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17. The Alpine Goat is a variety of domestic goat that is a native to French Alps, and is recognized for its extremely good milking skill. We’ve had to learn how to get really good at goat proofing and building super strong fences. They are a medium to large size breed, weighing around 135 lbs for does and 170 lbs for bucks. [4] Cooling is required immediately of the milk so that there is no excess bacteria growth. These goats are said to be graceful and alert. Kalahari Red Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Spanish Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, and Care, Cashmere Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Nubian Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Boer Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Golden Guernsey Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Black Bengal Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Kiko Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, American Lamancha Goats: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Angora Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Growing Anise: The Beginner’s Guide to Planting and Caring for Anise, Growing Persimmons: The Complete Guide to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Persimmon. Disclosure: Boots & Hooves Homestead may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page. Here’s just a few reasons why we love Alpine goats and why you need some of your own! This type of injury would have led to her death without the intervention of humans. Crazy Goat Facts 16-20. Just remember to use a smaller breed buck so it doesn’t create stress or difficulties for the doe. Alpine goats can be found in numerous colours and combinations of colours and are well known for their hollow horns. American Cashmere Goat Association (ACGA), Graceful French goats that produce a lot of fine quality milk for a better cow’s milk alternative, American Alpine, French Alpine or Alpine polychrome. . Alpine is very friendly and sociable. Take for instance, this wild and crazy gal, Holly (pictured below). Alpine goats originated from the French Alps. You should note that these goats do well on a farm that has several breeds of livestock. The name indicates that they have multiple colors. They have horns, a straight profile and erect ears. Their meat has more of a gamey taste to it and the goat will need to … Some can provide up to a gallon of fresh milk each day. A doe or buck must have parents that were both registered French Alpines to be considered a French Alpine. This type of alpine breed developed as a result of crossbreeding between French alpines and American alpines. She is the only imported coublanc doe of record. The Alpine ibex (Capra ibex), also known as the steinbock, bouquetin, or simply ibex, is a species of wild goat that lives in the mountains of the European Alps.It is a sexually dimorphic species with larger males that carry larger, curved horns. Horns of female ibexes are a little shorter, subtler and more curved, serving as a mean of self-defense against predators. There are many colors that are recognized in America but the ADGA does not really recognize the pure white and the Toggenburg patterned variety as a standard in the USA. They are a great option for crossbreeding. But they protrude to the back of her head and then slightly outward. Using a dwarf breed and an Alpine will give you a mini Alpine, which we often do. Always provide access to their pens, barns, or whatever shelter you have set up for them. requirements for registration apply whether a goat is French or American. They have no set colours or markings (although certain markings are discriminated against). However, doe kids should not be bred until they are at least 75-80 lbs. Alpine Goat Farming. Excellent, The milk is known to be the most nutritious of all the dairy goat’s milk. She is stubborn and incredibly clumsy. #5 They are incredibly lovable. Supervised children are fine around these goats. They are a great option for crossbreeding. Alpine Goat Farming Tips:- The following tips are for Alpine goat farmers who just want to start a goat farm in small scale or large scale. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. They are great milk and meat producers. They are a medium to large size breed, weighing around 135 lbs for does and 170 lbs for bucks. Although they have long horns so be wary and vigilant with them around children. The goats occur in multiple colors and they have erect ears. Well, Alpine goat is friendlier than any other goat breed in the world. The goats look like Togg but they are generally black and white in color. Many research and technology advancement has resulted in many grades of the goat. [7] A higher protein count is not always good, since it packs more calories with an increased fat content. [4] The optimal weight at which a goat produces optimal milk production is at least 130 pounds. The Alpine is a medium to large sized breed of domestic goat known for its very good milking ability. They are suitable for commercial dairy farming business and also for a backyard farm. The Alpine goat is a domesticated goat meaning you will only find it on farms, in zoos, or as a pet. The Alpine goat is one of the most popular dairy goats for both farmers, homesteaders and commercial producers. The goats are medium to large-sized animals. The goats have horns regardless of the sex but the male goats have beards. "Agricultural Alternatives: Dairy Goat Production", "Comparative Protein Composition Analysis of Goat Milk Produced by the Alpine and Saanen Breeds in Northeastern Brazil and Related Antibacterial Activities", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Alpine_goat&oldid=915156495, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Alpine