new brunswick southern railway locomotive roster
In vibrant Fall colors, NBSR train 907 peeks around the curve at Westfield Beach, New Brunswick. Irving purchase the New Brunswick Railway Company Limited. New Brunswick & Maine Railways. Guilford / Pan Am Locomotive Data; St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad; Welcome! The only SD40-2 on NBSR's roster that hasn't been painted in the green scheme yet, NBSR 6315 leads train 907, through the Fall colors at Nerepis, New Brunswick. Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad. McAdam also provides opportunities to view NB Southern action. Railroad: New Brunswick Southern Railway Locomotive: EMD SD40-2 Location: Nerepis, New Brunswick, Canada Locomotive #: NBSR 6315 Train ID: NBSR 907 Photo Date: October 18, 2019 Something about the tiny pike always held my interest over the years once I learned of its existence although I have never seen a Temiscouata Railway (TMCR) locomotive … East of Mill Street are the tracks of CN with which the NBSR interchanges daily. The CM&Q began operations in 2014; and it was acquired by Canadian Pacific in late 2019. Guilford / Pan Am Locomotive Data; St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad; Welcome! As a result of this, and its smaller operating area, its steam locomotive stock was the smallest of the 'Big Four' companies. Uncategorized (1) Meta. Additional information/updates from: R. Craig, John Kilbride, Michael Richmond and (EMD Order Numbers), Michael Berry photo at Farnham, Quebec on 9 Feb. 2018, #2001 is O-o-S; ex-BNSF 4207, 4224 < nee ATSF 6350, 6367, Ex-BNSF 4231 & 4237 < nee ATSF 6374 & 6380, Out of service; ex-BNSF 4243 < nee ATSF 6386, Lease expires 11/22; built in Canada, ex-GCFX 3053 < nee CP 5740, Transferred, loco had been leased from CITX; built in Canada, ex-GCFX 3053 < nee CP 5740, Built in Canada, ex-CITX 3057 < GCFX 3057 < nee CP 5686, Built by EMD; leased from CITX 3071; ex-GCFX SD40-2 3071 < CP 6402 < SOO 6402 < nee KCS SD40 624, Transferred; loco had been leased from CITX; built in Canada, ex-GCFX 3082 < nee CP SD40 5521, Leased from CITX; built in Canada, ex-GCFX 3091 < nee CP SD40 5552, Built by EMD; leased from LTEX; ex-UP 2660 < UP 7910 < nee UP 3280, Leased from CEFX, ex-CORP 3803 < NS 2788 < nee Sou GP38 2788, Lease expires 5/21; wears CM&O colors; ex-Conrail 7791 < nee Penn Central GP38 7791, Lease expires 5/21; ex-BNSF GP35u < nee ATSF GP35 #1373, Loco wears a BAR-tribute paint scheme; ex-CP 9017, Ex-CP (same #s); #9022 wears a blue and silver-grey scheme. Irving Ltd. CPR sold all of its land holdings in New Brunswick (but not the tracks and buildings) in 1941 when it reached an agreement that saw industrialist K.C. Thanks to the following sources for corrections and additions: Canadian Trackside Guide 2007 & 2013 (Bytown Railway Society), John Komaneski, Lucas Leighton, R. Craig and Bob Van Derveer, Ex-Sidney Coal Railway 216-7 & 219, nee Devco 216-7 & 219, #2612 is ex-CRANDIC 112 < SP 6308 < SP 6675 < nee SP 7768, Sold to Oknagan Valley 3735; ex-OMLX 3735 < SP 3735 < nee SP 3561, Retired; ex-SP 3744 < SP 3610 < nee SP 5769, Retired; ex-OSSX 3757 < SP 3757 < SP 3621 < nee SP 5786, Retired; ex-SP 3760< SP 3608 < nee SP 5767, Sold to Oknagan Valley 3764; ex-SP 3764 < SP 3636 < nee SP 5795, Sold to OSSX 37695; ex-SP 3795 < SP 3609 < nee SP 5798, Ex-HLCX 6304 & 6309 < TFM SD40-2 1515 & ?? The Southern Railway took a key role in expanding the 660 V DC third rail electrified network begun by the London & South Western Railway. This arrangement allowed J.D. This line ended up becoming part of the New Brunswick Railway in 1883 and in turn part of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1890. NB Southern (New Brunswick Southern) was created out of part of Canadian Pacific’s (CP) divestiture of its lines east of Montreal in 1995. NBSR 907 heads by the railway station at the famous McAdam, New Brunswick. Locomotives; Revised: 24 September 2020 Data from: Lucas Leighton ; Reporting Mark: CMQ Michael Berry photo at Farnham, Quebec on 9 Feb. 2018; Model (& Bldr) Road No. Buy it! For an explanation of numbering and classification, see British Rail locomotive and multiple unit numbering and classification Log in Canadian National Railways (CN) is our partner in the Maritimes, providing traffic to and from the Maritime Provinces. Number Builder Model Notes Number Builder Model Notes; 2317: EMD: GP38-2: PICTURE: 2318: EMD: GP38-2: PICTURE: ... New Brunswick: April 28 2012: Leased unit GMTX 203: Arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick: ... NB Southern’s own locomotives are painted in an attractive green with yellow trim.


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