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Keep up the good job! A brillant career is ahead of her and it is very much deserved. @benny I mean, i know she's pissed but at least let ji an explain. Love this show~!! Ending of of 43 is so sad yet soooo sweet, peace79 Feb 02 2018 1:15 am I am getting sick of seeing this "emo zombie" Ji An. after rewatching this from the start, i realized something about ji soo's character... it's not that she's selfish or childish by acting up or having a tantrum. It's getting more interesting.. No, it leaves a feel-good mood, because every character tries to make the best in the situation he/she is in. DinDA Sep 08 2017 1:52 am Remember the decide to go the Mr Choi and Ms No's house after being terribilty humiliated by an ugly "new rich" woman and her daughter in the parking of the shopping mall were she was doing a part-time job. Why can he take his car? You see it often in situations where the parents are no longer able to handle things due to health problems, etc and one child steps up to handle it all. Jian worked her butt off for YEARS doing everything she could to keep the family afloat and even went so far as to help her siblings get their education, etc.while Jisoo just took and never gave anything back and just did what she felt like doing-including getting an allowance from her sister who was the same age! Her mom is also greedy, tried to prevent Jisoo meet with Jian because she got a big share of restaurant and money. So far the only kdrama I'm agonizing to wait every weekends. i just love her soo much :). No helping no hurting of them. She acted without hearing her own sister out. I do feel for Ji An but Ji Su was wronged by her. Use the HTML below. I'm so sick of it. And the last photo above kind of fool us hahaha. and am now only 23's working as normal staff in the company. Yo Ah Sep 16 2017 3:32 am Grandpa can have a heart attack. ji soo's way of showing her love for ji an with the cake she made.. I'm dying waiting for the next episode. I can't stand her. I'm enjoying so much when saw him on screen. casihoo Sep 11 2017 11:33 am why do i feel like Haesung family was involved with the death of real Seo Ji Soo..maybe the evil people actually wanted to har Eun Sook but they were mistakenly killed the real Seo Ji Soo since they got similar face while they were matter what happen..i ship jian and hyuk..i feel bad for hyuk..he deserve to be together with jian..he got a sincere love for her..and one more thing..why only the father worried about jian and the mother do not..she should have worried if she had the motherhood feeling.. nia Nov 20 2017 4:11 am I don't see how it could not be rushed with them adding 2 episodes.. Thanks. What drives me nuts are the endings that focus on work. Most of all, the love of DK to JA is very sweet, adant. I don't think I'll miss much. JiAn's breakdown is ridiculous. But cultural reason have people in perpetual adolescence until their parents are dead. It pissed me off!!! Female lead is great actress (in my opinion). I did not like it but then I think the writer would like us to have a thought to different kind of reaction when human is desperate or in difficulties. I love PSH back to dramaland again.Oppa, please ignore the malicious comments from the haters. Live On (jTBC), Birthcare Center (tvN) Now she is getting afraid, of what will happen to her family. JavaScriptが無効の為、一部のコンテンツをご利用いただけません。JavaScriptの設定を有効にしてからご利用いただきますようお願いいたします。(設定方法), ヘソンアパレルの契約社員ソ・ジアン(シン・ヘソン)は、正社員を目指して必死に働いている。ある日、仕事で運転中に追突事故を起こし、多額の修理費を払うはめに。相手はヘソングループの後継者チェ・ドギョン(パク・シフ)だった。, 同じ頃、25年前に行方不明になったヘソングループの娘ウンソクが、実は自分だと母から知らされるジアン。突然のことに戸惑うが、正社員の夢破れ、ドギョンからは修理費を要求されて、財閥の娘として生きようと決心。, パン屋で働く双子の妹ジス(ソ・ウンス)はショックを受けて、そんな姉を非難する。父テスからも行くなと言われるが、それを振り切ってヘソンの家に入る。ドギョンは、急に家にやって来たジアンが妹のウンソクだと聞かされて驚く。, 間もなくジアンは素性を隠して、元の会社に正社員として復帰。ドギョンとジアンは一緒に働くうち、少しずつ兄妹として打ち解けていく。, ヘソンアパレル副社長。ヘソングループ会長の孫で戦略企画室チーム長。幼い頃から帝王教育を受けてきた優秀な財閥3世。, ヒョクに片想いする。いつも姉を頼っている。特に夢も希望もなく、現状に満足して生きてきた。, ジアンの誠実な友人。DIY家具通販会社「気まま」のインテリアデザイナー。高校時代に出会ったジアンの影響で一念発起して美大に進んだ。, 金なしコネなしの恵まれない環境に置かれたヒロインのジアンと財閥3世のドギョンのロマンチックな恋を中心に、周囲の人々のさまざまな人間模様を織り交ぜながら描き出す感動のヒューマンドラマ。, 若者の就職難が深刻な状況の中で、なんとか正社員になろうとあがくジアンが、一度は財閥の娘となって幸運を手にしたかと思いきや、運命のいたずらでさらにどん底に落ち、そこから本当の幸せを見出していきます。