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Greycroft is a venture capital firm. The NRA uses this skewed and deceptive “win rate” number in order to instill fear in lawmakers. “Is the National Rifle Association Overrated?” Washington Post. Web. The NRA has taken — and is accorded — a significant amount of credit for Toomey’s win, however, there is no true indication that the group was, in fact, responsible for the Republican’s victory. [4], Lerer has taught at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, the University of Pennsylvania, and New York University, where he lectured on the media and American corporations. 17 May 2013. [111] Brumfield, Sarah. Again, independent of this particular incident, Lee’s general assumptions about survivors do not bode well for his ability to fairly address sexual harassment cases. “It seems the NRA has the stamina to outrun the pro-gun control movement. However, while the NRA’s candidate, Courtney Rogers, did defeat her Democratic challenger in the general election, the NRA’s intervention provoked the ire of the local pro-gun community, many of whom belonged to the NRA. Bluefin Labs is a Cambridge, MA-based social TV analytics company that uses publicly available social media commentary from Twitter, Facebook and blogs to measure viewer engagement with television shows and ads at scale – historically a costly and complex problem for TV and marketing industries to solve. reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder. In addition to the NRA’s relatively low level of effectiveness in the 2010 and 2012 election cycles and the minimal impact of NRA direct contributions, it has been found that, the much coveted NRA endorsement, is, in most cases, meaningless in terms of electoral success.[88]. [140]. Kenneth Lerer is an American businessman and media executive. [9] Young, Lindsay. The group spent $216,921[38] opposing Lugar, who lost to Richard Mourdock in the Republican Primary — a victory for the NRA. Web. Web. Furthermore, 91% of all respondents, 89% of gun owners, and 91% of NRA members agreed with the following statement: Background checks are a responsibility that come with our Second Amendment right to bear arms. N.p., n.d. Between 2004 and 2010 only 4 NRA-endorsed candidates (out of 1,038) received bumps in the polls that could both be attributed to the endorsement, and caused them to win their election.[165]. 18 Apr. [79] Data analysis performed by Douglas E. Schoen, LLC, data from “National Rifle Assn: Outside Spending Summary 2012.” OpenSecrets: Center for Responsible Politics. [130] Waldman, Paul. This web site is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or It has been described as mostly liberal-leaning. While the NRA has long repeated that “people, not guns, are the problem,” background checks protect Americans and American families against the people that commit senseless acts of violence-criminals and the mentally ill — background checks, by nature, go after the people who are predisposed towards violence, not guns. As can be seen below, the NRA ranked 24th out of 29 of the top independent spending groups as identified by the Sunlight Foundation, in terms of both return on investment, and the amount of money successfully spent on candidates ($1,474,493). Data collected and analyzed by The American Prospect’s Paul Waldman shows that NRA endorsements do not have the positive power that many believe they possess, and that they have no appreciable impact on the final outcome on nearly every race. Sometimes Kenneth goes by various nicknames including Kenneth Ler and Kenneth B Lerer. The NRA would still have a win-rate of just 23.08% and an ROI of 11.16% on elections in which they spent over $100,000 if they had spent nothing on the presidential election.[45]. For instance, at first glance, the NRA appears to have had a successful election cycle in 2012. Web. [78] Furthermore, when you look at the candidates on whom they spent less than $100,000 (a full 123 of 138 candidates in 2012, and also where the NRA picked up 69 out of 72 of their victories that year), the average expenditure plummets to just $12,470. N.p., 22 Feb. 2012. 