what is primal fear in psychology
This may have been why she was unable to detect that the client was faking his symptoms of a multiple personality disorder. The psychiatrist on the stand, although relevant to clinical psychology, is also relevant to the concept we’ve discussed in class regarding experts. When Martin discovers Roy (Aaron’s second personality) he feels empathy for Aaron and wants him to receive help. Martin Vail is a defense attorney who likes to seek the spot light. One of the final areas of psychology that we see in the film is that Aaron could have had multi mental issues such as thought disorder as well as well as delusions. When it comes down to it, there was lots and lots of lying going on in this film and Vail had to always be on his game in regards to lie detection. He had moved to Chicago a couple years ago from the south and the bishop gave him a place to stay after his 19th birthday in exchange for preforming/producing pornography. Attorneys may not know whether their client is guilty or not guilty of the crime the prosecution is trying to charge them with. I have never heard of Primal Fear until this class. This film also goes into detail about the attorneys’ reasoning for prosecuting or defending individuals. This basically means that the judge will be the one to make the decision on the case. Because of the issue of double jeopardy, Stampler can’t be tried for the same crime now that this evidence has been released. Social psychology is the scientific study of how we think about, influence, and relate it to one another. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), clinical psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, and reverse psychology (manipulation) are some psychological areas covered in the film. Either way, Aaron/Roy was a cold blooded killer. The movie portrays well how a direct and cross examination goes. This is fear’s primary function, and it’s a crucial one, mobilizing us to respond effectively to life-or-death situations. The film’s tagline; "sooner or later a man who wears two faces forgets which one is real", explains this idea best. I enjoyed how much this movie played into what we have been learning because I understood a lot of what was happening. Vail, though seemingly authentically attracted to her, looked upon Venable as a challenge. The defense did not know anything about this piece of evidence. She asked him to state whether the shoes contained evidence from the crime scene of the archbishop. The story follows the murder of an archbishop with the suspect of a young alter boy, Aaron Stampler. He says that everyone is innocent until proven guilyt. 6  Pages. Martin comes into talk to him about the trial because he figured out that Aaron had all the intent to kill the Archbishop because Aaron was forced to make a sex tape with another girl and another altar boy. However, Vail wanted a professional to interview him to conclude whether or not he really was competent; this is what led to the discovery of Stampler’s “multiple personality disorder.” We know that Stampler was competent to stand trial because he understood his current legal situation, he understood the charges against them, he knew what pleas where available, he knew the possible penalties if he were to be convicted, he supposedly understood the roles of the judge, defense counsel, and prosecutor, and he trusted and communicated with defense counsel, which was Mr. Vail. After Aaron attacked Janet during the trial, the judge decided to dismiss the jury in favor of a bench trial and a blind plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. The psychologist states that Aaron suffers from multiple personality disorder that could explain for his loss of time and the reason that he was experiencing the memory loss. While a neuropsychologist held a cognitive interview with Aaron, she found that he had multiple personality disorder, which is called dissociative identity disorder today. Dr. Arrington said the following during her expert testimony: “He is not capable of murder, he is far too traumatized to express normal anger and frustration. Primal Fear was a great movie that displayed different types of Psychology. Prosecutor Venable took the case for very different reasons. During the trial however, Martin still made Aaron see a psychiatrist. We see this when the psychologist is introducing herself to Aaron and trying to make him comfortable during the interview. Key Terms: Weapon-Focus Effect, Similarity-Leniency Hypothesis, Reasonable Doubt, Burden of Proof, Cross-Examination, Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI), Malingering, Competency, Double Jeopardy. The defense then called in the expert, a neuropsychologist to evaluate Aaron's psychological state. As he stated in the very beginning of the movie, there is no truth in the courtroom. Marty Vail is a hotshot famous defense attorney who is known for being able to getting people off of their charges. As the trial proceeded their was witnesses that came up to the stand and were questioned. However, as relevant as it is, it became only a part of what was happening in the movie. First, I’ll briefly discuss the term of pro bono. Some people are adrenaline seekers, thriving on extreme sports and other fear-inducing thrill situations. Elements and themes of Chapter seven of our Minds on Trial book are present in the film. How to Face Your Fears: Healthy Ways to Cope, How Phobias or Persistent and Extreme Fears Are Treated, Coping With the Fear of Dead Things (Necrophobia), The Different Factors That Cause Certain Phobias to Develop. A psychologist may interview someone who possibly has a disorder that would make them incompetent to stand trial, or prove them to have been insane at the time of the crime, but their report is not necessarily on facts; it is just what the psychologists believes to be true in that particular client. They used certain music in order to evoke our sensory and perception. Vail ended up plotting against her by sending an anonymous video to her doorstep. I found many connections between the book and the movie, and it gives great examples of what lawyers do either to win or prove their case.


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