, そんなジアンと恋に落ちるドギョンをはじめ、両親と双子の妹ジスや兄弟、友人ヒョクやその姉ら、ジアンを取り巻く人物たちが抱える問題や心情も丁寧に綴られ味わい深い。恋と家族の普遍的な物語に、格差社会の問題なども盛り込まれ、すべての世代が共感できる仕上がり。さらに、幸せを模索するジアンの姿には胸が熱くなります。, 日本でも高い人気を誇るパク・シフが5年ぶりに地上波ドラマにカムバック。「検事プリンセス」で彼の人気を決定づけた脚本家のたっての希望で出演し、期待に応える演技でKBS演技大賞優秀賞を受賞。, 後継者としての人生に疑問を抱くことなく生きてきた財閥3世ドギョンが、正反対の境遇のジアンに出会って、自分の生き方に疑問をもち変わっていく様子を素晴らしい演技で見せています。, クールで洗練された御曹司でありながら、ちょっと天然なところもあるチャーミングなドギョンは多くの視聴者を魅了。ドギョンがジアンへの恋を自覚してからは、その魅力はさらにパワーアップ。眼差し一つで彼の心を表現する演技力は見事というしかない。ドラマの成功に大きく貢献し、第2の全盛期に突入したパク・シフの演技に釘付け!, 監督は最高視聴率45.3%の「棚ぼたのあなた」を手がけたキム・ヒョンソク、脚本は49.3%を記録した「いとしのソヨン」のソ・ヒョンギョンという最高のヒットメーカーコンビ。, この2人が組んだ「黄金の私の人生」も放送開始早々から視聴率30%を超えてヒット街道を爆走。最終話が47.5%(TNMSメディアデータの調べ)という最高視聴率を獲得し、再びヒット神話を打ち立てました。登場人物一人ひとりに寄り添った温かな視点による、キム・ヒョンソク監督の繊細な演出が冴える!, 大ヒット作「華麗なる遺産」でも知られるソ・ヒョンギョンは、財閥と庶民の恋や出生の秘密などの定番要素を導入に緻密なドラマを築き、ジアンとドギョンの一筋縄ではいかない恋の行方、彼らと親との葛藤、それぞれの家族の思いを紡ぐ。深い洞察に基づいたキャラクター設定と巧みなストーリー展開はもはや神業!, 「ドキドキ再婚ロマンス〜子どもが5人! If he truly loves her, he should support her decision to persue her dreams even if its hurts him. He is 33 and has been in the work force for years and all their idea for him to work there. and Ji An well to continue recovering. ? They helped each other open up more, especially Ji Ho's impact on Seo Hyun. ? ji soo has every right to be hurt but her slapping ji an was a complete 360 degrees change from the ji soo we all know and love. @crazycatlady Lee tae hwan & Seo eun su in CF together for electricity items..So funny coz the theme of CF more to action comedy..Good start for them...Next time hope they can act together in new drama...:-). Too short if you ask me. First for some reason some episodes in the middle suddenly off limits to people in the US. Fighting. Of all the things that I am frustrated about, it is hers that I want to completely erased especially about how she knows about it all along. Finally the KISS, fantastic and emotinal, very good job for 2 leads. Park Si Hoo fighting^^, Thalia Jun 05 2017 5:54 pm Silviya Feb 11 2018 2:36 am Kairos (MBC) Though i don't know how it will end, or she will get together will him but it will be fun to watch. But unfortunately I saw the teaser it's seems like Tae Hwan Likes Hye Sun. Katy Dec 10 2017 2:33 pm I am thinking the same. We can expect Do Kyung not to like Ji An once he finds out that she borrowed money from his mother to pay for his car repairs. JiAn is a strong character but people aren't 100% strong, we all have our moments and that doesn't make a person weak. This will not be one of my all time favourites or a comfort drama to return to when feeling down. elma95 Jan 21 2018 10:19 pm overall ji soo has always been happy doing what she likes and being with her family and I guess ji an was kind of like a role model to her. All casts fit to the role although I can't say their acting great, but they are oke. I’m falling in love with Park si Hoo, can’t wait to see him in another drama. Shouldn't blame on Ji-an and Ji-soo, the people whose shall take the responsible were their mothers in this drama. PersibMU Jan 15 2018 2:17 am It was the diamond thief and kidnapper mom and dad and it looked like her mom was in on it as well. I passed all the scenes other than jisoo and hyuk -_-. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); » My Golden Life » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series Nobody expect Ji An to feel guilty for the switch. Applaud your new loyal self availed team members.They got your back. I feel bad for the daughter who was taken and then lied to. Please break this melodrmatic stereotype and get over the Korean penchant for tears and drama. Best best best drama for 2017. i have a sickening feeling that we are about to get a very rushed unfulfilling ending with lots of plots hole? Please keep watching. My number one favorite actress in the Korean Entertainment Scene only Shin Hye Sun, this drama is a showcase of her versatility, not only that traits that am so impressed about her, the way she carry herself during her public appearances, she is very elegant and poise always, so regal and professional. crazycatlady Nov 08 2017 11:34 am She has found solace and comfort in woodworking and with Hyeok's encouragement, is slowly returning to the craft she loves. i can't explain it but it's one of my favorites now!


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