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Get Directions, 405.424.8222 Number 10643 was built as C&S 10643. The BNSF computer shows this engine rebuilt from former BNSF 6507, but that core There are actually 4 more on lease this month. Vernon, IL, 04/87 to Indiana High Rail Corp. - scrapped, 06/84 SFS Precision National Corp. - Mt. orders is a major source and greatly appreciated. The BN car was built in 1970 by the International Car Company. Number 10036 was built as NP 10405. Mileage equalization between pooling roads frequently placed Burlington units from coast to coast, sometimes far from their assigned pool routes. Central of Georgia. Sean Graham-White's on-going reporting (via LocoNotes) of new locomotive It was re-built in 1969 or 1970. Number 11681 was built as SLSF 1706. Number 10014 was built in August 1969 by Morrison International Car Company as CB&Q class NE13b 13704. Weight: 52,300 lbs. This car was built by Pacific Car and Foundry in 1973. BN 11069, wood, no trucks, Lyon Farm Village, Kendall County Historical Society, Rt 71, Gone to? It was shortly rebuilt in kind (with dynamic brakes added) in 1984 to Data from Matt Petersen: 6300 Series (SD40-2's) and 6400 (SD45's) were renumbered to: ? Museum, Jackson St Roundhouse, BN 11446, steel, cupola, blt 1930, Galesburg RR Museum, Seminary & Mulberry Sts, (309) 343-1194, BN 11453, steel, cupola, built 1930, Livingston Jct Guest House, Hwy 23, N of town, BN 11454, Black Hills Central Railroad, PO Box 1880, Keystone SD 57745, (605) 574-2222, BN 11456, steel, cupola, blt 3/30, Location unknown, BN 11458, Union County Historical Society, Adams St, block W of Depot, BN 11465, steel, cupola, blt 4/30, Class NE 10, The Freight House Restaurant, BN 10397, steel, cupola, in NP Paint, behind Red Lodge Visitors Center in NP Depot, 8th and Oakes, Steel, streamlined cupola, blt 7/54, Hobo Inn, 54106 Mountain Hwy East, (360) 569-2500, BN 10402, steel, cupola, Mining Museum, with Alabama Central 28 steam locomotive & ore car, BN 10405, steel, cupola, Ol' Depot Store, Lake Rd & K-25, (913) 626-3114, BN 10409, steel, cupola, blt 8/54, Keith ?, owner, E side of town, BN 10410, steel, streamlined cupola, blt 9/54, Santa Fe Depot RR Museum/Visitor Info Center, BN 10411, steel, streamlined cupola, blt 9/54, North Dakota State Railroad Museum, BN 10413, blt 1954, La Paloma Restaurant, 8th & Q Sts, from Imperial NE, BN 10416?, Rt 385 at 1st Ave & Rd 60, 1 mile N of town, BN 10425, steel, cupola, American Eagle Distributing, Ft Morgan CO 17199, County Rd D21, BN 10343, steel, streamlined cupola, blt 1960, Illinois Rwy Museum, Olson Rd., (815) 923-4391. This is a general guide to Great Northern paint schemes on the different types of equipment and over the years. This caboose was built in 1929 by the American Car & Foundry Company as a Class Ce-2, with the original road number of 1756. Ex-BN < nee GN 908, 906, 909, 915, 905 & 914, See Note "W"; nee ATSF SD45-2s 5631 & 5657, See Note "W"; nee ATSF SD45-2s ATSF 5677, 5667 & 5675, See Note "W"; nee ATSF SD45-2s 5702, 5682 & 5663, See Note "W"; nee ATSF SD45-2s 5670 & 5678, Ex-BNSF 6469 & 6515 < ATSF 5819 & 5867 < ATSF SD45-2 5655 5638, Ex-BNSF (#n/a) & 6457 < ATSF 5856 & 5807 < ATSF SD45-2 5637 5647, Ex-BNSF 6465 < ATSF 5815 < ATSF SD45-2 5643, Ex-BNSF 6455 < ATSF 5805 < ATSF SD45-2 5666, See Note "W"; ex-ATSF SD45-2s 5659, 5656 & 5650, Re-#d from SD40-2R 1576 (2nd), nee C&S (BN) 7859, NRE rebuilt from GP40s (see Note "U"); lease expired -- many returned to NRE: Starting in the 1960s the GN also bought cabooses from an outside supplier;Morrison - International. BN 12534, ex-10113, steel, wide vision, blt 9/67, Children's Museum, Chambers & Mulberry Sts. Santa Fe SD45-2. Possibly the oldest CB&Q caboose remaining in existance. Burlington Northern Railroad caboose 10422 at Eola, Illinois on an unknown day in October 1981, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. The locomotives were numbered 940-969, following in sequence the year-old GP20's. The GP39E's from EMD have been upgraded to a 16-645D3 or 16-645D3A turbocharged engines, AR10/D14 main generators, Dash-2 electronic controls and are now rated at 2300 horsepower. We did back in 2018. Pooling power avoids lengthy terminal delays enroute, and could cut up to two days off a scheduled coast-to-coast run. 1309 ex-GN 6476 < ATSF 5826 < ATSF 7226 < ATSF 5654. Burlington Northern Railroad caboose 10133 at Clyde, Illinois on an unknown day in October 1981, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. Bob Kalal. This caboose was built in 1958 by the Great Northern Railroad at their shops in St. ** 22 of the 9700s have been converted by Progress Rail to SD70MACes: 9714, 16-18, 21, 25, 28-30, The Toppenish Washington railroad depot, built by the Northern Pacific Railway in 1911, … TrainLife is the #1 model train store to expand your N Scale model train collection. For information on historical societies for railroads that merged to become the BN or BNSF, click here. service on BNSF before it was pulled to be re-built. This unusual caboose was originally built as a 40-ton Class B-2 boxcar in about 1915 for the CRI&P Railroad. 