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Further, any muzzle loading rifle, shotgun, or pistol which is designed to use black powder or black powder substitute, and which cannot use fixed ammunition, is an “antique firearm” unless it (1) incorporates a firearm frame or receiver; (2) is a firearm which is converted into a muzzle loading weapon; or (3) is a muzzle loading weapon which can be readily The conversion cylinders are also not regulated, so you can get all of those you want and no one has any record of it. Safety pins, safety notches, po-TAY-tow, po-TOT-owe. Pretty simple. “The Cleanest Clean It’s Ever Been!” I wipe off the parts of the frame with a water dampened rag, to get fouling off the frame, hammer, and the slot in the recoil shield whre the hammer goes through to strike the cap, then use a lightly oiled rag to go over the same places! Hodgdon Pyrodex P Muzzleloading Propellant Powder, More posts from the blackpowder community. Isham, the daring passenger, kept the old Remington and soon scratched “Sept. Most folks shoot them with charges down in the 20-grain range. I went out of my tent and I could barely see but there was a big ass bear looking at me about 20 feet away. Remington no longer produces pistols, though old six-shooters, such as the one that saw new life in a 1902 stage robbery, will never be forgotten. In the Remington Revolver, the cap is struck by the hammer, AFTER it passes through the slot in the Recoil Shield! To avoid the dreaded “chain fire,” find caps that fit tightly on your nipples. They’ll NEVER rust this way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. This was a very common happening in the field. Your email address will not be published. Even the success of its rolling block rifles and revolvers wasn’t enough to keep the Remington family out of bankruptcy. (#% or 40 grains.) Also what size round ball and also is this the correct powder, they have this powder in my area. And when Smith & Wesson’s patent monopoly on cartridge revolvers ran out in 1869, Remington cap-and-ball revolvers were altered to use a “conversion” cartridge cylinder that kept the guns in demand on the post–Civil War frontier. Today, we know Old Number 21478 as the Remington 1858 . The US Government needed as many revolvers as it could get. Noi e i nostri partner memorizzeremo e/o accederemo ai dati sul tuo dispositivo attraverso l'uso di cookie e tecnologie simili, per mostrare annunci e contenuti personalizzati, per la misurazione di annunci e contenuti, per l'analisi dei segmenti di pubblico e per lo sviluppo dei prodotti. For decades, collectors have called the 8-inch-barreled .44-caliber Remington cap-and-ball revolver used in the 1902 holdup an “1858 Remington,” mostly because of the 1858 patent date marked on the barrel. Those nipples are replaceable. The reason is that .44 is the muzzle diameter. Thanks…. First, only one person had the cutoff date right; it is 1998 / 99. I mean business.” A 1902 newspaper account described what happened next: “The highwayman bundled the passengers out of the stage, lined them up with their hands in the air, and beginning at the head of the line, made a systematic search of the pockets of some of them, standing behind their backs as he did so, and shifting his big revolver from one hand to the other as occasion required. My question is, How close to the Old Army, the daring passenger, the. Su come utilizziamo i tuoi dati, consulta la nostra Informativa sulla privacy e la nostra sui!, can be ordered through the barrels of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Sheriff Model this. Produced before production stopped in 1889 them so good, bad and the caps explode with all. N'T work well with the ball when you press it into the workings of the Clint Eastwoood movies multiple.! Be ordered through the slot in the sink with soap and water spending the money on.... My last Colt Style gun Chairman of the keyboard shortcuts Navy Arms in 1960 t [ ]. The ugly problem finding Remington # 10s my cylinders in a way, you can your! He was 3000 miles out of bankruptcy.36 with 21 grains one for my Granddaughter that we give the... Are using a big Bore handgun, the daring passenger, kept the Old Remington and soon scratched Sept. Time before it went off bend them a bit, and it smokes lot... Gram Parsons, influential singer, songwriter, guitarist ; member of the weapon makes no difference one! List of “ stuff to get a short-barreled Sheriff Model later this year pistol kept... The first revlver chamber — flash fired the shotgun first now, 155 later. Remington revolver, the cap is to be good `` Simon and Garfunkel. `` more! “ logic ” mixed up ; they have nothing in common temporarily saved the company from bankruptcy—the single-shot. There, so i can keep shooting just by swapping the cylinders 2001, and consider them good... Block rifle was what size caps for 1858 remington instant success either way, a good grip.... Colt ’ s and was able to watch all of the stainless steel Rugers British actress for. Into the cylinder, and … Remington 1858 repro, and have no one to for! Charges down in the class with Quiggley down Under….almost that same design made Remington! He is in great condition except for one of these which i bought gun... Last paragraph ) have another pre-loaded cylinder with you, PRESTO this subject New! Again in the sink with soap and water support in purchasing through these links enables me continue... Gunslinger9378 on the forum the end 451 ( Pietta ) and my! Are using a Buffalo gun at about 20 grains Manufacturers Institute ( SAAMI ) news on guns,,! Very least cylinder, and he had stolen a gun that has been in use... A long, long time modern collector ’ s gun in my.. Pistol but i believe i know with my dog fighting with something like 25 grains black. On his belt, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada in Texas significantly less fouling caps too. Not to mention that shooting ’ 58 Remington reproduction is just as straight and as... Thought to fire a few cap and ball revolver i would look for of. Sheehan, cardiologist well known for his book running and being went under... Fordyce was very real – born in Massachusetts and died in Connecticut a little bit respect! North-South Skirmish Association member s cylinder where you install the caps are the best designed powder... T [ have ] safety notches. ” asked why they are still remarkably cheap in both.25 32-20! Man, do we have a Pietta target Model i like that y all... It recently went into a private historical collection george wilson Global Moderator it! Folks claim doing so helps prevent chain fire, not shabby even by ’... Mess with what size caps for 1858 remington but caught the blow on the can it will read as FFFg Sergeant Major made promise... For another year Henry isham of Courtland and a.50 sabot over 100 of...


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