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He has over four decades of experience reporting for a variety of publications and media. Box 9534 Erie, PA 16505, Updated & Archived: Joe Hagmann by Peter Barry Chowka at American Thinker. Having worked with Joe Hagmann for two years and respected him as a friend and a talented broadcaster, with what everyone assumed was a bright future ahead of him, I am among the many who miss him and mourn his passing. Around five years ago, Hagmann father and son wound down their work as investigators at the Northeast Intelligence Network and their own investigative agency and devoted their full time to The Hagmann Report and, in Doug Hagmann’s case, writing. However, in the past week, the elder Hagmann, a multi-state licensed investigator for over three decades, has been working diligently to determine if other factors and individuals may have contributed to or were responsible for his son’s death. The new media lost a prominent figure on June 29, 2019 when Joseph D. Hagmann, for eight years the Millennial co-host of the popular conservative internet TV and radio program The Hagmann Report, died suddenly at his home in Erie, Pa. This show exposes the larger agenda, © Hagmann Investigative Services Inc > P.O. In a 13-minute-long YouTube video announcement on July 1, which has now been viewed over 250,000 times, Doug Hagmann, 60, reported that his son had died of an accidental heroin overdose. The program began in 2011 as a lo-fi audio-only podcast on BlogTalk Radio. Both the audience and I were shocked that he had developed serious issues relating to drug dependency, as they were never apparent in his on-air performances, or in off-air personal contacts with his associates including this writer. [Emphasis added.] HELP SUPPORT THE HAGMANN REPORT > DONATE TODAY. Meanwhile, the subject of deaths arising from drug abuse and addiction is increasing in importance as a national political issue. This show exposes the larger agenda and objectives of the Deep State actors like no other. In a Facebook post on July 5, Doug Hagmann asserted that he has evidence that his son was the victim of foul play. In addition to YouTube, these include iTunes.com, TuneIn.com, Player.fm, Soundcloud.com, Podbay.fm, Podbean.com, and spreaker.com. He has worked as an informational and operational asset for various federal and state law enforcement agencies. Since the news of Joe Hagmann’s death broke on July 1, at least 10,000 viewers and listeners to the program have posted written comments about Joe Hagmann’s passing on YouTube and social media. The Hagmann Report is a News outlet that reports on News and Current Events from an investigative point of view. The elder Hagmann estimated recently that each episode of the eponymous program currently has between 75,000 and 125,000 accesses on the various video and audio platforms that carry it. Using his 30+ years of investigative experience, Doug Hagmann takes on the Deep State and those who facilitate the Progressive, Socialist Communist and Islamist agenda in a factual, take-no-prisoners approach. This article is a minor revision and update of my July 7, 2019 article at American Thinker which was read by tens of thousands of people. Although I never met Joe Hagmann in person, I worked closely with him since 2017 in my role as a regular contributor to The Hagmann Report. These observers, and some politicians, believe that more attention, resources, and options for recovery should be provided to chronic drug users. Some Americans believe that people who succumb to addiction are totally responsible for their own downfall and deserve little sympathy while the medical community, and many high-profile relatives of victims of overdose including prominent TV talk host Eric Bolling, are increasingly positing that the abuse of addictive drugs is an illness, a disease, or a response to socio-economic factors. The disagreement over how to regard Joe Hagmann’s life and death, as minor as it is considering the huge number of positive comments, mirrors a larger debate going on in the country. The most widely-read account of the life and passing of new media personality Joe Hagmann (1983-2019) by his friend and colleague Peter Barry Chowka. Peter has also contributed feature articles to The Epoch Times. Joe Hagmann is survived by his widow, Laura Marino Hagmann, who is pregnant and will soon deliver the couple’s first child, Joseph D. Hagmann II; his father Doug; his mother Debra; his stepmother Renae; his sister Jackie and brother-in-law Eric; an extended family of relatives; and too many friends to count. As of this writing, the inquiries are continuing. According to government statistics, in 2017 over 70,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses, 15,482 of them from heroin overdoses and the remainder from prescription drugs. No longer is someone with a drug problem automatically seen as a failure or a villain — rather, his life, including his accomplishments, and the context of his problems are among the factors now being taken into account before condemning him for any weaknesses or lapses at the end of his life. A very small number has been critical of what they see as Joe’s weakness in the face of temptation. He participated in over 1,800 broadcasts since 2011, many of which he produced. Its success is a testament to the viability of the decentralized, internet-based, alternative new media.


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