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Alternatively rub the sting with some fresh lemon or raw potato. This will help neutralize the poison (venom). Sources If the sting area is large (e.g. Soaking aged tea in a bath with some salts lessens pain. - Apply ice to the sting for 20 minutes to reduce swelling. Products are available over-the-counter that contain a mixture of anti-infective agents. The leaves are very large, oval, have rounded tips, and have a wavy look to the edges. Call 911 if someone suddenly displays these symptoms: If you've been stung and the sting has been left in your skin, you should remove it … Clean and treat the area promptly. Return to homepage: Womens Health Advice. Also keep nails short. Available products include agents such as cetirizine, or Zyrtec®, loratadine, or Claritin®, and diphenhydramine, or Benadryl®. You can apply vinegar to the affected areas by dabbing it on with a clean cloth. WOMENS HEALTH ADVICE: ABOUT MINOR HEALTH ISSUES Be careful about picking up dead leaves or fruit or working in the garden late in the year. By avoiding any rubbing or touching at first, the chemicals are not pushed further into the skin, which can cause the painful reaction to last longer, possibly even days. Alternatively rub the sting with some fresh lemon or raw potato. Do not re-enter the water. Cover the ice with a thin cloth so you don't damage your skin. Box jellyfish have been known to extend as far south as Exmouth on the west coast of Australia. Vinegar Apply a few drops of vinegar or apple cider vinegar directly to the bite. Severe box jellyfish stings will have a "ladder-like" appearance, and will "frost" the skin. If one remedy does not help, then try another. Wasps like sweet foods (cakes, honey, jam/jelly), so avoid eating these outside. A box jellyfish sting will cause immediate severe pain, often likened to an iron or hot oil burns. Vinegar Call 911 or go to the emergency department right away if you see one of the following symptoms of an allergic reaction: Difficulty breathing, wheezing, or feeling like your throat is tightening. 2. and how is hands only CPR performed? Seek medical help if the areas look infected. They are typically large, with substantial bodies and numerous tentacles on each corner. 1. Avoid hot temperatures. Copyright. If you are not near soap or water, use a clean cloth to gently remove dirt and plant debris from the area until it can be more thoroughly cleaned. The coolness of the product will have a soothing effect, and the active properties of the cream or ointment can help prevent infection. Irukandji jellyfish: Irukandji are a group of small jellyfish whose stings can cause serious illness in healthy humans. Contact your doctor if your symptoms are severe, widespread, and if they change or worsen. However, vinegar should NOT be applied to a bluebottle sting, as it can actually stimulate the discharge and cause further pain. In many cases, once the area is washed, the pain either goes away completely, or is greatly reduced. Apply the juice from an actual aloe vera plant leaf, or use a manufactured product with high concentrations of aloe vera. Use a clean cloth. A rash that includes redness, itching, and inflammation may persist since the skin has been injured from the direct contact from the stinging nettle plant. Irukandjis are rare, but their stings can be life-threatening. While caution is necessary, there have only ever been three recorded deaths from Irukandji stings and if prompt medical treatment is received, a full recovery usually occurs within 24 - 48 hours. Do not re-enter the water. definitely vinegar it is great stings a little but soon takes symptoms away i used it on ant bites and was like wow it works x. The bluebottle is generally found in southern waters of eastern Australia. 1 decade ago. The vinegar works by inhibiting the stinging cell discharge. Their stings start out as a mild sting however after 20 to 30 minutes, the sting can escalate into the potentially fatal irukandji syndrome, which includes high blood pressure, vomiting, body spasms and profuse sweating. Using aloe vera can help to manage the red and inflamed areas, and reduce the burning sensation. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times, such as to treat arthritis and back pain. Most wasps and hornets however don't usually leave their sting in you, so if you have been stung walk away from the area because they could sting you again. *The suggested science behind use of vinegar is that the sting is alkaline and that vinegar as a mild, and readily available, acid may reduce pain by neutralizing the pH. An old wives tales says you should press a penny coin on top of a sting and keep it in place for 10 to 15 minutes until the pain is gone. Here are 6 evidence-based benefits of stinging nettle. My hand is stinging … Removing a sting. Use cold water in your paste. To vinegar or not to vinegar? Yet, this has been common practice in treating a sting from a nettle plant for centuries. If you are prone to anaphylactic shock you need to carry adrenaline injections. Use aloe vera. Wasps can crawl into drink cans, and it is not unusual for people to be stung on their lips, cheeks or tongue. Immediate medical attention is warranted. How to treat someone in shock: From allergic reactions. They are generally found in the northern waters of Australia, however they have been found as far south as Fraser Island in Australia. Try not to scratch the area, as this can cause the irritation to get worse. 3. How to treat a sprain: Arm sprains and ankles, first aid. The duration of the symptoms varies from person to person, and varies depending on the initial measures taken to clean the area as just described. Apply any treatments gently to the area by using a dabbing motion to prevent further irritation. Wasps get very bad tempered and sluggish by fall and sting with very little provocation. The chemical content found in the juice from the leaves and stem of a jewelweed plant is reportedly effective at counteracting the sting from a stinging nettle. Over-the-counter oral antihistamines might also help to counteract the reaction that is occurring in your body. Topical creams, ointments, or lotions, containing hydrocortisone can help to reduce the redness and stop the itching. Pour fresh water over the area without touching. 3. google_ad_slot = "2084773896"; A dock weed plant commonly grows in the same general areas as the stinging nettle plant. Your doctor may prescribe a topical antibiotic cream or ointment, or may want you take a course of oral antibiotics. • Fast heartbeat This will help neutralize the poison (venom). google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5358720861884193"; If you get stung, go right onto the river and apply the mud or the dirt from the river bottom and rub it into the affected area two or three times if necessary. You should probably see your doctor straight away because if severe swelling occurs it could restrict your breathing. The stinging nettle is a plant found practically all over the world. The chemical irritants from the plant can dry on the surface of the skin, then they can be removed by soap and water. Contact your pediatrician if a young child is exposed. Itchiness Call your doctor if your symptoms are severe. Take a B-complex vitamin. The plant grows in height from 20 inches to about 50 inches, and the leaves grow to be about 16 inches long. Apart from the soreness a wasp sting causes, occasionally in some people it causes a severe allergic reaction such as anaphylactic shock. Apply vinegar immediately and seek medical attention urgently. 5. In tropical Australia, if you cannot identify the jellyfish as a harmless jellyfish or bluebottle, treat with vinegar and call for medical help. Don’t overlook the valuable help your healthcare professionals can provide, especially if children are involved. The plant is considered an herbaceous perennial, meaning that it has herbal properties and grows back in the same areas year after year. Sometimes more than one injection is necessary. Get your mag delivered!-Save 29% off the cover price! Usually nettles are along rivers or moist areas. Locate either plant, and crush a few leaves to release their juices. The rash looks similar to hives, with raised areas of whitish blisters.


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