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Made from teak, with 3 masts, she was sheathed in yellow metal in the year before the 1853 voyage[1]. 10 Nov 1852 The Bussorah Merchant arrives in Plymouth, It was a non-stop voyage, but the ship "spoke" with a few other ships enroute to Sydney, Brisbane and America and bought this information with them to port[2], There were 7 deaths at sea. BUSSORAH MERCHANT BARQUE OF LONDON, P.D. Profile not connected. IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO USE CAUTION WHEN DISTRIBUTING PRIVATE INFORMATION. profile connected to father's family, not connected to big tree, nee Missing, Ran a boarding house in Penrith, d. Petersham, inner west of Sydneyin 1894, brickmaker, Farm servant, d. Eulabalong, NSW, profile needs work, Moved to Binda, stayed in the area for some time. which she left England. [10] They must have returned to the ship as it was reported 11 days later that, "The Bussorah The remainder of this project will be to find out where they went and how they fared. Im putting together the stories of the voyage and those who emigrated to Australia from the UK on the Bussorah Merchant, arriving in 1853. B.; WIKITREE PROTECTS MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION BUT ONLY TO THE EXTENT STATED IN THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY. "growing, fair complexion, light brown hair, hazel eyes", and Charles Johnson, Bussorah Merchant, A. (Best for messages specifically directed to those editing this profile. This voyage of the Bussorah Merchant carried my ancestors and 293 other Bounty Immigrants to Sydney from London. Please refer to the State Library's Conditions of use. 5 Bussorah Merchant 16 March 1839 - 6 September 1839 Bristol to Sydney good 6 Charles Kerr 14 September 1838 - 11 January 1839 Limerick to Sydney good, list 7 Crescent 3 October 1839 - 11 February 1840 Dublin to Sydney Use your back button to return. Categories: New Projects | Bussorah Merchant, Arrived 19 Mar 1853, WIKITREE HOME   |   ABOUT   |   G2G FORUM   |   HELP   |   SEARCH. I want to know how they got on an if any of them stayed in touch after their time together onboard. By the time the Bussorah Merchant leaves Sydney Harbour on 1 May 1853[14], her passengers had already had a taste of Australian life. Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; Passengers Arriving 1826 - 1900; Part Colonial Secretary series covering 1845 - 1853, reels 1272 [4/5227] -1280 [4/5244], reel 1280. Bussorah Merchant was a merchant ship built at Calcutta in 1818. This image has no known copyright restrictions. If you would like further information about this image, please Ask Us. Its Melbourne 1850 arrival as an emigrant ship was announced in the Shipping Gazette 6 Jul 1850: Geelong - arrival - June 26. Leave a message for others who see this profile. BLYTH, MASTER, BURTHEN 530 TONS, FROM THE PORT OF LONDON TO PORT JACKSON, NEW SOUTH WALES, 19TH MARCH 1853 … Captain Blyth, and upon the good faith of his excellent Return to SA Passenger Lists,1847-1886 barque Bussorah Merchant, 650 tons, Captain Edwards, from London 1848 & Plymouth 7th July 1848, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 10th November 1848 Merchant, which is about to leave this port March 19. - Bussorah Merchant, ship, 533 tons. reflects much credit upon the tact and management of [information provided by researcher]. The same gazette, on 27 July 1850 announced from Port Phillip, "Bussorah Merchant - Captain Edwards, of the above vessel, which lately arrived in Geelong, has been presented with a splendid piece of plate by his immigrants and passengers, in token of respect for his kindness and gentlemanly behaviour to them all on the passage to this colony; although they had a long passage out, everything went well on board." © 2008 - 2020 INTERESTING.COM, INC. crew"[11], 26 Apr 1853 The Bussorah Merchant, with Captain Blyth is due to leave Sydney Harbour for Guam[12], 29 Apr 1853 Anchored inside the heads[13]. The passengers came from all over the British isles so the first leg of the journey began as they left their hometown with trunks, families or possibly alone, headed for London. We know that the Furbanks followed the expanding railways over the Blue Mountains, then when Charles died, Jane ran a boarding house in Penrith. I wonder if any of the 6 single males found love among the 74 single females? The last two mods. reward £6. This almost solitary instance 22 Mar 1853 An advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald The married and single men could be employed straight from the ship today. NRS5316/4_4790/Bussorah Merchant_19 Mar 1853/ from the Assisted Immigrants (digital) Shipping Lists on the New South Wales State Archives and Records website at: BUSSORAH MERCHANT from the Mariners and ships in Australian Waters website at: IMMIGRANTS PER "BUSSORAH MERCHANT." Two were adults with diseases of the heart and 5 were children. She made three voyages transporting convicts from England and Ireland to Australia and later carried emigrants and … In the Shipping Gazette 20 July 1850 was the announcement of the 'Bussorah Merchant's arrival to Port Phillip from Geelong on July 5'. Transcribed by Dorothy D'Arcy. Kindly transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below. Modifications made to scans: In some instances, text was enhanced - there was still an occasional name or list which defied this effort to read it; the Master's signature is usually found at the bottom right corner of the page; some pages have been shortened; excessive black markings have been removed. bounty immigrants. Does anyone have ancestors who emigrated from the UK to Australia on the Bussorah Merchant in 1853? 1853 29 Jan Tamar Reel 2136, [4/4790] 1853 9 Feb Beejapore Reel 2136, [4/4790] 1853 26 Feb Agricola Reel 2136, [4/4790] 1853 10 Mar Trafalgar Reel 2136, [4/4790] 1853 19 Mar Bussorah Merchant Reel 2136, [4/4790] 1853 You may view/print a scan of the original list - a monitor set to high resolution is recommended for clarity. Anchored at Dawes Point in the usual place. Smith, Campbell, and Co., agents..[4]. This ship travelled to Australia on several occasions, including one to South Australia in 1848, and once as a convict transport. Surgeon Superintendent, Dr Bloomfield. Little Bussorah Goodwin, one of the 9 babies born onboard will only ever know Australia as home. Two were reported to the police for desertion. d. Eulabalong 1900, profile needs work, Shepherd, born in same village as Charles Furbank, they split and the Stones went to the Victorian goldfields, profile not connected, died in Bendigo, Vic, profile not connected, Shoemaker, settled in Richmond river, 12 children, not connected, m. in 1877 in Richmond River/Lismore. I wonder what life in the colony had in store for her? She was built in Calcutta in 1818 so was 25 years old by now, having worked on trade routes for the East India Company and bought 3 loads of convicts before bringing free settlers to Australia, then missionaries to Oceania. for Guam, is navigated by the same crew with The 'Bussorah Merchant' put back into Cowes from stress of weather." 'Bussorah Merchant', ship, 530 tons, Edwards, commander, from Plymouth 26th January and Cowes 24th February." Do you have anything to add? 26 Apr 1853 The Bussorah Merchant, with Captain Blyth is due to leave Sydney Harbour for Guam 29 Apr 1853 Anchored inside the heads By the time the Bussorah Merchant leaves Sydney Harbour on 1 May 1853, her passengers had already had a taste of Australian life. ). Captain Blyth, from Plymouth November 13th, with 293 Sarah Hyland, one of the single females didn't have a great start, having already deserted her new employer by September so I hope her life in the colony improved. Login to post. The same gazette, on Thanks! I don't yet know how far in advance the tickets were bought, for what price or what may have motivated the passengers to board the ship. Joyce, a boy described as There were 9 births with the baby girl Bussorah Goodwin named for the ship on which she was born[3], 19 Mar 1853 SHIPPING INTELIGENCE Send a private message to the Profile Manager, Carpenter, Profiles need work, Not connected, Labourer, Wesleyan, Family went to Bombala, NSW South Coast, butcher, d. Ashfeild, Sydney. German silver mounted double barelled guns, an Iron cask and blankets were also offloaded to many importers[7][8], 26 Apr 1853 The ship moves to The Stream[9], The seamen no doubt were happy for some shore leave. They were Samuel Wm. The 'Bussorah Merchant' put back into Cowes from stress of weather." In the Shipping Gazette 20 July 1850 was the announcement of the 'Bussorah Merchant's arrival to Port Phillip from Geelong on July 5'. Anyone wishing to employ them was to go there[5], 2 Apr 1853 Docked at Campbell's wharf for Smith, Campbell and Co, agents[6], Merchandise, including Rum, corks, champagne, window glass, cigars, tin plates. The voyage of the Bussorah Merchant, arrived in Sydney 19 Mar 1853,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, were to enable the fastest possible display in your browser. 23 Mar 1853 The single women were taken to Hyde Park Barracks. Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. CONTENT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY WIKITREE COMMUNITY MEMBERS. 1853 (62-63) Immediate Family: Wife of Benjamin Stephens, Free Settler "Bussorah Merchant" 1839 Mother of William Stephens and Ellenor Celia Lane - Russell, {Australian Immigrant} Limit 20 per day. from the New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900) of Monday 21 March 1853 [Issue No.32 (SUPPLEMENT)], Page 564. at: Public Comments:


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