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A - B6, 3.6L 345HP (the Carrera the S / the Targa (2003 model year)) Having this car is the same as having high status or golden Rolex on your hand. based on decoding the VIN according to the vehicle’s manufacturer Porsche car history before getting a car loan or credit. For Porsche vehicles made for the European market, position 9 is held by character Z which is a free sign. In addition, you can also check the title records and accidents by clicking Check History. B - B6, 3.2L 214HP, engine 930/26, 911G Turbo (930) 96 - 968 (code 968) (1992 ... 1995) A - Carrera GT (990), Porsche VIN decoder . Instead of chassis number, from 1981 model year, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) has been used. API . Every buyer must check the C - B6, 3.6L 400HP (911 Turbo), 911 (997) For the vehicles made for the North American market, A - 911 Carrera Coupe / 911 Carrera 4 Coupe / 911 Carrera 4S Coupe, compartment, A - B6, 3.3L 315HP (911 Turbo 1991 model year). 4: for RoW = Z (filler) Engine. But in this case you will need Porsche VIN number decoder to check with former information about the car. D - B6, 3.6L 480HP (911 Turbo 4WD / 4WD 911 Turbo Cabriolet) C - 918 the Spyder, Spider, for Porsche car parts and check the car's history. 98 - Cayman (code 987) (2005 ... 2012) A free Porsche VIN decoder that allows you to lookup options, model, year, engine, transmission, and specifications. In this guide, you will find videos and step-by-step instructions on how to change the Porsche key fob battery. The letters O, I and Q are not used in a VIN as they can be mistaken for numbers 0 and 1. A - Panamera (970), hatchback, descriptions and do not reflect any modifications made to a specific Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format. This world’s famous brand is popular with its astonishing and fast super cars which come along with luxury, style and high quality. HOW TO DECODE PORSCHE VIN. To get started, enter the 17-digit Porsche VIN number or the last 5 digits of the Porsche VIN in the search box above. The title, registration or insurance card. Bed and - B6, 3.2L 258HP (the Boxster the S 2003 model year), Boxster/ Cayman (987) B - B6, 3.4L 320HP (Boxster R with the 2012 model year) warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement or DecodeAll service (the Service) is based on the "best effort" principle and all the information available via the Service is provided on "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of fitness for a … Bed and - B6, 3.6L 415HP (911 Turbo Cabriolet 4WD (2004 model year)) By continuing to use this site you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service. 92 - 928 (code 928) (1977 ... 1995) 91 - 911G (code 911) (1974 ... 1989) A2 - the Cayenne II of (92A / 958) a - L4, 2.7L 162HP (944 1989 model year) D - B6, 3.6L 530HP (911 GT2 with the 2012 model year) A8 - the Boxster / Cayman (987, 981) C - the V8, 4.8L 570hp (the Panamera Exclusive the Series 2016 model year) Position 6 of the Porsche VIN for the vehicles made in North America represents the passive safety system of the vehicle. All of them are of premium class. Porsche Sample VIN Number. A - B6, 2.7L 225HP (2003 model year) Porsche VIN decoder is necessary for a safe purchase without any risk of losing car in future due to unexpected reasons. B - V6, 3.0L 420HP (Cayenne S 2016 model year) information from while providing the Service is dependent on outside The third position holds a character that identifies the exact brand division even in cases where the manufacturer has more than one division. C - B6, 3.6L 415HP (911 GT3 / 911 GT3 RS) B - L4, 3.0L 208HP (2 944 S-1989 model year) agencies, so we cannot verify or warrant the accuracy and completeness If you are experiencing problems with your car, we strongly recommend seeking the advice of an auto mechanic that can diagnose your vehicle in a repair shop with the right tools. Porsche 916 Serial Numbers: Year: Model: HP DIN @RPM: Chassis Serial Numbers: Engine Type: Transmission Type: 1972: 916: 190 @ 6500 210 @ 6500: 914 233 0011 - 914 233 0020 Prototype 914 143 0195: 901/38 911/86 : 923/01 (5 speed) 923/01 (5 speed) 914-6 GTs USED BY PORSCHE FACTORY: VIN Number: Project: Colour: Notes: 1970 MODELS: 9140430019 914/31: Irish Green: Prototype car: … Many Porsche drivers want to write their Porsche sportscar VIN with WPO in the beginning, but WP0 (zero) is correct. Join free. the C - B6, 3.8L 385HP (Cayman GT4 with the 2015 model year), Carrera GT (980) 97 - Panamera (code 971) (2017 ...) These three positions of the Porsche VIN are referred to as the. The company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. This format was implemented by the Vindecoder.eu can decode make, model, model year, body, trim, engine, transmission and other car parts in Europe, US as well as on other markets. B - 911 Carrera Targa (964), A - V6, 3.6L 290HP Bed and - the V10, 5.7L 605HP, Cayenne (9PA / 955/957) 98 - Boxster (code 986) (1997 ... 