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What you often see is that the parasites or ticks are too much for them and they die. Published on October 17th 2016 by staff under Lizards. This will be the period of time when the most growth occurs and the diet needs to provide the necessary nourishment for extreme growth. Asian water monitors are a fascinating reptile that have earned plenty of respect and interest from humans over the years. Depending on the size and design of the set up, you should position these lights to create maximum basking areas as well as areas for cooling down. Hyper melanistic water monitors or “black dragons” are a naturally occurring heritable color phase. There are many commercially available thermometers and hygrometers on the market to record temperature and humidity accurately. This issue is easily prevented by ensuring a safe set up. The lifespan of an Asian water monitor is around 15 years. If a monitor is spending an inordinate amount of time basking, then the basking and/or ambient temperatures may be too low. Water monitors come from areas where it is really hot during the day and night. For a baby monitor I would recommend to just use a bowl they can fit in with their whole body. For a baby Water monitor you will need an enclosure of around 100x50x60cm. UV is not only for there bone structure but also very good for the immune system. Gradually, the animal will associate the keepers hands with positive interactions. Asian water monitors (Varanus salvator) are truly majestic and intelligent lizard giants, earning them a loyal following in the reptile trade. This is important to add to your lizard food.Growing monitors can gradually be transitioned to whole prey items, such as appropriately sized rodents, fish, and poultry. So make sure the enclosure is insulated very well and has no cold spots. It is important to feed your Water monitor whole pray on a variated diet. The heaviest specimen on record weighed 110 lbs. In 6 months they are 60cm+. Females are considerably smaller, normally maxing out at approximately 4-6 feet. Their basking spot is in the top where they feel more save. Expert Tip: In addition to the above points, you should really think about the fact that you will be caring for this lizard for up to 25 years. I am personally tricking this rule by designing my enclosure to be modular, so it grows with my monitor and always keeps that minimal suggested ratio. Expert Tip: Having some type of drainage system can help, but the area still needs to be scrubbed and kept scrupulously clean. The water you can heat up to 28/30 degrees also. When threatened, they climb trees and leap into the water to swim away. Because of their size, water monitors need spacious enclosures. Asian Water Monitor Enclosures. or more. A cozy place for anyone who loves cold-blooded creatures of the world. Not only that, but their long lifespan will allow you to form quite a bond! It’s recommended that hatchling water monitors are fed daily to every other day for their first year of life. There are several other varieties that are currently being worked with in the U.S. and abroad. If you are very lucky they do. This monitor is an obligate carnivore, which means it only eats meat. Asian water monitor care can be quite difficult and time consuming. Depending on the temperature in the nest, it can take anywhere from 6 to 7 months for the eggs to hatch. You can look through the album of my build for my tegu but I used pine plywood sheets and 2x4s for the actual cage and used DRYLOK extreme to seal the inside surface. Keeping the humidity at the proper level can be a bit tricky (especially in such a large enclosure). Correct temperatures in conjunction with correct humidity are two significant factors in maintaining a happy, healthy animal. And if you’re one of the bold reptile-lovers who is interested in owning this monitor as a pet, you’ve come to the right place. The humidity level in their habitat should stay between 60 and 70 percent. We do think it’s a positive extra to make a diet compleet. Once a properly sexed pair is identified they can potentially be paired together. However, you still need to exercise caution even if your monitor is very used to you. You have of course every right to decide this yourself. There are several mutations/morphs now available in captivity. At this stage you need to move them to a bigger enclosure around 150x80x70cm would be great. The Asian water monitor is not easy to care for and requires very advanced reptile-care knowledge. Here we hope to contribute to quality husbandry with reptile supply recommendations and tips. You have to insulate the enclosure even more if it’s in the basement, garage or the attic (maybe you have placed it against a cold wall or floor) it’s very possible that the temperatures in your enclosure are not that good in the winter. The preferred monitoring method at our facility however is ultrasounding female water monitors. Since they are scavengers, it’s perfectly fine to give them pre-killed prey. Some may only grow a few feet long, while others can reach nine feet in length. As a monitor gets bigger, it stops being totally insectivorous, and it will enjoy trying whole prey items such as rodents, fish and poultry. For yearlings, a custom enclosure measuring 4’x4’x4’’ is sufficient, and adults will need to be upgraded to an enclosure approximately 8’x6’x8.’  When decorating an enclosure with lizard habitat products, it is particularly important to utilize vertical space as this will increase the surface area available for the lizard. Babies we feed daily, adults 1 or 2 times a week. (Please know that this is our experience with the smallest species of Komaini, they have the same size as Cumungi and Macromaculatus).


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