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I’m only asking because my ESTJ mother has the Paranoid style and my ENFP mate has the Avoidant Style. There are signs that Beethoven had alcohol dependency issues, especially later in life. On the topic of the Eroica Symphony, which reflects Beethoven’s initial adulation for Napoleon, Solomon says: “[In this symphony, Beethoven] was able to evoke a dream heroism that neither he nor his native Germany nor his adopted Vienna could express in reality.”. Whether or Not Beethovan was INFP is not something I can comment on, but I have a disagreement with the tertiary Si part. With their tertiary Extroverted Thinking, ENFPs can often be surprisingly entrepreneurial with regards to motivating real-world movements and pushing for specific values and outcomes to be applied to the sphere of real-world affairs. Chopin is ISFP, don't type him INFP based on his compositions. A notable exception is ISTJ Alan Jackson who’s written or co-written about half of the songs he’s released. See more ideas about tango, musician, classical music. Read his manuscripts – they belie more than hypotheticals in online articles…. Composers' personalities can be as fascinating as their music, and one popular way to categorize personalities is the system invented by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers in 1962. Robin: The admins have a limited amount of time, and either too much material to sort through (in the case of Wagner) or too little (in the case of Bach). Andrew Yang is an INTJ and should be retyped. INTJ: Bach INFJ: ISTJ: ISTP: INTP: INFP: ISJF: ISFP … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Some people think every classic music composer is INFP. In this way, Ne carries the individual’s psyche through a multiplicity of loosely connected states and ideas, each somehow related to the next, but never quite dives as deeply into the archetypical realm as Ni does. The lyrics are often deep and meaningful and the singers are usually expressing a part of themselves in their songs, which perfectly fits the INFP. 9 is particularly relevant in that regard, and for me it’s actually the very beginning of the symphony that is significant. This assertion can be backed up by Solomon. This article is about one of the oldest personality type systems in the world — the four temperaments model. Mozart is ENFP, Vivaldi is ESFP. Regardless of his behavioral style, the fact remains that his judgments were wholly personal, and at all times, he was hesitant to speak objectively on behalf of any group, whether it be in terms of values (Fe) or standards (Te). Is there an article somewhere on here that contrasts all the functions in their repressed form? Davies makes an excellent case for Beethoven having a Paranoid style, possibly in conjunction with a Narcissistic style. This article does not reflect the views of the site admins, but Goist‘s own insights and assessments, which are not necessarily the same as those of the site. Again, when viewed from the outside, Beethoven’s place does seem to fit that of an archetypical INTJ. And none of the lyrics were personal until the latest album, so it took him like 10 years before he even wrote about his own life. Would this be a flash of Ni, perhaps? source 9. Tom Hanks and Billy Crystal were ENTPS at one point I believe. See more ideas about Jacqueline du pré, Jacqueline, Classical musicians. Beethoven does not speak of art as private, subjective self-expression, as is common for INFP artists, who often emphasize the value of the creative process rather than the final artistic product itself (and contrast that process with utilitarian, structured, Te-style activity). But I dont think of it as singing, I think of it as telling a story to music. So for me, an NTJ or SFP, but really an ENTJ or INTJ. May 3, 2020 - Astor Piazzolla. I’ll keep you posted. I have test INFP. :D. By the way, when a type is strongly or somewhat linked with a certain style, what does that even mean? truthful art is self-evidently great, timeless art. INTP-T and classical soprano here. Did they explain why T. Hanks and Billy Crystal were removed? Also, Muhammad might not be ESTJ actually. Bob Marley, Jamaican singer. According to some of his biographers, these personal records are more illustrative of his artistic genius than the finished works he published. Stolen Instrument: Stolen Violin at Los Angeles. Is this not evidence of Beethoven being an INTJ? Beethoven is INTJ. Tchaikovsky is INFJ, Wagner is a shitposting ENTJ. Join us in exploring the 16 personality types. Indeed, while Beethoven’s finished scores could sometimes be haphazard, the notebooks, which contain a wealth of pre-compositional material, are both elaborate and intact. Keirsey & son identify Diana as INFP. Think, for example, of the grandeur and archetypal artistic themes channeled by many of Beethoven’s larger works – struggle, victory, and a burning passion for radical change in the service of some grand idea. The Minnesota Orchestra's 2020 season is being broadcast on TPT and Classical MPR on select Fridays at 8 p.m. Correspondingly, while many INFP artists have railed against critics, their objection is usually to the very idea of criticism, of passing judgment on the product of another’s self expression. Lenny Kravitz, U.S. singer. Whereas Ni broods, slowly fusing the pieces into an overarching vision, Ne springs into action, seizing upon whatever novel or unexpected idea happens to catch its fancy and riding the idea in a state of intellectual exaltation until all immediate possibilities from it have been exhausted. Mozart was an ESFP. So, Fi > Te, by a long shot. So let’s look at the case for Ne. When Beethoven heard that Napoleon had seized power for himself (yet prior to Napoleon’s most autocratic deeds), Beethoven readily denounced him in the following manner: “Then he, too, is nothing but an ordinary mortal! Classical or modern. 