nine days essay
- Toni Jordan’s Nine Days describes a world in which life in the 1930s and 40s was much harder than life in the 21st century. The complexity of internal conflict can be difficult to discuss, but by using the quote provided in the prompt and asking yourself questions about the implications of the quote, we are able to delve into and construct a sophisticated understanding of The Lieutenant and of conflict itself. Within Stories We Tell, Polley attempts to understand herself by recreating Diane’s story on screen - allowing her to create “shape out of mess” and form a clearer picture of how she became who she is. Nine Days is the third novel by Australian author Toni Jordan and was inspired by a photograph from the State Library of Victoria’s Argus newspaper collection of war photographs. • In Cold Blood reflects this relationship with the murderer through Capote’s narration of the book as an objective bystander. In my experience studying the text, this documentary can be interpreted two ways: 1. as a self-reflective memoir following the journey of Sarah finding her father and gaining a more mature understanding of her mother, or; 2. Even when invited to dinner by the Finches, he is dismissed by Scout as “just a Cunningham”, and this is where Calpurnia steps in as the moral voice, chastising her for acting “high and mighty” over this boy who she hardly knows. Herb Clutter’s position as an upstanding American citizen with a prosperous farm elicits the reader’s interpretation of his character as the rags-to-riches ideal. That was me, the kid without a father.’ (Alec, p.262), ‘”Westaway,” Cooper says. Their attempt to finally become ‘rich’ materialises through their attempt to rob the Clutters’ home, the failure of which ironically results in their brutal murders of the people who successfully represented the American Dream. What does it add to Rooke’s journey? Being this ‘obvious’ with opening a conclusion does not earn any points. The following is taken from the VCAA study design for Creative Response-based Written Explanations: Most assessors are quite lenient with how you want to approach the Written Explanation – there is no rigid structure that you need to abide by. With this in mind, we can start considering how Polley’s choice to include certain snippets or position footage in a particular way highlights her views. So, as Will slowly starts picking them out Vis-à-vis, some strange questions and tasks, his more potent issue with the world come to the forefront. We contended that the novel is about courage because Atticus teaches it to Scout and Jem while also representing it in the trial. 0000031937 00000 n His final response to his inner conflict is to stand strongly by what he believes. There’s a very important subtext about memories that Will formulates for souls who don’t make it to the final cut. 0000011269 00000 n He spends much of the first part in hiding, occasionally leaving gifts for the kids in a tree (chapter 7), or giving them a blanket during a fire (chapter 8). He was then transferred to a Catholic orphanage, where he suffered from psychological, sexual and physical abuse from the nuns, one of whom attempted to drown him. Mark details Michael’s obsession with “playing solitaire”, Susy depicts the house as one of “complete and utter disuse”, while Joanna observed him “smoking all day” and perceived Sarah as “just a little kid who nobody was looking after.” Michael, however, has fond memories of his time spent with Sarah - he believed he was “lucky to have her to look after as well as himself”, called their time together a “great period” - eventuating in him feeling “closer to [Sarah] than any of the other children.”‍, Individual recollections of Michael’s actions and demeanor during this period belong to each storyteller, and form the basis for what they consider to be the ‘truth’ regarding Michael and Sarah’s relationship. The idea of family is strained by the pressures of war as many family’s sons and husbands where away at was leaving the other members to adopt other roles. It’s a beaut, the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen… There’s no way I’m sharing this. Villon’s criminal circumstances were strikingly similar with Dick and Perry’s, as he murdered a priest and stole from his strongbox before being arrested and sentenced to death. What significance is produced in including and excluding different perspectives.


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