12/81 SFS General Metals Company - Tacoma, WA, 06/87 SFS Precision National Corp. - Mt. This car was built by the International Car Company in 1972. Shortly after the announcement of the 2250 horsepower GP30, the Burlington placed a $5.8 million order for thirty of the new turbocharged V-16 locomotives. It was modified into a caboose in 1940’s by the Rock Island Railroad. Burlington Northern Railroad caboose 10360 at Cicero, Illinois on an unknown day in March 1982, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. and Robert C. Del Grosso's "Burlington Northern 1980-1991 Annual," ?, steel, cupola, Park, near I-70, very poor condition, ex-Rip Griffin, Limo, BN 10187, steel, wide vision, blt 3/64, Lucy Wells, (218) 879-1211, For Sale, BN 10188P, steel, wide vision, blt 1964, Heavenly, ex-Peoria/IL, BN 10190, steel, wide vision, World of Parrots, River City, USA, Amusement Park & Boat Ride, BN 10195, steel, cupola, blt 2/72, Henry Jr High School, MS 309, N of Downtown, Lincoln Station/BN 10200, steel, wide vision, blt 1964, CB&Q Depot, Haymarket District, w/loco/cars, BN 10222, steel, wide vision, blt 4/64, Volunteer Park, with NP 1354 4-6-0 steam locomotive, BN 10224, steel, wide vision, blt 4/64, Johnson County Community College, BN 10108, steel, wide vision, Depot Gardens Caboose Bed & Breakfast, from Pasco, WA, BN 10110, steel, wide vision, blt 9/67, St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern RR, (573) 243-1688. Burlingon Northern Railroad caboose 10761 and 11708 at Galesburg, Illinois on June 11, 1983, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. ), Units with a 2nd ATSF # in the 7200-7229 number series were painted in the red/yellow. (any help would be appreciated). Page Number 10136 was built by the Morrison International Car Company in September 1967 as CB&Q class NE13a 13668. Burlington Northern. A GN Dozer in Texas; GN H-5 4-6-2 #1355 ; Hustle Muscle Repainting; Empire Builder 75th Anniversary . Northern CA Wood, cupola, Jim & Kathy Marriott, Boulder CO Wood, cupola, Leo Hobeiz, N of jct. Burlington Northern Railroad caboose 10088 at Cicero, Illinois on an unknown day in March 1982, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. BN 10008P, steel, wide vision, Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad, BN 10011, steel, wide vision, near High School, northeast side of town, (18th Street & Box Butte Ave.) W/CB&Q steam locomotive 719 4-6-0, LC&S 5012, ex-BN 10013P, steel, wide vision, Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad, BN 10017, steel, wide vision, blt 8/69, Red Caboose Get Away, W Sequim Bay Rd., 683-2712, BN 10018, steel, wide vision, blt 8/69, Hwys 65 & F, BN 11189, wood, blt 3/25, 120th & Pine Lake Rd. Please Burlington Northern Railroad caboose 10148 at Memphis, Tennessee on June 20, 1986, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. FWD 109, wood, cupola, Eagle Park (closed), Gone to? Number 10143 was built by the Morrison International Car Company in October 1967 as CB&Q Class NE13a 13675. several PRLX GP38-2, GP40-2 and SD60Ms. BN 11010, Neil L. Lampson Co, E 61st Avenue, W of Clermont, Commerce City, Gone to? refer to TABLE G. Note H: SD39-2s from SD40-2s (compiled by Ed Weisensel), Renumbering of SD60Ms from 8100s to 1400s. Thanks also to the following sources for updates and corrections: Most headed for scrap, but still on roster, Ex-BNSF 270 < BNSF 3976 < nee SP SD39 5303, #100 & 130 are straight GP60m; ex-ATSF 100-158; (orig. Cloud. This caboose was built in 1878 by Wells and French as Burlington & Missouri River RR #10. Built as NP 10143. Burlington Northern Railroad caboose 10643, 10136, and 11681 at Cicero, Illinois on an unknown day in April 1981, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. 130, 133, 136 & 137. ATSF 2963. Burlington Northern Railroad caboose 10029 at Cicero, Illinois on July 24, 1987, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. Brush Gun Club, US 6, just E of split with US 34, Wood, Camp Fire Girls Camp Cimarron, Hwy 33, 1 mile E of Cimarron River Bridge. It was not uncommon to see three- to five-unit matched sets on Burlington's freights. Heritage of Rebuilt GP38-2's (2000-2039). Burlington Northern Santa Fe Annual (1997), Diesel Era Magazine, Extra 2200 South Newsletter, LocoNotes (internet), Eastern Rail News, The first GP30's were delivered to Lincoln, Nebraska in April of 1962, with the remainder of the order delivered by July. Number 10138 was built by the Morrison International Car Company in September 1967 as CB&Q class NE13a 13670.


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