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“To be perfectly honest, I think it’s about respect. Here, he tells us about talking on stage about the recent deaths of both his mother and Amos told Pope Francis "As a gay man, I don't feel accepted". The show was released on DVD in November 2010. “But when we asked why we had to live in England … Mum and Dad told us that it was worth it … We had figured that Nigeria must be really, really bad if this was the best option.”. I think you can be gay and funny and not talk about gay issues. When Amos, who has a twin sister, asked his mother what their birth was like, she replied, “Ah Stephen! Backtracking a bit, I ask what it was like growing up “other” in white Britain, with the added “otherness” of being gay? “Not because at that time I wanted to be on stage, but the knowledge that there was a black woman who was doing something she wanted to do, who loved what she was doing and was fabulous with it. This site is part of Newsquest's audited local newspaper network. [16], Amos, one of eight children, lives in South London. Data returned from the Piano 'meterActive/meterExpired' callback event. In that show I just said, ‘And oh, by the way, I’m attracted to men.’ The audience was like – gasp! It is definitely my most personal show. “I thought, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ The worst is that people hate you. Amos only agreed to attend if he could ask the Pope questions. In December 2007, he hosted a documentary, Penis Envy,[8][9] for the free United Kingdom digital television channel Virgin1,[10] in which he explored men's ongoing insecurities with penis size with the help of actors from Puppetry of the Penis, naked rugby players and the men willing to experiment with apparent penis enlarging "treatments". ©Copyright 2001-2020. Sadness. “I certainly wasn’t playing rugby,’’ said Stephen “I am the least sporty person.’’. With families there are so many personalities and different points of view; you don’t have to love your family, we’re all different people. Some things are so joyful and joyous on one hand, and on the other, so devastating. - Flicky Harrison. It's all about going out there and listening to people's laughter or their reactions to what I'm saying. “Bouquets are flowers you throw at weddings, so they are happy, but life also throws us curve balls which are the brickbats.’’. “I know. In 2010, Amos's own show was launched, a combination of stand up, sketches, and guest performers (who for the most part had not fully broken into television comedy), simply entitled The Stephen K Amos Show. It was during a trip to America that he met comedy club owner, Delphine Manley, who told him he was really funny and should have a go. This website and its associated newspaper are members of Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Respect.”. In fact, they returned to Britain after a year or so. The family moved so often that, jokes Stephen K Amos, “I thought we were in the Witness Relocation Programme.”, When it was announced that the family would holiday in Nigeria, the reaction from this brood was muted. On her return, we get the lowdown on a stand-up making comedic waves with brutal honesty, Matt Berry on fishcakes, Toast of London and Roy Keane(28 Oct 2015)On tour, on telly and all over the place, the comedy star takes on our First and Last quiz, He's back with new show Right Here, Right Now – get presale tickets, A subscription box with a difference — take £6 off a vegan lifestyle or beauty box, Make huge savings on your first order from Naked Wines, Online comedy shows you can watch from the comfort of your home. along with Rufus Hound, Joe Swash and Sara Cox on Watch. A regular on the international comedy circuit, he is known for including his audience members during his shows.


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