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She wrote her Piano Concerto in A minor at age 14, with some help from her future husband. how many movements are in a typical symphony? [24] A year later Clara Schumann wrote in her diary that in a concert on 11 November 1845, "little Joachim was very much liked. [31] She planned a second piano concerto, but only a Konzertsatz in F minor from 1847 survived. "[70] Her husband also expressed concern about the effect on her composing output: Clara has composed a series of small pieces, which show a musical and tender ingenuity such as she has never attained before. What is unusual about the ending of the song In the Lovely Month of May? winds, brass, strings, timpani, choir, and four soloists. [79] By the mid-1850s, after Robert's decline, the young Brahms had joined the cause,[80] and to promote her ideals and protect what she saw as an attack on her husband's beliefs, she, Brahms, and Joseph Joachim[81][82] formed a group of conservative musicians[83] who defended Robert Schumann's critical ideals of the legacy and respectability of music, the pinnacle of which had been Beethoven. in the orchestral prelude to Act III of Wagner's Die Walkure, the Ride theme is primarily played by: which does NOT characterize the music for Act III Scene I of Die Walkure. [44] She continued her annual winter-spring concert tours of England, giving 16 of them between 1865 and 1888, often with violinist Joachim.[45]. which form found in symponies is most likely to be strongly rhythmic and dancelike? The great hall of the conservatory's new building is named after her. Although frequently associated with the male voice, the work was dedicated to the great soprano Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient,[1] so that the precedent for performance by a female voice is primary. of the following, which is NOT an orchestral work by Berlioz? Which of the following does NOT describe Schumann’s In the lovely month of May? In addition, Asch is German for "Ash," as in Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. [6], In the early 1840s the Schumanns were interested in the works of Franz Liszt and his young composer friends of what eventually became known as the New German School,[76] but in the second half of the decade they both became openly hostile toward Liszt[77] because of their more musically conservative outlook and beliefs,[78] Clara more so than Robert, as she had long been the more conservative aesthete in the Schumann marriage. the concept of a total artwork in which all the arts--music, poetry, drama, visual spectacle--are fused together is called, the principal themes in Wagners operas, whcih recur throughout a work and carry specific meanings are called, what composer's musical language was based on chromatic harmony, the emotional quality of Wagner's music is heightened by the use of, the librettist for Wagner's music dramas were, in the ring cycle who is the father of the gods, who are the valkyries in Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung.


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