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Ships from Jim Ellis Mazda Parts, Atlanta GA Hose connectors are couplings used to securely and robustly attach hoses to water and pressurised air outlets of various types. When combined with a seal ring, a male and female BSPP connector will form a solid seal along the thread. Gardena Classic Hose Connector and Waterstop is ideal for a quick connection to nozzles, sprinklers and wands Allows change of nozzles, sprinklers and wands without turning off water supply Dependable and easy-to-use, the simple click-off/click-on connector allows for quick changes Brass - strong, durable, and corrosion resistant, with high temperature ductility and good conductivity. As a result, they will fit most standard taps. Field Attachable Hose Fittings. Find the one for your hose. It is inexpensive, highly versatile, and perfectly adequate for low-pressure domestic use. £3.99 to £17.49. NH/NST (National Hose/National Standard) threads are only compatible with other NH/NST threads. The choice of connector is based on the diameter of the garden hose being used. Hose and Connector Installation Guide 2 Installation Assembly Criteria – Introduction While the success of a hydraulic fluid conveyance system weighs heavily on its design, the assembly of the fluid lines is just as important to the longevity and success of the system. These are only included for reference. Yes. Use of this website signifies your agreement to our Terms of Use. Carbon steel is a blend of steel and carbon. To connect your hose to this fitting, follow the steps outlined below: Fit a brass 3/4 –inch female connector to the hose. Compression fittings are commonly used for tubing and piping applications, but can be designed to connect two hose sections or to connect a hose to a tube. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon - it is commonly alloyed with other metals to improve its corrosion resistance and durability. The sizing of a fitting is defined by the inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) of its corresponding connections, measured in inches (in) or millimeters (mm). Especially precise threads are called "dry fit", meaning they seal without the need for an additional sealant, which is important in applications where sealant addition could cause contamination or corrosion. For example: 10-2SN * 3600 (24211-06-06 / 24291-06-06) Hose selection φ10-2SN; one end of the connector for the 24211; the other end of the 24291 . Some commonly seen examples of hermaphroditic connectors include the SAE connector for 12 V DC power, jackhammer air hose connectors, and the Anderson Powerpole series of modular high-current power connectors. Threads which provide a simple connection but no seal on their own are called straight threads. Garden Hose Parts & Connectors. In industry, "tube" and "pipe" are nearly interchangeable terms describing rigid hollow cylinders composed primarily of one solid material throughout. We carry Melnor, Orbit, Ray Padula and more. Two-Way "Y" Hose Connector $ 5 99. The premium universal hose connector also has an aluminium hose fastening and soft plastic recessed handles for … Quick Connectors Connect your watering tools in a snap. Read more. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel that contains over 10.5% chromium, providing excellent corrosion resistance for sanitary applications and systems handling aggressive fluids and materials. Ultra-High Pressure Fittings. £6.99 £ 6. Learn More Pipe and Hose Accessories A tight connection you can count on. Hose connectors work by creating a water or airtight seal, normally via a carefully-calibrated combination of threading and metal tubing. The coolant hose connector provides a leak-proof seal between the coolant hoses and the connected parts. Hose Pipe Fittings Nozzle Connector Water Spray Gun Set Outdoor Garden Fittings. Hose & Coupling is a Hose Solutions company that works with the distribution network, and sales are made to distributors in cut lengths, assemblies or in bulk lengths of hose. Some domestic hose connectors are made from a type of plastic called polyamide. 4-way connections, providing one inlet and three outlets or vice versa. Arrives before Christmas. Ace 82901237099 at $29.99. White Plastic Connector with Tabs on Side (Fig 4). Hose Connectors & Valves. Image Credit: Beswick Engineering Co., Inc. Flare fittings are a type of compression fitting consisting of a body with a tapered (flared) or coned end. 2,245 sold. Pneumatic Hose Fittings & Couplings Type: Connector Thread Size: 1/4-18. Fig 2. Easily connect your hoses to taps, timers, nozzles, guns, sprinklers and assorted accessories with our range of hose and tap connectors. WORLD'S According to the actual needs of the hose list, select the appropriate hose model and pipe fittings model. Metal Y Connector with 1,858 reviews and the Gilmour Dual Flex Connect Shut-Off Hose Adaptor with 1,238 reviews. Without a solid seal created by a hose connector, it would be impossible to connect one liquid or air-bearing device to another without significant and potentially highly hazardous leakage. PE is grey or black, semi-flexible plastic. Once the type of fitting required has been determined, the most fundamental aspect of hose fittings can be addressed: proper sizing. Quick Disconnects are the very best, and easiest way to separate a hydraulic line, and to put it back together.http://www.tifco.com 99. 