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And that’s actually quite a challenge since despite the number of determine breeders trying to boost our numbers, we blue-eyed beauties are pretty hard to come by. The depth of color in the eyes is greater even than that seen in a Siamese (cat) and does not cause squinting, deafness or cross-eye. The fanciers who bred Cornflower believed that this was caused by a dominant gene, which meant that she and her progeny could mark the beginnings of a new breed. Et le mot est faible. Frequent brushing can help remove loose hair, reducing shedding and helping to cut back on hairballs. They require the …. Members of Ojos Azules can have coats of all colors, but must have blue eyes ranging from lavender blue to sapphire. Fancy Ojos Azules Cats. In particular, they have a white tail tip. Solid white coats are not desirable, as they cannot be distinguished from common white blue-eyed cats. De taille moyenne et pouvant peser entre 3 et 7 kg, l’Ojos Azules développe un physique proportionnel à sa hauteur au garrot. Search Ojos Azules kittens for sale by breeder, rescue and owners. The first cat, discovered in 1984, was a tortoiseshell named Cornflower. In 1984, a female tortoiseshell cat with striking blue eyes was found living in a feral cat colony in New Mexico. The Ojos Azules is a rare cat breed with blue eyes. I don’t even mind younger humans and won’t retaliate easily even when I’m handled roughly. Quant aux yeux, ils sont vifs avec une couleur d'un beau vert. Ojos Azules cats tend to be medium in size. They might weigh between 9-12 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 8"- 10" inches tall. It was recently discovered that cranial defects may be linked to the gene, and breeding was temporarily suspended. With an affectionate and relaxed personality, the Ojos Azules is still regarded as one of the more mysterious cat breeds. Cats with dark blue eyes were discovered in New Mexico among feral cat populations. Et il s’est avéré que les portées avaient les mêmes yeux bleus. The Ojos Azules is a rare cat breed with blue eyes. Il a besoin de faire beaucoup d’exercice et de jouer. 2nd cat: kittens are born with blue eyes that change as they get older– not to mention the horrendous photoshopping The first of them was a tortoiseshell female called Cornflower, plucked from the mean streets in 1984. Il plaira à toute la famille notamment aux enfants... Si vous avez toujours rêvé d’avoir un chat à l’allure princière et qui apprécie particulièrement les câlins, le Balinais est la race qu’il vous faut. If they are, they would cost a lot. The few Ojos Azules breeders are working with geneticists to see if the breed is even viable. I have a delicate, triangular head that’s complemented by round features. Ojos Azules cat first arrived on the scene in 1984. Your email address will not be published. I’d like to put her up for sale, but I have to see if the eyes change color. How would I go about finding out if she is or not? Search Ojos Azules kittens for sale by breeder, rescue and owners. Avec le Peterbald et le Sphynx, il fait partie du cercle très fermé des chats sans... Première rencontre avec le Lykoi ? Kittens for sale and adoption directly from the breeder or cattery. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. There are some cat breeds that everybody knows about. Cats with vivid blue eyes were discovered in New Mexico among feral cat populations in the 1980s. Ne surtout pas le déranger durant ses heures de repos. This breed dates back to 1984 when a tortoiseshell female cat named Cornflower from a feral colony in New Mexico had kittens. Ojos Azules cats cost between $700-$1,500. The blue color seen in cats is due to the same physical phenomenon, the absence of melanin in the iris. Your email address will not be published. All the cats here have their blue eyes from other unrelated genetic causes. Even in this day and age of frenzied cat fancy, I am still one of the most rare breeds you can get your hands on. The first cat, discovered in 1984, was a tortoiseshell named Cornflower. Son allure impressionnante n’empêche pas ce félin venant de la Russie... Très équilibré, le Bleu russe n’en est pas néanmoins mystérieux. But I’ll give you a taste of what you can expect. Ojos Azules are a very rare breed. please let me know. They are very loving and affectionate, easy to groom, and make great pets. Note that white blue-eyed Ojos Azules are not deaf like most common white blue-eyed cats. In Spanish, Ojos Azules translates to "blue eyes." Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Affectionate and calm, people-oriented, patient, easily gets along with other pets, not too demanding when it comes to attention. Ojos Azules is practically a ghost breed; they stopped breeding it years ago because it’s actually a lethal mutation. Son apparence très singulière a fait de lui la chasse gardée de quelques vrais férus de chats.... Comme beaucoup de nouvelles races de chats, le Safari provient des États-Unis. Status Subject Created By Replies Views Last Post : new: Elen Trickery - Brown/Male: Heather: 1: 697: by Nicole Apr 26, 2011 21:27:30 GMT -5 1,480 likes. could you advice me please where can I find contacts of the Ohos Azules owners near the Houston area or closer to who raise kittens to get some? The Ojos Azules cat was first developed in New Mexico. One thing we all have in common are beautifully distinctive white patches that are scattered throughout our fur, including the tail. Ojos Azules cats closely bond with owners and other members of the family—including children and pets. Son corps dévoile beaucoup d’élégance avec une ossature fine et se termine par une queue bien touffue. The breed was named “Ojos Azules,” this being Spanish for 'Blue Eyes'. D’ailleurs, le standard des deux races est presque similaire, à quelques exceptions près.


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