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It was found in 1781 at a Roman property of the Massimo family at the Villa Palombara on the Esquiline Hill. Discobolos (Discus thrower) by Amanda Bauer. The sport of throwing the discus traces back to it being an event in the original Olympic Games of Ancient Greece. Discus thrower or "Discobolus". 4 0 obj The head was wrongly restored, but Townley was convinced he had the original and a better copy. Higher turning speed in the back of the circle means a higher risk of the delivery phase not being executed properly. National Museum of African American History and Culture, J.F.Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, National Roman Legion Museum & Caerleon Fortress & Baths, Musée National du Moyen Age – National Museum of the Middle Ages, Akrotiri Archaeological Site – Santorini – Thera, Museum of the History of the Olympic Games, Alte Nationalgalerie – National Gallery, Berlin, Deutsches Historisches Museum – German Historical Museum, Österreichische Galerie Belvedere – Virtual Tour, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía- Virtual Tour, Nationalmuseum – National Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm, National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Jewish Museum of Australia – Virtual Tour, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Buenos Aires), Most Popular Museums, Art and Historical Sites, Museum Masterpieces and Historical Objects, Popular Museums, Art and Historical Sites, Title:                    Discobolus Palombara, Discovered:        1781 – Esquiline Hill, Rome, Title:                   Townley Discobolus. Thank you so much Annette. Interesting and informative blog – art in it’s many varied forms has Belmont, CA: Thomson Learning Inc., 2005. Discobolos (Discus thrower) by Amanda Bauer. For example, the name of the patient is never revealed, doctors and nurses refer to the patient as “Room 542”, the … The discus thrower adds to the previous drill by turning the right foot is in the center of the circle and the athlete will complete the drill by finishing in the power position. The drills are designed to teach proper release technique and develop confidence that the discus will not fall off the hand if the implement is in motion. When the thrower is ready to finish the throw, the chest and head drive upward with the legs. To maximize aerodynamic forces, the discus should be released with some upward tilt to the front of the implement. It was excavated, in 1790, at Hadrian’s Villa and was purchased by an English antiquary and art dealer, at public auction in 1792. The discus is released with a clockwise rotation off the index finger. discobolus) has become the iconic image of the Olympic Games, and a fantastic representation of the athletic ideal. [5], Other Roman copies in marble have been recovered, and torsos that were already known in the 17th century but that had been wrongly restored and completed, have since been identified as further repetitions after Myron's model. Key Pages: The thrower tosses the discus in the air, then adds some arm swing and the discus is released from the side of the body like an actual discus throw. The copies may or may not have been of the same quality as the original, and Roman artists may have taken some liberties when copying Greek words. Regarding the action of the discus thrower, Clark wrote: Myron has created the enduring pattern of athletic energy. Archaeologies of the Greek Past - Home, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World ( Log Out /  Individual differences dictate the spacing between the thighs out of the back of the circle, a quicker athlete may want to keep the feet tighter and the taller athlete may go with a wider right leg. The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs sold it to him for five million lire, over the protests from the scholarly community. 1 0 obj He looks down (the head is a modern addition by the sculptor P… During each phase of the drill, there is a long pause, the coach checks the positioning of the thrower, then the next phase of the drill/throw is completed. I hope you continue to enjoy the content. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Oh, it is not all that furtive an act. Adolf Hitler and Leni Riefenstahl by User “Beyond My Ken”, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE, Wikimedia Commons, India-born, London-educated, a little base in Sydney. Fax: (401) 863-9423 cultural traditions. The torso shows no muscular strain, however, even though the limbs are outflung. That is so true…. This discus thrower is a reproduction of a lost bronze original, made by the Greek sculptor Naucydes at the beginning of the fourth century BC. IG: @tulika_inez_bahadur89. Myron is often credited with being the first sculptor to master this style. Keeping the knees together in the middle helps to create even more torque in the power position. And more advanced throwers use a discus with high rim weight, such as a Pacer Gold (90%) because of the higher rim weight, the discus turns faster and goes further if the thrower can apply the initial spin on the implement. endobj Glad you enjoyed the post! It was instantly famous, though the Massimo jealously guarded access to it (Haskell and Penny 1981:200). One preliminary swing is enough to establish a rhythm to start the throw and should