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The pics are from an event titled, "Let's Have a Dog Party" they shold be there, or on other Jorja fan sites. I've read where she dated men only previously to being with Jorja, but most lesbians do date men in their teens and early 20s, so that doesn't mean anything. Great, she posted her phone number. But she wouldn't be the only one to freak. Also, I don't get CSI in HD so unfortunately (or fortunately) I never got to witness her in her HDTV glorious self. You must be one of these serious lesbians everyone is talking about. Hunh, 203? [quote] Here's a pic of Jorja with Lelah and some guy at a party Eric Szmanda hosted at his home in 2005. Looks like lelah has been, Heard a rumour Jorja Is dating an actress named Kasi Brown. The gals at the linked site "Jorja All Around" are made up of lesbians, or girls who are obsessed Sara Sidle disciples and always squeal about how hot Jorja is or how they would leave their boyfriends for Jorja, cause she's SO Hot (giggle). If the star was straight they would be discussing who they were dating, etc. :o. That bitch would suck off all of her male castmates on film if the public would believe she is hetero. Oh, it’s so great to see all of you today. I dunno I find it kinda odd that almost immediately after they broke up jorja started dating kasi, a woman she has been friends with since at least 2013. CBS have hung her out to dry so many times, no wonder she wants out. r514, what do you mean you'd like to have "Lelah's money"???? I don't understand why these fangirls, who really like making icons of Jorja, are swooning over these pictures like she's Angelina Jolie (circa the "better years"). And for whoever wwas wondering about my disappearance from talk, my accoung got banned sometime last year. They wouldn't accept that. are you just attracted to her because you know that she is a lesbian? I'm just curious and don't need all the details. What happened to make the relationship change? I'm really starting to wonder why she is pulling another Jodie though, now that she's done with CSI, what does she have to lose? Movies about Kidnapping Film / Disappearance. FUCK U ALL!!! Jorja is clearly ashamed of Lelah (just like she was of Sami, Suzanne and countless others, I'm sure) and her lesbianism. [quote]why isn't it a good idea to link this thread over at Elyse's. So far it sounds like early June the baby will be here. I like women thinking I'm younger than my age. every single site you visit? I don't know what that proves, if anything. When has Jorja/Sara ever "ogled" her female co-stars asses? Beautiful? It's just been the most advertised. Is this the same sidlechick87 who is trying to get Jorja to attend some CSI convention in Toronto. I asked if it would be ok to print here where i read it and they asked me not to, so sorry but i cant give you the name of where i read it but i WAS on another site and not here. r592, do you mind sharing what other site your read the info on? Well... i've forgotten also Helen Mirren?! In 8x03, she was back to not pretty status. She went on to produce and star in A Woman ... Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter Talk Gone Doggy Gone (San Diego Film Festival), Guess The ‘Phobias’, Mobisodes Keep It Brief at ITVFest, Wonderful Actors, Directors & Collaborators, Dazzlingly Beautiful Unknown (Female) V.I.P. It's one of those mayonnaise pregnancies. Maybe she meant to write -who is dating Jorja Fox? But in these pictures? Sometimes I wonder if they are deliberately allowing her to look older so the age gap between Sara and Grissom isn't so apparent. I haven't noticed this faux British tone you speak of r166. Including Coly and her lesbian partner who have Lelah as their #1 friend. Jorja has the right to live her life the way she damn well chooses! It's the love making in the moonlight on a bed covered by thousands of rose petals which does. As a non-dyke/lesbian, I don't necessarily have anything against wifebeaters (though they personally aren't my choice of clothing item) and so these pics don't scream DYKE to me... bit butch, yes, but HELLA BUTCH, no. Does anyone know if Emma Burgess is a lesbian? The pic is of Jorja and Lelah talking with Pink's hubby while they are each holding a glass of wine. Lelah is 31. Does anyone know how long they are together? The pics of her getting her ciggie lit by the homeless looking beach bums are the most dykey thing I've seen in a while. So, who wouldn't? Lelah probably set her page to private after getting friend requests from a bunch of CSI fans who had to go and ruin the fun for the rest of us! Please, weirdo posing as desertwind, stop it. (rolls eyes). I haven't seen a picture that would suggest they hold hands. Link to Jordan Cappella's (LA Gay, I presume from earlier in this thread) fioreculture blog with logo photo taken by Lelah, and what appears to be a recent photo of the two of them. If the answer is (apparently) Lelah Foster, then why didn't you "insiders" post that months ago? Her birthday is this Sunday. They sure are good friends. And even though the fangirls are crazeeee, they are aware that Petersen is a married and has been with the same woman for 15 years. All movies with the theme Kidnapping Film / Disappearance. The belly is there on the 2 picture, but yes there is a lot of photoshop involved, as it is always in these magazines. The infamous la dyke who claimed to be an insider on the CSI set and LA lesbian scene said they are like sisters, but aren't dating? Too true, r598! Lelah has not to my knowledge ever sung professionally before. 