lethal lava land
Compare 晚枫歌‘s addon with Redboy’s before saying anything. you can download 晚枫歌‘s addon to compare, Yes the addon looks simular but it dosent mean that he steal all on pc mod of wither storm and your addon and redboy addon is has simular abilities The pc mod of wither storm enspire you two to make wither storm addon Your addon is so simular Redboy has a music and different model theres a differens between you and Redboy addon Redboy is not a theaf. Is it MediaFire.com?Jed. I want you to know the fact and the fact is redboy is a thief. You can defeat him in any stage, only the weak point is the command block. Because red boy just still this add-on and make some improvement to wither storm Redboy is such a f***er, Legit dragon sad for you just ask all of your supporter to report him sorry for bad English, The funny part about this is he talks about redboy more than the addon.. your not really saying anything ur having ur computar post it for u and its saying the same thing over and over again. He steal a lot of ideas from Chinese addon maker, oh sorry i am wrong Second he didn’t steal models. I was defending that thief.. but now.. i change my mind… I’ll go to your side. It worked on mine! I have to say that H2Vwither123 can only get LESS money if he uses adfly Add Formidi bomb and amulet! 晚枫歌 made titan zombie addon. 8. Same here… Gets to the full version, rain starts and it explodes. There is no need for me to submit Chinese addons for you. but it literally does nothing. Because “his” sans addon is made by H2Vwither123. He just translated it to English and don’t mark the original creator. But redboygamer steal his ideas http://www.mediafire.com/file/1j84pjowotadwx0/%25E5%2587%258B%25E7%2581%25B5%25E9%25A3%258E%25E6%259A%25B4%2528%25E6%2594%25AF%25E6%258C%2581%25E6%259C%2580%25E6%2596%25B0%25E7%2589%2588%25E6%259C%25AC%252CNull%25E6%2594%25B9%25E7%2589%2588%2529.mcaddon/file This addon is awesome, but I have one suggestion, can you make a black hole? . emmm…I am not the creator but thank you! REDBOYGAMER IS A THIEF!YOU SHOULD KONW THE FACT!HE STEAL 晚枫歌’S IDEA! If you have the amulet, make the wither storm follow you anywhere you go except the end and neather, The chineese titan addon is not working so i like redboys titan addon better. If redboy is honest enough inspite of his talent of making refined add-ons, he should always consider the ethics of originality and plagiarism, I can’t get the severed wither storms aka stage 6. what he did right is inproved it what he did wrong was he did not ask permission he claimed that he made it and it was his but really it was somebodys else addon if you wanna create a remake do not claim its yours so you can get all the credit. yey!!!! https://www.mediafire.com/file/c3owlnzfkptht04/%u539F_SansV2B7_Pro_%u6709%u58F0.zip/file I say he is a thief. Not everyone has good English, some people are born in Spain, Germany, China, Japan, and Russia. Cheers! Even though this is my first comment (ever, here lol) I can tell by the comments that he is a son of a bit-, oh. I am also a Chinese, and I also know the developer of the Titan module. That would be awesome if you could. You know mate one thing I don’t understand is why are you complaining about someone that worked hard on an addon bashing on another person for literally stealing it and claiming they don’t work on it? None of us care about trying to stop you. I downloaded the mod and it really impressed me and I love your addon and it’s super awesome you see I’m olny 9 and I knew of wither storm when I was 4 so yeah it’s super cool. 晚枫歌 is a Chinese addon maker too. how-to-summon-the-witherstorm-in-vanilla-mc-command-creation. Redboygamers is better, THIS PERSON IS A THEIF, SHUT UP, t is not bad but I want to see if you are creating the orespawn addon is that I want it and as redboy I was going to upload a video about the addon and it is not going to make the addon hera of you but please can you create the orespawn addon, No Also this is a great add-on and I hope people don’t “milk” you’re adding… it is annoying! Yes, the Wither Storm starts like a normal wither but with a command block. it seems redboy was inspierd maby stole some code then made the rest them self. Game Hello, I’m the author,I didn’t find it in time because of this bug.I’ll fix it next time. It is your pet, because of the command block. Yey!!! Is it going to have the wither storm if you make the addon. Then this mod is special for you. Maybe I’ll make the two storms fight he’d-on! Please. Get rid of the lightnings, they can kill any entity in the overworld and other dimensions too even if you are thousands of blocks away from the wither storm. I can remove the thunderstorm.. but cant add the severed wither storm cuz idk how can i create the model of severed wither storm. Because ultra drowned is chargeable in MC Chinese Edition. He’s making it to the REAL WITHER STORM as POSSIBLE! The original creators are also working to fix the bugs I say he stole ultra drowned. . RedBoy offered the Ultra Drowned for free WITHOUT the creator’s consent. I will deliver sans addon in few days. And also, can you add super tnt and a formidi-bomb as well. Jed is back and last thing is the wither need a special drop known as the wither storm nether star. You can also see this video. Pls I can,t Download This addon and my iPad is 13.5.1 pls make it for 13.5.1, RedBoyGamer is a bad thief I like ur addon better. Plese make it be in every device! We will try to fix it. I get it now sounds cool I will stay tuned for it I wanna say good luck on your engender mod, WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING IN A WEBSITE THIS WEBSITE IS USE DOWNLOAD FILES FOR MCPE. (w/ saddle!) I don’t mind about you addon, but you’re saying negative things about RedBoy. I like this add-on. Use/summon titan:zombie Most of Chinese player spent 30 yuan on it. the tractor beam laser on stage 5 doesn’t deal damage. Bugs has fixed and we improve the model!


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