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Currently Loaded Bike: Relative sprocket & chain wear due to drive train changes.   (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Enter gear to display top speed of (help): (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I get my most wanted eBook. Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook. 14 Motorcycles That Are Great For Passengers Two Up Riding Top 10 middleweights for beginners bikesrepublic top 10 middleweight s 2018 beginner motorcycle ultimate guide to find the perfect fit 650cc motorcycle tier list you. Also, forgive any typos or grammatical errors a I wrote this blog post from my phone. Christopher was born in a small-town NY and, over the years, owned a couple dozen different motorcycles, ranging from cruiser to enduro, Japanese to American. Nelson thanks for the comment. 3 cu inch to cc = 49.16119 cc. That’s my point: I think these doubts are better explained by the specific power (by liter) approach …. Moderate sized bikes averages at about 65 mph (104km/h). The range seems kind of wide, but bear in mind that (1) race bikes and dirt bikes reside at the bottom of the range, (2) factory sport bikes and dual sports sit in the middle at about 10-12 CC/HP, (3) factory Harley’s (including mine) and cruisers can go as high as 19 CC/HP – but they, of course, have the CCs to make it happen ? Help on: Calculate sprocket pitch diameters, Help on: Recognize different drive type bikes after loading, Help on: Receive e-mail alert when database or program is updated, Help on the discontinued GC Stand Alone program. are. this is the first one which worked! You can thank my wife for letting me build this site... Info on Advertising your product on the Gearing Commander web site. What I tried to do in my post is over-simplify something that gets asked a lot. Check out the HappyWrench Motorcycle Repair Link Database. Thank you for the oportunity to talk about my (our) passion. Motorcycles come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and uses that the conversion factor can vary kind of widely. var scJsHost = "https://"; Get free owners or service manuals as Thank You gift for donating. The World's Happiest DIY Motorcycle Repair Blog, Ultrasonic Cleaners – A Great Addition for Any Motorcycle Hobbiest, Quick Tips – How to Safely Remove a Motorcycle Cylinder, Origin of the Word Horsepower (Actually it Was a Pony), How To Identify The Mikuni Carburetor In Your Motorcycle, Metzeler ME 888 Vs. Michelin Commander II: Which Tire Is …, Rust Back – A Sad Reality With Vintage Motorcycles, Tying Down a Motorcycle Without a Wheel Chock: Is It …. But for a long trail ride like Baja where a lot of ground needs to be covered, he wanted a higher top speed to really haul across the desert. Anyways, you are very welcome when it comes to the opportunity to speak about your passion. Then, of course, you could also just take your motorcycle down to the local tuning shop and throw your bike on a dyno. lol it did not even take me 5 minutes at all! Unique Hits Help on: Final Drive Ratio graph (Bike independant). "'>"); Explains what the Gearing Commander can be used for, Help on: Select your bike from presets and load default data, Help on: Initial Loading of Gearing Data Explained, Help on: Change settings to reflect Current setup, Help on: Change settings to considered Custom setup, Help on: Enter data for a bike NOT in the presets, Help on: Save changed settings for future loading, Help on: Load previously saved personal settings, Help on: Report a gearing Error in the GC database, Help on: Set RPM range to display in Speed-Gear matrix, Help on: Top speed for 49 sprocket combinations, Help on: Change RPM and Gear in sprocket combinations matrix, Help on: Calculate RPM per gear at 50 Mph or Km/h in 3 setups, Help on: Calculate RPM per gear at particular speed in 3 setups, Help on: Calculate new wheel position based on existing chain or belt length, Help on: Calculate sprocket distance based on total chain or belt length and sprocket combination, Help on: Calculate number of chain links or belt teeth needed to compensate for lack of wheel adjustment, Help on: Chain Links Calculator for Generic Final Drive with new chain, Help on: Decide on whether to go smaller in front sprocket or bigger in rear sprocket, Help on: Factors contributing to Chain & Sprocket Wear, Help on: What is the optimal sprocket-chain combination, Help on: How to interpret the tooth-links and link-teeth tables, Help on: Various sprocket diameters explained, for chain and belt sprockets, Help on: Calculate sprocket pitch diameters, Help on: Adding a new bike by filling the AddBike form.


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