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Most of us have heard the term "runner's high"...a term used for that euphoric state which is experienced by many runners during a prolonged run. He was last seen headin’ east, possibly to Zul’drak to join them there.”, “So you want me to track him down and bring him to justice.”, “Aye lass.” The dwarf grimly stated. Despite his incongruous brown and grey colouration, he seemed to blend into his surroundings, managing to remain surprisingly elusive for a large cat. “Wouldn’t have gotten me the sigil.” She replied casually. Aishen shook herself out of her reminiscing, focusing on the target at hand. Her eyes, however, were the most telling; they glowed with an unearthly blue light. High Runner vs Low Runner. While the land had been tainted by the Scourge, much of it was still a vast wilderness that had remained unaffected not only by the hands of the Undead legions, but by civilization as a whole. artist : 윤상 song : runner's high album : 이사. Then there’s something ye can do for us, lass.”. Is that it?”. 1.1 Noun; 1.2 Related terms; 1.3 See also; English . Runner's High arranged a virtual assessment, recommended a shoe, and delivered the shoes to my home within two hours. Practical experience told her never to assume that one of the Scourge were truly fallen until their body had been destroyed. “Take care, lass.”, She returned his salute with one of her own. : But I think I'm on a runner's high now. “If you don’t trust me, that’s understandable. There was a tense silence, Aishen’s rifle still pointed at the head of the Death Knight. “Uh, no. Chevrolet K5 Blazer (DLC) 10. Several songs from the record were later featured in the anime OVA series FLCL by Gainax. She had spent her early life living in the perpetual twilight of Ashenvale, lurking in the shadows of the great trees…. Instead, the real reason was simple: she was angry. “One who was pursuing the same target as you were.” She glanced down at the corpse. “You will understand if I do not give it to you.”, “Probably. He was cut off by a loud crack, followed by another shot slamming into him, sending him reeling. And I’m guessing you don’t like the Scourge either.”, “Good. Why should I trust you?” She kept her rifle levelled at the woman, her eyes focused on them and her finger on the trigger. “What do you want?” Aishen continued. B-130 8. She’d had dealings with Darion Mograine’s freed Death knights in past; that did not mean that she had to like them. “You wouldn’t be a sport and give me the sigil so I can say that I got him instead?”. These ones were deeper and better defined, looking to be relatively fresh. “Another damned Scourge defeated.”. Listen to official albums & more. “Bring us his Sigil, so we know the deed is done.”, “Very well.” Aishen nodded. “Tell you what, you look like something of a tracker”. “No offence lass.” The Dwarven officer by the keep began, looking up at her. A-968M(orange & blue) 4. “Good point. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Even then, it was enough for her to follow and track her prey. Heading further east, she continued to follow the trail for several more minutes before stopping. runner's high - traduction anglais-français. “It was another life, one I can’t go back to. From what she’d gathered, Morte had left the battlefield several hours before she had arrived in Wintergarde. Otherwise, their victims were doomed to become their unwilling slaves, bound to undeath. “The Scourge- “, “-Save it” the other Elf finished. “Filthy beast!” The Death Knight called out, the hollow echo in his voice only adding to his anger. He hasn’t run off to join the other Scourge, however. Several songs from the record were later featured in the anime OVA series FLCL by Gainax. Runners High is a quest in Fallout 76. “Well good for you.” A voice came from nearby; female and, to her surprise, speaking Darnassian. runner's high. Delivered both online and in person. B-66 7. Dan is drawn to the world of the Guardian Runners, but when he's faced with the reality of who his heroes really are, Dan is forced to choose. “Stay” she stated to her Stormsaber, confident that the beast could look after itself. C-6317 (DLC) 20. “Your forces are still facing the Scourge”, “Aye that.” He replied. The person who sent me out here is with… a different group.” She paused. “Who goes there?” She called out, raising her rifle. The silence of the wilderness was shattered by the sudden thundering retort of the rifle as it fired; moments later, the Death Knight was slammed forward in his saddle, struck in the back by her shot. Wikipedia . “You’re not going back to Wintergardeguard keep?”, The death knight paused, as if momentarily at a loss for words. “Well, that was a surprise. “And then took your body, defiling your corpse and enslaving your soul, transforming you into an abomination to nature and an offence to all you once believed in? Reaching into her belt, she took out her skinning knife, pressing it against the Death Knight’s throat, carefully watching for a reaction. However, the voice had a hollow, unearthly echo to it – the tone she had come to expect from a Death Knight. She cautiously clambered up a rock, looking around. And when he fell, the Scourge’s threat would be over; finished. Both stood in stark contrast to the dark armour that he wore. “I-“ She began, and stopped as she considered the other Night Elf’s words. “But mainly, I’ve gotten what I wanted, which was to get away without being shot.”