famous pastors in atlanta
He can be characterized as being a megachurch leader since his congregation reaches over 14,000 on a weekend. Criswell was an expositor who preached through books of the Bible throughout his pastoral ministry. ", "I take it to the streets. For 30 years as Pastor of The Church on the Way in Los Angeles, Jack Hayford provided an example of faithful biblical preaching for his fellow Charismatic pastors. King, James Earl Massey, Calvin Miller, Lloyd John Ogilvie, Stephen F. Olford, Haddon Robinson, J. Alfred Smith, John Wesley White and William Willimon, along with several more. These cookies collect information on visitors to our website to help us understand how well our website is working and how to improve it. Although she never pastored a megachurch, Barbara Taylor teaches at a small Georgia college and has been a favorite preacher in mainline circles for two decades. © 2019 Preaching.com. His text Biblical Preaching (Baker) is the most widely-used preaching textbook of the last quarter century, helping to prepare thousands of young preachers to develop “Big Idea” sermons. An Atlanta institution for over 80 years, Cascade United Methodist was the first predominantly Black United Methodist church in the city. Copeland resides in a $6 million, 18,000 square foot home on the outskirts of Ft. Worth, Texas. His ministry is marked by faithfulness and character over a lifetime, and a vision to see the majority world with respect long before others did.”. Color. #12 Charles Stanley The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. His founding of Christianity Today and his various conferences bringing together evangelicals from around the world make him tops on most of our lists.”. #7 Haddon Robinson Now his ministry is flowering, and his preaching—insightful, culturally sensitive and yet strongly expository—has become some of the most listened to sermons in America via iTunes podcasts.”. Home to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s pulpit at Ebenezer Baptist as well as the headquarters of the nationally-acclaimed Southern Christian Leadership Conference, black churches in Atlanta have provided solace and strength during adversity and times of struggle. With a remarkable voice and a gift for expressing biblical insights in an engaging manner, Adrian Rogers became widely-known through his radio and TV ministries. Evans is the founding pastor of Dallas’ Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, which began in his … They can be disabled through your browser, but doing so could cause some parts of this website to stop working. Paula White-Cain Explains Why Evangelicals Should Re-elect Trump, Anti-Trump Group Plans to Cause 'Serious Disruption' if Trump Wins Election, Joe Biden Quotes Scripture, Says God Is Calling for Healing, Unity in America, Wayne Grudem Responds to John Piper, Explains Why He's Voting for Trump, Biden's Faith Advisor Explains Why Christians Should Vote for Joe Biden, Baylor survey names a dozen who can really preach, Urged by Their Youth, Faith Groups Flocked to the March for Our Lives, A Demon’s Guide to the Election: How C.S.


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