2013. Despite their objection and numerous undisclosed, controversial writings, the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to hold Lee’s rescheduled hearing on March 13. Furthermore, the NRA’s ineffectiveness in influencing electoral outcomes, even when they make large financial commitments, is thrown into even sharper relief when you consider that in 2012 the NRA spent $18,212,519 — or 92.23% — of their total spending on just 15 candidates (out of the 138 elections they participated in on any level), and had a Return on Investment of just 3.73% with regard to these 15 expenditures. Jacobson concludes in his 1996 paper that while the vote on the assault weapon ban did matter, the votes on tax increases and on health care were more important. The site covers general interest topics including politics, culture, entertainment, and viral news content. Mourdock’s unelectability in a general election became fully clear when he made his infamous comments on rape, saying that “when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”[107] The comment sent his disapproval rating soaring, from an evenly split 38% approval and 38% disapproval, to 36.7% approval and 51.3% disapproval by election day.[108]. The NRA also made major financial commitments in the races that put now-Senator Roy Blunt (R) in office in Missouri and now-Senator Ron Johnson (R) in office in Wisconsin, however, again, the group was not the largest spender in either race. 2013. While the NRA did receive its desired electoral outcome 52% of the time in 2012, further analysis shows that this number does not accurately reflect the impact that the group had on these races, and is, in fact, an extremely deceptive number. 6 May 2013. Lugar got his ‘F’ rating from the NRA the old fashioned way, he earned it.”. The Washington Post, 26 July 2012. “The Myth Of NRA Dominance Part III: Two Elections The NRA Did Not Win.” ThinkProgress. 6 May 2013. [100] “Project Vote Smart.” National Rifle Association Rating, Web. Along with being the chairman of … [37] Jeff Flake: Summary of Cycle Fundraising. Web. When Tennessee State Representative Debra Maggart made the decision to block the “Safe Commute Act” — a bill would have allowed Tennessee residents to keep a firearm in their car at all times, something that Maggart believed would infringe on the rights of schools and business owners to keep guns off of their personal property. 18 Apr. Kenneth Lerer is a Managing Partner at Lerer Hippeau. [http://www.businessinsider.com/gun-industry-funds-nra-2013-1]. Furthermore, the 2010 midterm elections were not only relatively good for the NRA, with respect to the election of candidates who were receptive to NRA positions and views, they were good for Republicans in general — the party picked up 63 seats in Congress — suggesting that what seems like an NRA success is, in fact, simply the result of a larger shift in political tides and strong anti-Obama sentiment. Other notable sources include Gary C. Jacobson’s 1996 study of the NRA’s role in the 1994 midterms — “The 1994 House Elections in Perspective” — for Political Science Quarterly , as well as a range of sources pertaining to the 2000 Presidential election, including the author’s first-hand experience in that campaign cycle. Thus, NRA funding — or a lack thereof — hardly dictated who won and who lost in 2010.[7]. Jerusalem. N.p., Sept.-Oct. 2010. [97]. It is easy to believe that the NRA has infinitely deep pockets, and the ability to spend large amounts either funding or opposing candidates according to their positions on guns. Other manufacturers directly support the NRA in similar ways — such as donating 1 dollar of every firearm purchase to the group — as well. As a defense attorney, Lee is expected to argue positions that would impede class actions against his clients. The chart below illustrates the NRA’s success rate with regard to the 20 candidates at whom the full force of NRA spending was applied (over $100,000 was dispensed) in 2010. In October 2019, Group Nine Media acquired PopSugar. And yet the NRA opposes these types of measures. [33] Data analysis performed by Douglas E. Schoen, LLC, data from “National Rifle Assn: Outside Spending Summary 2012.” OpenSecrets: Center for Responsible Politics. [60] “Pat Toomey: Elections — Amount Raised 2010.” OpenSecrets: Center for Responsible Politics. Nurture your network and further your business goals with smart intelligence on the people and companies that matter most to you. The group spent more than $100,000 on 20 different races (and also an additional $378,022 in opposition to Barack Obama in an off election year — this was not factored into any calculations since success or failure could not be determined), for a total of $12,410,823 [86.76% of all money spent in 2010]. Kenneth B. Lerer is Executive Chairman at BuzzFeed, Inc. View Kenneth B. Lerer’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers. [98] Waldman, Paul. “On Meet The Press, Ken Buck Compares Being Gay To Alcoholism (VIDEO).” TPM News Combined.


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