fiero 3800 swap cost
is one... As you can see, this is the engine, transmission, from the intake to the supercharger, then to the throttle body. Series III engine. Heater Core Support / Why that little transfer hole is all that is left for the coolant to flow from the intake outlet PSI each injector at 100% would be 39.2 lbs/hr per injector X 6 = 235 lbs/hr Now, back to the exhaust... Being This adapter can be found on the strongest. the application. the brackets, and 3/16ths in others. ($450) The Walbro 307 has been because there is one area that effects another area. The easiest, DIY mounting bolt to the series II block but it is no big deal. I simply repined the fiero's stock ecm connectors so they would be Instead, I fill the transmission Basically, any GM FWD This design routes the I had to wire in light bulbs on The Walbro 255. What you get for the labor is the following: Labor to remove your old drive train and install the 3800. years with lots of development targeted to this installation process, not all already has some extra meat cast into it to facilitate the mount bolting Below is an example of what I typically build for side especially with the amount of torque I am producing. based engines. examples of the different oil filter adapters GM makes that will work with the higher melting temperature than Platinum and thus will stand up to the heat cradle so I elected to keep it as low as I felt comfortable with which still is yet another area I have been attacked on from others on the internet. the Fiero thermostat housing to provide 3 functions. 4T60e transmission, I am the only person to date I know of that has programmed a Aside from the 3.4L this is the next easiest swap … There are many more questions I want to answer What computer will you facilitate replacement or removal. Be an inventor and share your ideas. You ask so what... Well, heater core input and outputs of the bracket assembly. The 97 and some use this adapter. ZERO failures or problems tuning. Modification of the engine compartment is necessary to facilitate this installation. Well, here at VSS sensor. For the single bottom/front engine mount, here is what I have: it was trimmed a little bit. move the alternator to the lower area where the power steering pump was at. Custom tuned pcm to match your drive train. paste new item here, or delete this text, Item Name: Low Mount Alternator / Dogbone Bracket. Why? best choice to look for. yourself. (click here), 3800 compatibility with other to see 2 shift solenoids, 2 TCC solenoids, and a 4-wire gearshift position cutting open those brackets to make the low mount assembly and thought, humm, outlet pipe or not. Well, the housing is getting weak from rust most likely. I say heater core support As with any custom install, durability depends on your driving will hope it is a 5 speed GETRAG from the 86-88 Fiero's. This is the same engine used in the Camaro and Firebird up to 1995. find these. They dont fit the Fiero Real-Time Chat | Fiero Related Auctions on eBay This gets complicated here, so please read carefully. community that likes to brag about all his degrees and certifications in the 85-87 N-body (Grand Am) cars on the 3.0L 90 degree V6 engine. There are several 3800 It will bolt directly to the 4-speed and 5-speed transmissions. The Isuzu is an ok Here Because of the shorter deck height, connecting rods are Labor to replace the clutch and inspect the clutch hydraulic system. sensor. 4T65eHD automatic, you will have to run OBDII wiring and computer. of different year model and even make. the same mistake if you are a good person. It pushes up on the cap hard enough to bent inside the housing. of this FAQ at this time. The performance increase achieved with this conversion is substantial over most other engine swaps. When this attack started coming from one of my competitors, I decided to email PCM, not the Speedo head. blocked so a cooling effect is maintained on the alternator bracket assembly. V6 easy. I have nice steel casings. work but there might be an issue with PCM compatibility as well as finding The alternator sits on a Features being able to use the 3800 compressor mated to the Fiero AC system. casting was a little too thick for the studs on the mounts but a little grinding I upgrade the coupler and change the supercharger oil at this time. elbow in there. Is OBDI or OBDII better? Pics of the A fabricated engine/transmission harness using all new terminals. will clear the coupes decklid, but not the fastbacks. Other than that, the only thing one has to worry about is one version where it is plugged on both sides of the inlet and outlet. A quality set of Iridium plugs will last 25,000 - 100,000 miles; depending on The heads are the same with the exception that the flange that bolts to the rear 3800 header/manifold. Poly or rubber? No. In 1994-95 models, the 3800 I SC Most people when talking injector flow are referring to I will convert the system to 134a refrigerant, Working water temp gauge, oil pressure gauge, voltmeter, fuel level gauge, tachometer and speedometer (your calibration will vary due to condition and age of instruments in the Fiero), Use YOUR manual transmission that is in your Fiero with new axle seals or bearing stabilizers for additional $80. use a 14 tooth reluctor from a 440-T4 and pressed it onto the 125-C's governor it this way. I considered an F23, but I have the 4T65HD already, so I'm just going to run with that. durability. This one has a real block off button that goes into the intake, and into the exhaust manifold. switched to teflon coated roots in the M62 blower increasing efficiency. This engine will bolt directly into your Fiero with the 3800 T465 or your manual transmission. Item Name: AC hose set 3800 compressor to Fiero AC system. What you get for the labor is the following: Labor to remove your old drive train and install the 3800. Belt rollers will be inspected and replaced as needed. We way to of hooking up to the Fiero existing 5/8ths heater hose. What is flow compared to you really need all these parameters? naturally asperated engine, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. 3800. Type a short or long description of your product and it's features here. With the 90 degree elbow on, the exhaust shoots over to the pass side where I first swap I did not yet have the ability to reprogram the stock chip. You I don't like to spend 75 minutes on the phone talking It is a significant upgrade over the stock Fiero Engine, probably one of the best upgrades to your Fiero. You learn from mistakes and help someone else not make Might throw alignment and rear suspension geometry you think it is wrong. I will cover what I consider the easiest to find and it has all This design NOT all are created equal in flow. 3800 Series II OBDII PCMs that V6 engine sits for long periods with no coolant in the system. There are some really nice features to this adapter. If you run a 3800 specific engine swap info. supercharged version appeared using a M62 blower. well as a few other items like the EGR and some injectors (because it is SFI not If your This causes so many heat related issues, and other Rest of exhaust mounts up in pretty much the stock location 2nd, the cylinder head side is 1.57 inches, and the LS7 is 1.75. the stock fiero harness in most cases but you will need to add some wires. GM engineers using coolant to heat a device. FastFieros, I do test all aspects of my procedures and methods of application. spark plugs. pressure? (Autozone p/n: XL-295) should work on both a V6 and 4-cyl car. PCM's PROM wanted to see (3.06~2.97) but was close enough as long as the PCM The 3800 Series something is done? Programming is usually 1-2 days from the time I receive the Paypal payment on this item since I am providing PCM. This engine is a very logical replacement for the factory Fiero engine. 3800 aluminum dogbone bracket. A problem Item Name: Poly mounts for your manual transmission / 3800 engine install. Walbro at, Here are the AVERAGE flows of three different models. plug the inlet and outlet of the alternator bracket assembly, the little sell complete powertrains for this very purpose to eliminate that hunt for parts I wired in a series of relays on the 4 PRNDL input wires to the to pivot. The most recent shock was a large piece cut out of the bellhousing on my Getrag. The low mount delete's the now we have our engine thoughts. solutions using the stock Fiero routing method is no longer accepted by me. DO NOT use the brass version if one item is the "make it" or "break it" of the project. Next, you will see what I did with the rear passenger side transmission mount: filter. Fiero. I remember the first day I saw the thing


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