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They were bolstered in part by the acquisition of Clyde Drexler, Olajuwon's former University of Houston "Phi Slama Jama" teammate, in a mid-season trade from the Portland Trail Blazers. Olajuwon spun counterclockwise and faked a jump shot. Like my coach says, "you don't block shots with your head." In doing so he joined Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton as the only players in NBA history (at that point) to lead the league in rebounding and shot-blocking in the same season. [6] Olajuwon has expressed displeasure at his childhood in Nigeria being characterized as backward. In 1994, he became the only player in NBA history to win the MVP, the Championship, the Finals MVP and Defensive Player of the Year awards in the same season. Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon (/əˈlaɪʒuɒn/;[1] Yoruba: [olaɟuwɔ̃]; born January 21, 1963), formerly Akeem Olajuwon, is a Nigerian-American former professional basketball player. Position. By jumping, I don't have a pivot foot now. During the tournament, he shared his minutes with Shaquille O'Neal and David Robinson. Listed at 7 feet 0 inches (213 cm), Olajuwon is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. British actor, television director, and singer. [26][27] However, the Rockets were swept in the playoffs by the LA Lakers. Afterwards, he travelled to USA to attend University of Houston. NBA center who was named Finals MVP after leading the … From. With Robinson in the air, Olajuwon performed an up-and-under move and made an easy layup. The Rockets posted a 57–win season in 1996–97 season when they added Charles Barkley to their roster. Executed with uncanny speed and power, they are still regarded as the pinnacle of "big man" footwork. "[11], Olajuwon emigrated from Nigeria to play basketball at the University of Houston under Cougars coach Guy Lewis. [24] However, they lost in the first round again, this time to the Lakers. He averaged 13.9 points, 11.4 rebounds and 5.1 blocks in 1982-1983 and 16.8 points, 13.5 rebounds and 5.6 blocks in 1983–1984. [23] The Rockets set a new franchise record with 55 wins,[19] and advanced to the second round of the playoffs, pushing the Seattle SuperSonics to a seventh game before losing in overtime, 103–100. Olajuwon credited this experience with rapidly improving his game: "The way Moses helped me is by being out there playing and allowing me to go against that level of competition. At that time (before the NBA Draft Lottery was introduced in 1985), the first pick was awarded by coin flip. They finished 42–40,[19] and missed the playoffs for the first time in Olajuwon's career. Olajuwon was the first pick announced by Stern back in 1984. The team went on to win the gold medal in Atlanta. "[6] Olajuwon himself traced the move back to the soccer-playing days of his youth. The Rockets had immediate success during Olajuwon's rookie season, as their win-loss record improved from 29–53 in 1983–84 to 48–34 in 1984–85. He is considered to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Hakeem Olajuwon was born to Salim and Abike Olajuwon, working class Yoruba owners of a cement business in Lagos. The Rockets had immediate success during Olajuwon’s rookie season, as their win-loss record improved from 29–53 in 1983–84 to 48–34 in 1984–85. [59], Olajuwon has referred to basketball as a science, and described his signature move in vivid detail: "When the point guard throws me the ball, I jump to get the ball. When he called the staff, they told him to take a taxi out to the university. I grew up in an environment at schools where there were all different types of people.”. Hakeem Olajuwon Mother Name: Abike Olajuwon. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. A fellow student approached the coach and asked if Olajuwon could play for the team. He led the Rockets to back-to-back NBA championships in 1994 and 1995. [2][3][4] He was nicknamed "The Dream" during his basketball career after he dunked so effortlessly that his college coach said it "looked like a dream. Despite Olajuwon’s play, the Rockets had settled into mediocrity since the team’s trip to the NBA Finals in 1986 -- Houston didn’t win a playoff series from 1988 through 1992. Stefan Zweig Books Pdf, He was nicknamed “The Dream” throughout his basketball profession following he dunked so naturally that his college trainer supposed it “looked like a vision.”His college profession for the Cougars incorporated 3 trips to the Final Four. He averaged 33.0 points on .531 shooting, 10.3 rebounds, and 2.81 blocks in the 1995 Playoffs. [39] In Game 7, Olajuwon posted a game–high 25 points and 10 rebounds, which helped defeat the Knicks, bringing the first professional sports championship to Houston since the Houston Oilers won the American Football League championship in 1961. Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon previously identified as Akeem Olajuwon, is a Nigerian-American previous professional basketball player. With his real estate business buzzing, Olajuwon stayed connected to basketball and, in 2006, launched his first Big Man Camp. "[60], Olajuwon married his current wife, Dalia Asafi, on August 8, 1996, in Houston. It leaves out Wilt Chamberlain. [75] Olajuwon has worked with several NBA players, including power forward Emeka Okafor,[76] and center Yao Ming. During the 1995 postseason run culminating in Houston's second NBA championship, the Rockets defeated the San Antonio Spurs and the Orlando Magic, two teams with great centers who were left bewildered by Olajuwon's moves. In 2008, he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, and in 2016, he was inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame. It would accomplish one of three things: one, to misdirect the opponent and make him go the opposite way; two, to freeze the opponent and leave him devastated in his tracks; three, to shake off the opponent and giving him no chance to contest the shot. [19] He teamed with the 1984 Rookie of the Year, 7 ft 4 in (2.24 m) Ralph Sampson to form the original NBA "Twin Towers" duo. The center's defensive prowess put an end to the Knicks' attempt to win the series in Game 6, when he blocked John Starks' potential game-tying three-point shot at the end of the game. All the other sports just become obsolete. The transformation was apparent when the Rockets advanced to the 1993 Western Conference Semifinals. Abisola Olajuwon, his daughter with Lita Spencer, whom he met in college, represented the West Girls in the McDonald’s All-American Game and played in the WNBA. But the Rockets swept the series, making Houston the fifth NBA franchise to win back-to-back titles. Otherwise he would have won it for a third consecutive year, averaging 13.8 a game (league leader Robinson averaged 13.0 rpg). Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon is a name that has come to be synonymous with the NBA franchise all across the world. In 1980, before arriving in the US, Olajuwon played for a Nigerian junior team in the All-Africa Games. Submit a correction. Evan Gattis Story, [6] It has been said that a coach in Nigeria once asked him to dunk and demonstrated while standing on a chair. The Heretic Halo, Houston began to rebuild, bringing in young guards Cuttino Mobley and 2000 NBA co-Rookie of the Year Steve Francis. "[5] From 1984 to 2002, he played the center position in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Houston Rockets and the Toronto Raptors. In the 2006 NBA offseason, Olajuwon opened his first Big Man Camp, where he teaches young frontcourt players the finer points of playing in the post. 3 Harden Vol. He was 1st overall pick in the 1984 NBA draft that also featured big names like Michael Jordan and played for the Houston Rockets until 2001, winning the NBA title in 1994 and 1995. People don't realize he was in the top seven [in NBA history] in steals. You put him in the mix and you jump stop and now you have choice of pivot foot. They finished the season with a 41–41 record,[19] and though they made the playoffs, were eliminated in four games by Los Angeles. Donald Trump Fun Facts, Hakeem Olajuwon Date of Birth: 31 January 1963. Hakeem Olajuwon is best known for being a Basketball Player. Olajuwon pulled off a clutch play by blocking the shot as time expired. The Rockets' two-year championship run ended when they were eliminated in the second round of the 1996 NBA Playoffs by the eventual Western Conference Champion Seattle SuperSonics. [13], After redshirting his freshman year in 1980–81 because he could not yet get clearance from the NCAA to play,[8] Olajuwon played sparingly as a redshirt freshman in 1981–82, and the Cougars were eliminated in the Final Four by the eventual NCAA champion, the North Carolina Tar Heels. The team went on to win the gold medal in Atlanta. [23] This willingness to pass the ball increased his scoring, making it more difficult for opposing teams to double and triple-team him. He buys in cash-only purchases, as it is against Islamic law to pay interest. He missed two weeks early in the season due to an accelerated heart beat. Olajuwon and his wife, Asafi Pre-arranged Union with Wife, Asafi. Olajuwon was highly skilled as both an offensive and defensive player. I Just Want To Love You Just Want To Hold You Lyrics. Michael Jordan had returned from an 18-month hiatus in March 1995, and his Chicago Bulls dominated the league for the next three years (1996–98). He runs the camp for free. At the University of Houston, Olajuwon was a physical education major. "[13] His intuition proved correct, and a lucky toss placed Houston ahead of the Portland Trail Blazers. In 2008, he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Bridgend Movie Ending Explained, Sir Philip Carey, Olajuwon emigrated from Nigeria to play basketball at the University of Houston under Cougars coach Guy Lewis. But this jump is the set-up for the second move, the baseline move. Shortly after his retirement, his #34 jersey was retired by the Rockets. There are many ethnic groups. Sportswriter Sam Smith speculates that such a trade "would have changed league history and maybe the entire Michael Jordan legend". Following the season, Olajuwon requested a trade in part because of his bad contract; his salary was considerably low for a top center, and his contract specifically forbade re-negotiation. And he certainly experienced a resurgence in 1992-93. NBA draft: since 1984 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall. Ipad Second Hand. Olajuwon gained a reputation as a clutch performer and also as one of the top centers in history based on his performances in the 1993–94 and 1994–95 seasons. Issue #2 Dame 6 Harden Vol. He combined with the 7 feet 4 inches (224 cm) Ralph Sampson to form a duo dubbed the "Twin Towers". Hakeem Olajuwon is the only player in NBA history to record more than 3,000 blocked shots and 2,000 steals. He constantly shuttles between Houston (where he works with the Rockets) and Birmingham in England where he lives and works with a local junior team. Olajuwon joined the workouts and went head to head with Malone in several games throughout the summer.


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