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The first floor contains several ordinary Trainers, while the basement floor contains members of Team Rocket who are trying to steal Fossils from Mt. To access Mt. Moon E2, Mt. There's an Escape Orb at the floor's entrance in case you do not have Rock Smash. Mt. Anime) The Caves of Moon-viewing Mountain. Moon. After Floor 10, there is a section which requires Rock Smash to get through. The one left and up from where you spawn in brings you on the alternate route; it ends at Floor 40, (you start at 21) and has different scenery and a different mix of the same Pokémon you'll see in the normal route. Exit Mt Moon and head east to Cerulean City. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mt. Pokémon with Perish Song spawn on the later floors of both paths. Moon by paying the NPCs near the entrances 2,500 to get them to the opposite exit's Pokémon Center; if coming from the East Side of the cave, players will be teleported to the front of the West sides Pokémon Center, while if coming from the West side of the cave, players will be teleported to Cerulean City's Pokémon Center. A Shed Shell, genderless Pokémon, or Oblivious Pokémon may prove useful. A second Escape Orb, two apples and two Leppa Berries are additionally hidden in parts of this floor. Lying in the middle of Route 4 in Kanto, Mt. Mt. It can be obtained by killing pokemon inside the particular area. Moon, Kanto (location) This is the Pokémon Location guide for Mt. Moon and the whole structure spans across 3 floors. Mt. There is a Lunar Key hidden in the bottom-left corner that you need to get to open the locked doors and progress onto Floor 11 and will automatically disappear from the bag then. Moon you must have Rock Smash unless its been completed before, in which you can use the unblocked shortcut to the entrance. To access Mt. After Floor 20, there will be a room that endlessly loops with many stairs. Mt. The exclusive recruitable Pokémon Kecleon, Purple Kecleon, and Beldum are found here. All, or its Heart Slate, which allows it to be summoned if the Heart Slate is combined with a Mystery Part. Note that their staircase does not have a "Do you want to continue?" Once you beat them, you will be brought back to the Floor 20 interlude. The final boss of Mt. As an easter egg, you can use Rock Smash on either of the locked doors and have the message "Soon!" The alternate route of this dungeon includes no bosses and has 40 Floors. Misty’s gym is located in Cerulean City. Moon Main 2. The lowest right staircase will take you to a room with many Clefairy and two Clefable. It was removed for being too strong. Moon to market them for money. Players may choose to bypass Mt. Moon is a mountain located in North Kanto. Moon has a very long and complex structure. This page has been accessed 61,518 times. In the normal path, Secret Rooms can appear starting from Floor 41. This page was last modified on 20 July 2020, at 19:40.


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