2004), This series of numbers are used to identify the exact vehicle in question. The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of C - the V8, 4.8L 550hp (the Cayenne Turbo with the S 2009 model year) A - B6, 2.7L 265HP (Boxster) B - V8, 5.0L 326HP (928 GT 1990 model year), 911G Position eleven of the Porsche VIN is used to identify the assembly plant of the vehicle. A - Macan, wagon (SUV), These are as indicated below: This position of the Porsche VIN represents the third factory code mark pattern. This online service allows a user to check the validity of the car and get detailed information on almost any VIN number, search Bed and - B6, 3.4L 330HP, (Cayman with the R 2012 model year), Boxster/ Cayman (981) Porsche parts by VIN number. X72 X91, Y08         Dark burr maple package incl. Bed and - B6, 3.6L 444HP (911 Turbo 4WD (2003 model year)) PORSCHE Chaque voiture Porsche possède un code identifiant unique appelé VIN. B - V8, 4.5L 340HP (Cayenne S) The sales wet up. C - the V8, 4.8L 550hp (the Cayenne Turbo with the S 2014 model year) B - 911 Targa (996),- Porsche VIN decoder is necessary for a safe purchase without any risk of losing car in future due to unexpected reasons. 95 - 944 Turbo (code 951) (1985 ... 1991) The Porsche VIN can be located in the following places in the vehicle: 2016 Porsche Boxster S 2dr Convertible (3.4L 6cyl 6M), Name:                                  Porsche Boxster S, Size:                                      3.4, Fuel Type:                           Premium Unleaded (required), Torque:                                                266, Timing:                                 Variable Valve Timing, Gear:                                     Double Overhead Camshaft, Transmission Type:         AUTOMATED_MANUAL, Driven Wheels:                                Rear - wheel drive, Market:                                Luxury, High-Performance, Vehicle Size:                      Compact, Vehicle Style:                    Convertible, Year:                                     2016, Body:                                    Convertible, Model Name:                    Boxster Convertible, Trim:                                     S, City:                                       20, 030         Sports suspension -10mm lower, 032         Touring suspension (higher suspension for America), 050         Internal production code (warning light), 058         Impact absorbers front and rear, 126         Control and indications in French, 127         Control and indications in Swedish, 130         Control and indications in English, 210         Licence plate space Europe and RoW (Rest of World), 211         Licence plate space Europe and RoW (Rest of World), 219         Regular differential (without limited slip), 220         LSD Limited Slip Differential, 226         Internal production code related to tyres, 227         Internal production code related to tyres, 228         Internal production code related to tyres, 232         Internal production code related to tyres, 234         Internal production code related to tyres, 235         Internal production code related to tyres, 236         Internal production code related to tyres, 240         Internal production code related to tyres, 241         Internal production code related to tyres, 242         Internal production code related to tyres, 249         Tiptronic transmission, 5-speed, CBN       Blue burr maple handbrake lever, CCP        Alu Look PCM, vent slats, cupholder trim, divider, CD-storage box, AC panel, lower switch trim, CCR        Alu-look/leather telephone handset, CCS        Alu-look switch trim central air vent bracket (central air vent divider black), CCT        Alu-look door finishers (lid of storage bin, front of door handle), CCU       Alu-look side air vent slats (adjusters Alu Look, mounting in soft-touch paint), CCV        Alu-look central air vent slats (adjuster Alu Look, T-divider black), CCW      Alu-look belt outlets in B-pillars, CCX        Alu-look Tiptronic selector gate (gear surround gate and selector), CEB        Dark burr maple telephone handset, CEC        Light burr maple telephone handset, CER        Telephone handset painted in car color, CJA         Carbon Tiptronic selector gate, CJD         Light burr maple Tiptronic selector gate, CJE         Dark burr maple Tiptronic selector gate, CJF         Tiptronic selector gate painted in car colour, CJG        Carbon switch trim central air vent bracket (central air vent divider black), CJH        Carbon clothes hook on B-pillar, CJJ          Carbon belt outlet on B-pillar, CKA        Central air vent bracket in car color, CKZ        Alu-look central air vent slats, CKW      Alu-look central air vent bracket, CPR        Interior trim strip painted in car color, CPT        Storage bin lid with Porsche crest, CTN        Leather covered mirror attachment triangles and controls, CTZ         Belt outlet on B-pillar painted in car color, CUA       Door entry guards with personal logo, CUC       Model designation painted in car color, CUF        PCM, vent slats, CD-ROM, AC panel painted in car color, CUJ        Leather covered fuse box cover, CUL        Porsche logo in color on wind deflector, CUP       Leather covered steering column levers, CUT        Leather covered A-pillar/windscreen frame, CUV       Storage bin lid with model name, CUX       Leather covered rear seat release levers, CUY       Alu-look belt outlets in B-pillars, CV9        Leather covered belt outlets in B-pillars, CWA      Burr maple switch trim central air vent bracket (central air vent divider black), XZD        Leather covered interior light surround, XTF         Arctic Silver door panel parts, XTJ         Light burr maple door panel parts, XTK        Dark burr maple door panel parts, XTN        Leather mirror adjustment cover, XX1        Leather edged floor mats with Porsche script, XY5        Leather/alu-look Tiptronic selector gate, Y06         Aluminium package incl.


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