garabandal apparitions approved
I tried to document their approval primarily from the Vatican Website, but I could not find a concise list of approved apparitions there. Following is a list of approved Marian Apparitions compiled from several sources. It is a “no” open to a possible “yes.”2.2    CONSTAT DE NO SUPERNATURALITATE: this decision is a “no” of a final and definitive character. Things have changed a lot since the days I asked that priest. On June 18, 1961, four girls, Conchita Gonzalez (12), Mari Cruz Gonzalez (11) Jacinta Gonzalez (12), and Mari Loli Mazon (12) were playing on the outskirts of the village when they heard a sound like thunder. On the occasion of the closure of the Jubilee in Fatima, in October 1942, the Patriarch of Lisboa, Cardenal Cerejeira, referring to the approval of the apparitions in Fatima given by the bishop of Leiria-Fatima in October, 1930, observed: “The approval is not irrefutable; the Holy See can confirm or annul it.”The local bishop acts as judge in the first instance. "Bleeding Host" Confirmed as Christ's Body June 21, 2016; Mother Angelica 1923-2016 Rest In Peace; The PROMISES of the ROSARY and items "KISSED" by OUR LADY of Garabandal “We must make many visits to the BLESSED SACRAMENT… but first of all we must be VERY GOOD.” … OUR LADY OF GARABANDAL I do think Garabandal is a diabolical distraction, Editor. Host" Confirmed As If he considers the results of the commission valid, then:a. research institutes,” said Bishop Kiernikowski, The final medical statement by the The regional or national Conference of Bishops can intervene:a) If the Ordinary of the place, having done his part, turns to it to judge the matter with greater certainty;b) If the matter pertains to the national or regional level; always, however, with the prior consent of the Ordinary of the place.3. However, the Congregation has persistently refused this possibility of stepping outside of the normal process, arguing that no important event had occurred in recent times and, therefore, the Congregation had no reason to intervene. The Vatican approved the findings infra, no. Garabandal Are The Same!!! The faithful are not personally obliged to approve them, but they are obliged to not publicly declare them invalid if the authorities have officially declared them valid. Garabandal is the bridge linking what has come already and what has still yet to occur. A long history of experience in matters of this nature has taught it that when something comes from God, in the end it overcomes any opposition. Healthy devotion and abundant and constant spiritual fruit (for example, spirit of prayer, conversion, testimonies of charity, etc. He said nothing and soon vanished. MUST MAKE MANY VISITS TO THE "In those days, Mary arose and went in haste to the Mountain." By reason of its doctrinal and pastoral task, the competent Authority can intervene motu proprio and indeed must do so in grave circumstances, for example in order to correct or prevent abuses in the exercise of cult and devotion, to condemn erroneous doctrine, to avoid the dangers of a false or unseemly mysticism, etc.4. The only non-religious objects that were permitted were wedding rings (though on one occasion Our Lady kissed a powder compact that had been used to carry the Eucharist to prisoners). On December 25, 2013, a Consecrated Moreover, the ease of going from one place to another fosters frequent pilgrimages, so that Ecclesiastical Authority should discern quickly about the merits of such matters.2. Today, more than in the past, news of these apparitions is diffused rapidly among the faithful thanks to the means of information (mass media). As regards revelation: true theological and spiritual doctrine and immune from error;3. Preliminary note c).3. It is up to the Sacred Congregation to judge and approve the Ordinary’s way of proceeding or, in so far as it be possible and fitting, to initiate a new examination of the matter, distinct from that undertaken by the Ordinary and carried out either by the Sacred Congregation itself or by a special Commission.The Present Norms, deliberated in the Plenary Session of this Sacred Congregation, were approved by the Supreme Pontiff, Paul VI on 24 February 1978.In Rome, from the palace of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 25 February 1978.Francis Cardinal ŠeperPrefectJérôme Hamer, O.P.Secretary. The first message was given on October 18th 1961: Four predictions about the future were given at Garabandal Tests also determined the tissue to be of human origin, and found that Two months after the appearance of the red That any Catholic would even consider this apparition to be true despite the condemnation of the bishops of the diocese, is very telling. It concluded by leaving the matter in the hands of the bishop, including the issuance of guidelines, and praising him for the zeal that he had manifested in this subject. a) The intervention of the Sacred Congregation can be requested either by the Ordinary, after he has done his part, or by a qualified group of the faithful. Personal qualities of the subject or of the subjects (in particular, psychological equilibrium, honesty and rectitude of moral life, sincerity and habitual docility towards Ecclesiastical Authority, the capacity to return to a normal regimen of a life of faith, etc.);2. It is most similar to the heart muscle. (cf. Soon after red stains began to appear on the Host, according to [...] but judgment as to their genuinity and proper use belongs to those who are appointed leaders in the Church, to whose special competence it belongs, not indeed to extinguish the Spirit, but to test all things and hold fast to that which is good. If the results of the commission indicate an event which is not supernatural, or is supernatural but of demonic origin, then the bishop will issue a document to officially reject the event and to encourage the faithful and clergy to avoid it.From this, it follows that it is technically impossible for the Church to give a final approval of the events of Garabandal (as for example is the case in Medjugorje) because there are prophesies which have not been fulfilled, but which could be (which would put the process at step 6).The criteria for the approval of a Marian apparition are:1. But there is a higher ecclesial authority, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly called the Holy Office, which acts as a Court of Appeals. Churches approvalFundamentally, the procedure by which an apparition may be approved is fairly simple and generally follows these steps: 1. Normally, the judgment of the bishop, that is his confirmation or rejection, resolves the issue. If the apparition/revelation no longer occurs, then the bishop approves it, declaring it “worthy of faith” and presents the documentation to the Vatican.b. image, the fragments (of the Host) were found containing the fragmented I saw On July 1st he spoke: Pale and visibly shaken, they ran to the village church and told of the apparition. Nevertheless, I have provided excerpts with documentation to support those apparitions that are officially recognized as actually being Mary. That was the beginning of my long interest in Garabandal. Read More », Lourdes, Fatima and Garabandal are one; a trilogy drawn in an arc across Portugal, Spain and France and united by a shared and increasingly amplified theme.


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