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Upstairs in Fancy's room, Pretty decides to use Alistair's device to make her sister turn on Luis. ... See full summary », Since girlhood, TAYLOR has believed that love and marriage are the most important events in every woman's life. Passions is an American soap opera set in the fictional town of Harmony, New England. Endora cures Father Lonigan and he is able to see again. Thursday, When the nurses come into his room, they are concerned about complications since Little Ethan has a fever. They then have a limbo contest and Tabitha is less than thrilled when she throws her back out. Endora is unable to return to the way she used to be.   |  At the mansion, Gwen surprises Theresa and her mother when she decides to keep Theresa's secret for a little while longer. 21 August 2020 At hearing this, Julian and Valerie try to convince Eve that Vincent is really dead. When Sam is getting ready to arrest Kay, Tabitha arrives home, making Kay happy to know she didn't kill her. They then announce their plan to get married and Noah gets the idea to have a double ceremony. Viki and Vincent are taken away by the police. Upon their arrival at the mansion, Theresa shockingly discovers that Rebecca and Gwen knows her secret and intends to tell Ethan when he returns from the kitchen. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Luis fight about their search for Marty when Tabitha uses her magic to make them kiss. sealed $39.99 | If you're not into the unrealistic stuff and feel the need to complain, just don't watch. Julian, son of Alistair Crane, is the current head of the Crane family. He then runs after Fancy, leaving Sheridan to hear she's a true Crane by Pretty. Elsewhere, Ethan is shocked when Little Ethan calls him daddy and becomes furious at Theresa for making her son think he can be a replacement for Jonathan if he were to die. At the mansion, Sheridan and Gwen catching up on what's been going on while the Demon Elf spies on them. Rebbecca and Gwen are worried that everyone will find out what they have been up to. As Theresa tells her sister about what's going on with Ethan and their son, the doctor, Gwen, and Ethan show up. Back at the hospital Theresa decides to have Little Ethan tested to help Jonathan while Ethan prays for a miracle. As Ethan holds the baby, Gwen pulls Theresa aside and lets her know that she plans on getting Ethan away from her and that she doesn't care if he loves her more. When Fancy tells Pilar that she's going to let Luis know about her past with Pretty, Pilar suggests that she shouldn't. In the world of power and money, the wealthy and powerful Crane family rule the town of Harmony from their mansion on Raven Hill. When Vincent realizes his name is on the list of people Alistair wants dead, he runs from Spike. While in the attic, they discover a severed hand that they suspect is a prop, but are soon startled to find that it is real. Tabitha agrees to give away all her powers to help those who have died and after she has they start to recover. When Esme tells Fancy that she's worried that her behavior might send Luis back into Sheridan's arms, Pretty walks in, offering to help her sister hold onto Luis. Jesse and Jen are married. Sent from. When Kay discovers that Miguel is being tortured, she finally agrees she won't get in the way of Tabitha's evil magic. She soon wakes up and realizes that she should tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan so they can see if he's a match for Jonathan. Meanwhile, Sheridan is pleased to learn Pretty is on her way to the prison, but soon becomes worried when a guard won't let her past security. Viki and Vincent tell Tabitha she has arrived too late. - Passions 1999 ( Total : 26 DVDs includes ALL 128 episodes ) * You can See the Episodes Number beside the dates in BOLD.   |  As Tabitha looks to find a way to wreak havoc on Harmony, she discovers that Fancy, Sheridan, Paloma, and Noah have found their way to the Book Café. When Whitney goes upstairs to check on Miles, Eve gets a shocking surprise from Vincent. Meanwhile, Rebecca finds Ethan talking to the inmate and is able to stop him from telling Ethan the truth. At Eve's, she remains convinced that the only reason why Julian wants to keep quiet about Vincent is to protect Crane Industries and they soon begin fighting about their relationship. Juanita refuses to back up Theresa's story. Alistair then insists that Marty is dead and that may he be stricken dead if he is lying. At Tabitha's, Kay is missing Endora and Miguel when Endora zaps in some presents for her mother. 6 -. As Tabitha continues to use her magic to make life in Harmony miserable, Noah and Fancy wonder how they ended up in bed after Sheridan and Paloma walk in on them in bed. Fearing that Gwen will tell her family about her secret, Pilar reluctantly agrees to help Gwen keep Theresa away from Ethan. When Fancy swears Esme couldn't kill anyone, Julian chimes in with who he suspects killed his son: Miguel and Kay and orders Sam to investigate his daughter. Instead of celebrating life and career successes, the four early-... See full summary », When two femme fatales have their pockets picked in Spain, they go on the grift. Passions DVD, Passions DVD, Passions DVD, Passions DVD, Passions DVD, Passions DVD. At Tabitha's, she finds out that Fox intends to have Spike kill Miguel while he is working on his car. It is at this point when Kay discovers what Tabitha is doing to her brother and decides to use her magic to get Tabitha to stop toying with Noah. At the hospital, Rebecca fears that Theresa told Ethan the truth, only to discover Alistair is with Theresa instead of Ethan. A Tabitha's, she, Edna, and Norma are talking about Endora's power when her magical bowl wheels itself into the room, revealing the identity of the blackmailer. At Valerie's, Eve tries to convince the blackmailer that she and Julian truly wanted to keep them when they where born, but they don't believe her. Later, when Tabitha tells the dark side she paid the ransom, a magical orb carrying Endora floats into the living room. After he storms away from her, Theresa vows to find a way to have Little Ethan save Jonathan. Ethan tries to stop the bomb from going off. Vincent can't be Valerie. At the Justice of the Peace's office, Whitney arrives in time to find out what Gwen and Rebecca plan to do to Theresa. Instantly find any Passions full episode available from all 10 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more! While walking on the pier, Sheridan comes across Ethan and Theresa and agrees to stay with Theresa when Ethan has an errand to run. As the blackmailer listens in on Eve and Julian's talk of their son, she rushes out of the apartment when she tries to let Julian know about how unique their son is.


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