polychrome, American Alpine, French Alpine, This page was last edited on 11 September 2019, at 15:12. The following are some special care and management of alpines in the farm: Here are some of the terms used to describe the alpine colors: I have kept alpines on my farm for over some decades now and I can testify that they are the best breed of goats to add on your farm. Don’t let this deter you though. They are also very friendly both to the owner and other flocks in the yard. This is the reason behind the scarce information about the goats. Many alpine varieties are kept for commercial dairy purposes since they tend to produce a lot of milk despite feeding their young ones. Although they can be used for meat, they are not really bred for this. They have no set colours or markings (although certain markings are discriminated against). Cou Blanc – The neck is white together with the front quarters and the hindquarters have black or gray markings. (contact us)     Rock Alpines wer… You cannot easily tame them with great goat proofing and a strong fence. They can have up to 5 kids (quintuplets). The Alpine goat originates from the Pashang breed (also known as the Bezoar) which came from the Middle East. They have strong genes that enable them to tolerate various types of weather. Chamoisee – Brown or bay colors popular in male goats, Two-tone Chamoisee – Hindquarters are brown or grey while the front quarters are light, Sundgau – Skin coat that has black and white markings, Cou Clair – The neck is clear while the hindquarters are gray and those of front are tan or saffron. Their facial features are also a lot daintier with their Roman type snouts not being as pronounced as the males. Males are over 81 cm (32 in) tall at the withers and females are over 76 cm (30 in) tall at the withers. The goats are medium to large in size. The Alpine is a medium to large sized breed of domestic goat known for its very good milking ability. Alpines are awesome goat breeders and the female knows how to take care of their young ones perfectly. The does are highly prized for their milk production. The breed of goats has strong genes and they have the ability to withstand both hot and cold weather climate. They are some of the sweetest, craziest, and most entertaining. The does can produce up to 4-5 liters of highly nutritious milk per day. This can vary from each specific goat, but ours have always done pretty well. The adapt and can endure moth climates without much fuss, They are very hardy with no known health issues, Yes, but for the new goat owner with a good-sized land with lots of fresh grazing pastures. The breed of goat is popularly termed as the best domestic dairy goat breed and it is known to have originated from French Alps. You can even decide to start goat farming for commercial purposes. [6], Known for its milk, the Alpine goat is famous for its rich dairy production. (print help)     Home » Alpine Goats (all about this dairy breed). Twins are the most common, but they can have singles, all the way up to quintuplets . 1-5 Goat Facts 1. They are a great option for crossbreeding. American Alpines also tend to be larger than French Alpines. The breed originated in the French Alps. [2] It is higher in sugars than cows' milk but balances itself in terms of the amount of protein. Archaeologists discovered the bones of a Pashang goat that died around 12,000 – 15,000 years ago. Here are some of the typical subgroups of an alpine breed of goats: These are the purebreds of the alpines and they are said to have originated from France. They are distinct from the other two due to their low value of fat content. Dairy goats must be housed in specific conditions so that their milk production is not alarmed by changes. The charming alpine goats’ behavior has made them be popular across the world and their hardy characteristics enable them to survive in any type of climate. Should prepare a proper goat farming business plan before implementing goat farming business. The crossbreeding resulted in rock alpine which is a prolific milk producer for both domestic and commercial use. If you spend time with them while they are young, they are very loving and crave attention. These goats are typical of the largest breeds in America and a lot of American farmers love them for commercial goat farming as well as a homestead. French Alpines are purebred Alpines. Your email address will not be published. The temperature at which milk will remain the best is at 4.4 °C (39.9 °F). This milk can be made into butter, cheese, ice cream, and even soap! (privacy policy), Copyright © 1998-2020 DLTK's Inc. - All Rights Reserved. Many American farmers keep the breed of goat for shows and milk production. They also like things to climb on and over so it is nice to have something in the form of old car tires, an old table, etc. The four factors for optimal production are: adequate ventilation, dry beds, uncontaminated feeder and water supply, minimal labor and disturbance.[4]. These goats are super intelligent as compared to other breeds. Both French and American Alpines can be registered (the difference will be designated on their papers) and both varieties may enter the show ring. The Alpine Goat breeds are average to big size animals and appear without the set markings. Their coat colour is typically brownish grey. And they are awesome cross breeders. The female goats are also great milk producers for family consumption and also commercial purposes. The breed of goat is popularly termed as the best domestic dairy goat breed and it is known to have originated from French Alps. Meaning, they thrive best if they have a pal or several to hang out with. They are a medium to large size breed, weighing around 135 lbs for does and 170 lbs for bucks.


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