. The Runner's High offers running coaching and running specific strength and conditioning. “Identify yourself!”. He spun, a spray of blood gushing from him as he wheeled around, then collapsed to the ground. Form what she’d seen, they were just as ruthless and bloodthirsty as the Scourge; that they directed their energies at their one-time allies was little comfort. Taking a scrap of red material from it, she slowly reached up to her face, keeping her hands visible. She had been instead driven by her mission, the one thing that had bought her here. 9. A-969 (DLC) 5. However, in this case, she wanted to be as certain as possible. B-6A (DLC) 6. She had a job to do, and intended to make sure that it was done properly, regardless of what it took. On a high note TRUST ME, I'M A DOCTOR BBC2 8pm RUNNER'S high is an actual thing - a release of feel-good chemicals that gives you a real buzz from the exercise., Articles lacking sources from December 2009, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Let's See, If That's True or Not" (確かめに行こう) – 5:07, This page was last edited on 13 September 2020, at 02:53. His skin was an alabaster white, with his hair a lifeless grey. Experience had shown that the Scourge – and Death Knights in particular – took a lot of killing. So if you had pulled the trigger, it would have been no big loss anyway.”, Aishen nodded, lowering her rifle. It was the last album to feature guest bassist, Tatsuya Kashima. “Ebon Blade.”, “I see.” That was all Aishen needed to know. As she got closer, more features become apparent serving to confirm her suspicions. Runners High is an intimate, character driven documentary of struggle, courage, and hope. Through the snow below her, she could see a shape; an armoured figure, mounted on the back of a horde, slowly trudging ahead of her. However, that was where the similarities ended. That, Aishen realised, was the last thing she wanted to be. C-255 13. Why Runners LOVE the Runner’s High. Runners’high : qu’est ce que la « fonce-dé » du runner ? Furthermore, it should have spoke to her of her love of exploration and discovery, of the uncharted possibilities that lay ahead. Then, as soon as a fresh round had cycled into the chamber, Aishen fired again, the third shot striking home, blasting apart the armour over his shoulder. The Scourge would have no hesitation about raising someone as an undead minion, friend or foe. Besides, she knew the Scourge. Of course, with opponents that were between the living and the dead, it was very hard to tell how much of that was because she had slain him, and how much was simply from being a Death Knight. C-375 16. “Travel well, then.”, Aishen paused, looking back at her. C-432010 19. The shot rang out, slamming straight into the Death Knight’s exposed neck. Runners High is an album released by the Pillows on January 22, 1999. “Looks dead” She began, glancing over him. C-260 15. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Runner`s High. “Surely there must be something.” She stated, angrily. “That’s that.” She commented as she wiped the knife on his cape before stowing it. Hey everyone, this show has been re-scheduled to June 13th. She had seen a fleeting moment of happiness and had it snatched away from her and, as a result, she was feeling bitter and vengeful. Contents[show] Synopsis Dan Morgan infiltrates a Guardian Angels style parkour group of vigilantes who are suspected of committing untraceable crimes. For the first time, however, she saw the natural beauty of the place; a harsh, untamed wilderness that spoke of the power and grace of the elements that had shaped it; one where civilization had made its mark, but still seemed inconsequential against the greater whole. There was running water nearby, suggesting that she was nearing the edges of the Dragonblight region. “Why would you do that?” She finally asked, speaking up. Qu’est-ce que le runner’s high ? C-4310 17. C-256 14. There was none; either he truly was dead or he simply didn’t care about what she was about to do.


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