3 more days til the CSI season premiere. R41/45/49 appears to be lost. Plus, all she hangs out with gay people all the time, that's not what ashamed closet cases do, or is it? For CSI gossip. She turns 32. But pretty, yes. I get what you're saying r108, but I have to disagree. Look very closely at Lelah's right hand and Jorja's left. Damn right. Should someone ever see that "intimate moment" I sure hope they take a picture to show to those homophobic, oblivious fangirls. If you go to they have a little clip about the show, and it shows the singers doing their bit, and when lelah stands to the side, wow...she looks pregnant!!! She can't find a gf because she's ugly and doesn't have the $$$. Well looks take a backseat when the not so great looking one has money, fame and [more] power. r295, I don't think so, most of the fangirls would just cry themselves to sleep and tear all their Jorja pictures off their walls. You Jorga stalkers have crossed the line. Well after googling photos of Kasi Brown, I think it safe to say Jorja had a type; women with light colored eyes. Oh and Lelah is kinda fugly to be honest. On the other hand, Jorja has many close pals who are lesbians in the entertainment industry. Who knows? I fucking love Jorja Fox. Such a shame I liked those two together, and lelah is beautiful. By the way in Billy Masters' column he states that he went to see Stay Forever and that Jorja told him she is not returning to CSI this season. You know what? Gross! Does anyone know if Lelah Foster is Jorja's girlfriend, or just a friend? The fact that she's such a closet case really pisses me off though. She'd fit in well with my friends, that's for sure. r240 sounds bitter and jealous to not have such an artistic and supportive partner. They're entitled to their fantasies cos that's all they'll ever be - wasted fantasies. I, too, am sick of the 'it's none of our business' type posts. I wish they would come up with something original -- that shtick has been done before. I assumed that when Jorja mentioned thinking about having a child before she got too old that she meant before she gets too old to carry a child. In the past few months there have been more paparazzi shots of Jorja than during the rest of her career combined. to find some other site Jorja Fox is arguably the ugliest actress to ever "grace" the screen and from the pics I've seen Lelah isn't a whole lot more attractive. You can, like the other poster said, see the difference in their skin tones. If Jorja and Sami never lived together then who was the woman that Jorja kicked out when Lelah moved in? Great guess work r18! People say Jorja is greedy but the real money whore is William Petersen. Leslie Brockett is just a friend of Jorja's and she's married. Enjoy!! You do realize some people don't photograph well, right? It's not very often you hear of an actor turn health professional. They said that when someone brought up William Petersen, Jorja said, "Oh, you mean my fiance?" We saw Jorja Fox (again) at Brite Spot! You so know it's straight people saying that shit because they think it's the pc thing to say. Please don't be upset that you will never have the chance to suck off the cast of CSI, or anyone for that matter. Lelah isn't Jorja's stunt double, but is/was her stand-in. I'd bet anything the only work she'll ever get again is a role on the L-Word or Go Fish Part Deux. Moreover, a majority of fangirls support their silly GSR ship and tend to confuse Jorja with the character she portrays. On the show, on certain episodes at certain points, I think she's pretty. She plays the promiscuous dyke. But swoon-worthy? learn to speak English please. The girlfriend could have been Sami Reed and the stunt double could have been Lelah. Kasi Brown is an actress/writer/director from Lawrence, Kansas known for directing and starring in the indie hit, Gone Doggy Gone, which won 12 awards at 18 festivals in 2014. The way the guy's hand is lying on Lelah's stomach could indicate a baby bump. Nowadays it's hard to tell if some posters that post in English have such poor grammatical and spelling skills because they aren't writing in their native language, or because they are generally ignorant enough not to know what they are doing. I still can't believe this "woman" is playing a romantic heterosexual lead on one of the most popular shows on the tube. I find Jorja very beautiful and enjoy very much her acting. "femme on the scene", it is obvious to me by your writing style and lack of proper grammar and punctuation that you are one of the fangirls who has previously posted to this thread.


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