be simple and consistent. %PDF-1.5 The left arm should be long and straight at shoulder height inside the left knee as the athlete brings the discus to the right side during the wind. This is a very informative article as are others of yours I have read. The thrower completes a series of 1/2 turns then on the final ½ turn, the discus is thrown. It was instantly famous, and it was installed initially in the Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne and then at Palazzo Lancellotti. As the discus is brought to the left, the left arm aids in the wind by catching the discus as it moves to the left side. The other trademark of Myron embodied in this sculpture is how well the body is proportioned, the symmetria. Although wind conditions and discus throwing is an interesting topic, most throwers should be more concerned with the execution of the technique. The Discobolus became a poster boy for Nazi causes and although the copy of the statue in Germany was returned to Italy in 1948 (where it was placed in Rome’s National Museum five years later), Sooke concludes, “it would be a long time before the taint of its association with Hitler disappeared.”, The Art of Greece and Rome (2004) by Susan Woodford, Taste and the Antique: The Lure of Classical Sculpture, 1500-1900 (1982) by Francis Haskell and Nicholas Penny, The Faustian Bargain: The Art World in Nazi Germany (2000)  by Jonathan Petropoulos, Art and Politics in the Third Reich (1999) by Jonathan Petropoulos, Featured: Discobolus in the National Roman Museum by User “Livioandronico2013”, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons, Other (1): Discobolus by User “MatthiasKabel”, CC BY 2.5, Wikipedia, Other (2): Discobolus by User “Valerio Perticone”, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia, Other (3): Discobolus by User “Carole Raddato”, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons, Other (4). The chest is driven up to meet the left arm, which is now pulling in. The Discobolos was originally sculpted in bronze in about 450 BCE by Myron, but is known today only through marble Roman copies. The work adheres to the canon of ideal beauty proscribed by Polyclitus (fifth century BC) for an athlete at rest. 33 The essay from chapter six that I found most intriguing is The Discus Thrower by Richard Selzer. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The athlete is portrayed adjusting his position, in the instant prior to hurling himself forward for the throw. Some of the popular discus throw champions are listed below − Jürgen Schult. This drill works on the whole winding motion, not just winding again and again; it prepares the athlete for the next phase of the throw. [Although, her involvement with the Nazis greatly damaged her film career, Riefenstahl lived a long and fairly comfortable life. Contact gallery. The artistic output of culture as always interested me. It is an ancient sport, and it was one of the events of the ancient Greek pentathlon, which can be dated back to at least to 708 BC, and it is part of the modern decathlon. The Discus Thrower Richard Selzer I spy on my patients. The right foot is picked up and the right foot sweeps past the left side of the body and leads the throw. Hitler was so infatuated with the statue that in 1938, he bought a copy of it (known as the Discobolus Lancellotti or the Discobolus Palombara) for five million lire from Galeazzo Ciano, the Foreign Minister of Fascist Italy from 1936 to 1943. [3] Also there is very little emotion shown in the discus thrower's face, and "to a modern eye, it may seem that Myron's desire for perfection has made him suppress too rigorously the sense of strain in the individual muscles,"[2] Clark observes. Some advanced throwers use a longer wind up to the right to gain momentum and additional torque between the upper and lower body at the start of the throw. The right leg should be long and out away from the thrower. Edition of 10. In 1937 Adolf Hitler negotiated to buy it and eventually succeeded in 1938. 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To throw the discus with the proper technique, you must complete one-and-a-half rotations in the ring, even though you actually move forward in approximately a straight line, from the back of the ring to the front. This statue of a discobolus, or discus thrower, was part of the collection of antiquities at the Villa Borghese in Rome, where it stood with three other athletes around the Gladiator, which entered the Louvre at the same period - around 1808, when Napoleon Bonaparte purchased the collection from his brother-in-law, Prince Camillo Borghese. The discus is an aerodynamic event; wind conditions can affect the flight of the throw. During the release phase, the discus thrower’s feet remain on the ground. I am very glad to meet you through your writing. lⓔ���]O��Y˰C���O��Y~�����ocuz�U%� �&!B�vȶ��dyŲ�?�i�g܃�+��#2g�ݱ��l�T#��ժ�X��8vp�e���ͅ��Qcb+�#X�l36H���`�. The Discobolos was originally sculpted in bronze in about 450 BCE by Myron, but is known today only through marble Roman copies. The Discobolus Palombara, the first copy of this famous sculpture to have been discovered, was found in 1781. It was bought for the British Museum, with the rest of Townley's marbles, in July 1805. The shoulders are back and over the right leg as it turns.


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