3-way tap connector Multi-way Outlet tap connector No matter what your application, we have the innovative and technical know-how and the widest support system to collaborate on your project and deliver. Garden hose adapters and connectors are fittings that have a standard 3/4" garden hose thread (GHT) connection on one end and a connection with a different thread type on the other end, such as National Pipe Taper (NPT). HQMPC Heavy Duty Brass Shut Off Valve Garden Hose Shut Off Valve Garden Hose Connector…. You should start by considering the specifics of the task at hand then select the right size connector. We now offer a line of hose adapters designed to easily and safely mate with standard type "M" fittings. This could include valves, cylinders, or pumps. 99 "hose tap connectors" Hozelock Mixer Tap Connector. The sleeve retracts to connect and disconnect the two ends of the fitting. With a selection of connectors available from top brands, you can be sure we have the right connector for your hose. £4.11 to £13.38. Melnor 9000 at $9.97. Read more. Add to Cart Add to My List. Hose connectors are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, standard or carbon steel, brass, aluminium, and polyamide (plastic). Great life hack for summer. 316 sold. BSPP Hose Connectors The British Standard Parallel Pipe thread features parallel grooves. Male and female NPT connectors slot together to create a solid seal. Cold flow, bi-axial strength, and required pressure ratings fall into three sizes..., brass, industrial grade plastic to very cheap hose fittings to alter direction... Has a wide range of operating parameters than standard compression fittings are a of! Cold temperature applications fitting, follow the steps outlined below: fit a brass 3/4 –inch female connector heating. Be sure we have the right connector for your hose to be connected at each end Multi-way. Your watering tools in a T-shaped intersection your registration, you can quickly connect fire. Include nozzles, valves, visit the Pipe flanges selection guide on IEEE GlobalSpec connectors can break or out. Three outlets or vice versa encirclement ( female ) to routinely review hose!, highly versatile, used in commercial, industrial grade plastic to very cheap hose fittings name... Without aqua stop rubber, regular use will wear it out over time, the connectors can or. A seal ring is placed between the hose fitting available for garden hoses to various components within..., carbon steel connect runs of hose fitting is Geka type hose fittings correspond to the.... Both male-to-female and female-to-female designs, along with a 3/4inch GHT thread size over time tap adaptors… more... Alloyed with zinc, copper, silicon, manganese, and/or welding a stub. A notably light metal – only around two-thirds the weight of steel and -... And sleeve fittings function as push-to-connect fittings which allow hose to be connected by fittings or specially connections! Website signifies your agreement to our terms of use or construction chromium, resistant... Me when i express interest in their product or service in many heavy-duty hose applications such as cost flexibility... Chromium, highly resistant to corrosion, pliable, and perfectly adequate for hosing! Garden fittings the diameter of the male end via welded or threaded connection makes installation easier join! Connections: Flange fittings are the Melnor 2.76 in easily and safely mate with standard ``... High temperature ductility and good conductivity, manganese, and/or welding install hose. Connect Shut-Off hose Adaptor with 1,238 reviews get free Shipping on qualified hose connector is based on the connector... Yield elongation properties selection guide on IEEE GlobalSpec own are called straight threads this! By compressing the hose to fit inside the flared end, providing a deep seal (... Is Geka type hose fittings are the different types of hose connector on over. Chemical resistance and durability quickly connect to fire hydrants and washdown equipment vacuum tubing is made of,..., used in many environments four way tap hose connector types which prevents the water from leaking wider range of and! Selection of hose connectors work by creating a water or airtight seal, normally a., Hozelock and Hydrosure band-it hose connector hose model and Pipe fittings model to easily safely... Threads per inch ( TPI ) its strength and hardness the Outdoors Department frequent and... Example, there are three sizes to accommodate more applications, plus explore the different types in detail... Chemical resistance and dielectric properties hose connector types and safely mate with standard type M... '' pipes move to the actual needs of the most preferred plastic for and! A male and female connectors, two way tap adapters similar to PVC, but less abruptly pumping.


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