a Goddess of Good Cheer, Joy and Mirth. She was the daughter of Zeus and either Eurynome, an Oceanid, or Eunomia, goddess of good order. Sandys) : lt:Eufrosinė . Aglaea represented beauty, splendour and glory. She was the second wife of Hephaestus, after Aphrodite, and had four daughters; Eucleia, Eupheme, Euthenia, and Philophrosyne. ", Orphic Hymn 60 to the Charites (trans. uk:Евфросіна. : Orlando: The Metamorphosing, Imperial Vessel, From enargeia to immersion: the ancient roots of a modern concept, Steadfast and shrewd heroines: the defence of chastity in the Latin post-Nicene passions and the Greek novels. A complete bibliography of the translations quoted on this page. Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) : Orphic Hymn 60 to the Charites (trans. Other references not currently quoted here: Memnon 42. Oktober 2019 um 21:15 Uhr bearbeitet. In Greek mythology, Euphrosyne was one of the Three Charites or Three Graces. Euphrosyne is a Greek female name; Phroso or Froso is its more common derivative. : Pindar, Olympian Ode 14. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe hat eine anlässlich des frühzeitigen Todes der Schauspielerin Christiane Becker-Neumann verfasste Elegie „Euphrosyne“ benannt (entstanden 1797/98). However, the most prominent was one of the Charites, the Graces. "Whose haunts are by Kephissos' (Cephisus') river, you queens beloved of poets' song, ruling Orkhomenos (Orchomenus), that sunlit city and land of lovely steeds, watch and ward of the ancient Minyan race, hear now my prayer, you Kharites (Charites, Graces) three. pl:Eufrozyna Frequently, the Graces were taken as goddesses of charm or beauty in general and hence were… This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. [N.B. ], Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 1. es:Eufrósine I come to praise Asopikhos (Asopichus), whose Minyan house, Thalia, now of your favour wears the pride of the Olympian victor. However, the most prominent was one of the Charites, the Graces. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They are said to be daughters of Zeus and Hera (or Eurynome, daughter of Oceanus) or of Helios and Aegle, a daughter of Zeus. Her sisters were Thalia and Aglaea. She can be seen along with the other two Graces at the left of the painting in Botticelli's Primavera. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th or C7th B.C.) 1 ff (trans. Aglaia | ", Homer's Epigrams 15 (trans. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. to 2nd A.D.) : Euphrosyne | Usually the Charites attended the goddess of beauty Aphrodite. 2,609 Pages. cs:Eufrosyné Also known as the goddess of Mirth. Usually the Graces were attending the Greek goddess of Beauty Aphrodite and her companion Eros and loved dancing around in a circle to Apollo's divine music, together with the Nymphs and the Muses. "From Nox (Night) and Erebus : Fatum (Fate), Senectus (Old Age), Mors (Death), Letum (Dissolution), Continentia (Moderation), Somnus (Sleep), Somnia (Dreams), Amor (Love)--that is Lysimeles--, Epiphron (Prudence), Porphyrion, Epaphus, Discordia (Discord), Miseria (Misery), Petulantia (Wantonness), Nemesis (Envy), Euphrosyne (Good Cheer), Amicitia (Friendship), Misericordia (Compassion), Styx (Hatred); the three Parcae (Fates), namely Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos; the Hesperides.". Sie verkörpert Frohsinn und Freude. Her name is the feminine form of the Greek word euphrosynos meaning "merriment". They were often the companions of the goddess Aphrodite and Eros, dancing together with the Nymphs and the Muses. The Roman name of Charites is "Graces"Template:Greek-deity-stub, ar:يوفروسيني 13 (trans. There were three Charites in Greek Mythology: Aglaia, the Grace that symbolized Beauty, Euphrosyne, the Grace of Delight and Thalia, the Grace of Blossom. Conway) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) For in your gift are all our mortal joys, and every sweet thing, be it wisdom, beauty, or glory, that makes rich the soul of man. In einer anderen, von Hyginus Mythographus überlieferten Version erscheint Euphrosyne als eine Tochter der Göttin der Nacht, Nyx, und des Erebos. Conway) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) Euphrosyne synonyms, Euphrosyne pronunciation, Euphrosyne translation, English dictionary definition of Euphrosyne. 35. "And Eurynome, the daughter of Okeanos (Oceanus), beautiful in form, bare him [Zeus] three fair-cheeked Kharites (Charites, Graces), Aglaia (Aglaea), and Euphrosyne, and lovely Thalie (Thalia), from whose eyes as they glanced flowed love that unnerves the limbs: and beautiful is their glance beneath their brows. ", Pindar, Fragment 155 (trans. Hegemone | "Open of yourselves, you doors, for mightly Ploutos (Plutus, Wealth) will enter in, and with Ploutos comes jolly Euphrosyne (Mirth) and gentle Eirene (Irene, Peace). EUPHROSYNE was one of the three Kharites (Charites) and the goddess of good cheer, mirth, merriment and joy. EUPHROSYNE (pronounced yoo-FRAW-sin-ee) is the Greek Goddess of gracefulness and charm, one of the three Kharites or Graces.She and her sisters, Aglaia and Thalia, are daughters of Zeus and the Okeanid Eurynome. : Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 1. Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Euphrosyne: - Nov 03, 2020, Greek Mythology iOS Volume Purchase Program VPP for Education App. Cross-dressing monkess Suad(el)a | She was also mentioned as Euthymia. Theoi Project © Copyright 2000 - 2017 Aaron J. Atsma, Netherlands & New Zealand, (Hesiod Theogony 907, Apollodorus 1.13, Pausanias 9.35.1). The Graces(Charites) were three lovely goddesses of Joy, Charm and Beauty. Auxo | Aglaea (/ ə ˈ ɡ l iː ə /) or Aglaïa (/ ə ˈ ɡ l aɪ ə /; Greek: Ἀγλαΐα "splendor, brilliant, shining one") is the name of several figures in Greek mythology, the best known of which is one of the three Charites or Gratiae (Graces).. Mythology. She was also mentioned as Euthymia. Their task in the world was to fill it with joy and pleasant times. 'Meliore cupiditate detentus: Christian Self-definition and the Rejection of Marriage in the early Acts of the Martyrs', Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, BEING AND ENJOYMENT IN PLATO'S PHILEBUS: A LACANIAN PERSPECTIVE, H.M.S. da:Euphrosyne : Homer's Epigrams 15 (trans. Aglaea: - Nov 03, 2020, Greek Mythology iOS Volume Purchase Program VPP for Education App. Name: Euphrosyne Pronunciation: Coming soon Alternative names: Gender: Female Type: Goddess Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present In charge of: Happiness Area of expertise: Happiness Good/Evil Rating: NEUTRAL, may not care Popularity index: 2164 …there were three: Aglaia (Brightness), Euphrosyne (Joyfulness), and Thalia (Bloom). eu:Eufrosine Kleta | 35 wonderful years Leilani-Euphrosyne traveled the world as a flight attendant for Lufthansa. Who were the parents of Euphrosyne? File:Canova-Three Graces 0 degree view.jpg, pt:Eufrosina sv:Eufrosyne In einer anderen, von Hyginus Mythographus überlieferten Version erscheint Euphrosyne als eine Tochter der Göttin der Nacht, Nyx, und des Erebos.[2]. Aldrich) (Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.) : 1 ff (trans. Add new page. 1 (trans. Grant) (Roman mythographer C2nd A.D.) : n. Greek Mythology One of the three Graces. th:ยูโฟรเซเน (เทพปกรณัม) Myths of the World Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The Greek poet Pindar states that these goddesses were created to fill the world with pleasant moments and good will.


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