1. Later in life, he remarks: Beethoven: “Formerly I was too forward in expressing my opinions and made enemies for myself – now I judge no one because I do not wish to injure anyone.”. INFPs, on the other hand, have inferior Extroverted Thinking, which, as both Eva Gregersen and Boye Akinwande have previously pointed out, typically makes them shy away from engaging with the “lesser of two evils” type of thinking that governs the majority of real-world tradeoffs. As mentioned, many of the stories and themes that surround Beethoven seem to rank up with the classical pointers for INTJ. “Beethoven, however, has no a priori objection to judgments and standards, he just thinks critics use the wrong standard and that his are more fitting.” Yes, this would indicate Fi or Ti, not Te, right? “Oh! Like many INFPs, Cobain possessed a … And I sing. In my estimation, the sources present us with evidence of Ne, not quite as obviously as Fi, nor quite as frequently; but the evidence is certainly there, and to a far greater extent than one could marshal evidence of Ni in Beethoven’s psyche. Wagner was typed here as ENTJ at some point but got removed. To that, I would add that ‘truth’ was a virtue that was very important to him, something that he strongly associated with authenticity of the self. I am starting to change my mind. Musicians and singers play instruments or sing for live audiences and in recording studios. Using their music to determine their type is extremely unreliable. Of course, free play happens in the process, and that will often generate ideas, but it’s not the ultimate point in-and-of itself. Bob Dylan; Fiona Apple; Corinne Bailey Rae; John Frusciante; Neil Young; Bob Marley; Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) Eddie Vedder; Bobby McFerrin; Tracy Chapman; Willie Nelson; Jeff Buckley; Joe Pug; Rocco Deluca; Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) Ben Gibbard; Joni Mitchell; Ben Harper; Fred Schneider (The B-52′s) Sarah McLachlan; Elliott Smith; Carlos Santana Your assumption here is that Fi types always withdraw their personal judgments from the public sphere. It does sound rather Nietzschian on it’s own, which is why it’s often thrown out there as evidence of an INTJ typing. ISFP. source 5. Famous people with the INFP… I had a strange experience at a friend's get-together a couple weeks back - After our musical performances (it was a get-together for musicians - we all played classical pieces we were working on) I was mingling as one does at such functions. “True art is imperishable, and the true artist feels inward pleasure in the production of great works”. then it seems more Fi than anything, at least to me. INFP musicians are thoughtful and known for the depth of emotion in their work. Any classical music fans out there? You do not know the secret cause which makes me seem that way to you, and I would have ended my life – it was only my art that held me back. While at the time of this writing, Beethoven is not yet added to the site, Goist here states his case for why Beethoven is INFP (in contradistinction to Lawrence Bevir’s more conceptual allusion to Beethoven as a possible INTJ here). Then there is the question of musical history. As the CelebrityTypes writer Boye Akinwande has also pointed out, the intensification and purity of these values is the end goal itself for IFP types. However, many performers of classical music and opera have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, what such a perspective would miss is the fact that Beethoven had already formed a consummate subjective ideal of what the ideal ruler should be like prior to having heard of Napoleon. ... Bird: "I got out of ... classical [music because I wanted] a more comfortable, enjoyable, social-music atmosphere. You will see me as happy as my lot can be here below, not unhappy. Symphony No. As Ryan Smith and Eva Gregersen have pointed out in their work, “Ni submerges previously assimilated insights from consciousness only to suddenly have them resurface as ingenious, creative new syntheses” and “goes from the many to the one.” Introverted Intuition is represented structurally as convergent motion, in which several fragments are absorbed unconsciously and developed over time, to finally converge on a holistic unified vision of great explanatory power. The INFP is very common among musicians, along with the ISFP. Fiona Apple, U.S. singer. Let me furnish three examples to this end: Beethoven: “Only with the deepest regret am I forced to perceive that the purest, most innocent feelings can often be misconstrued.”, Beethoven: “I possess the power of concealing and suppressing my sensitiveness with regard to a number of things; but if I am once roused at a time when I am susceptible to anger, then I speak straight out, more so than any other person.”, Beethoven: “True art is imperishable, and the true artist feels inward pleasure in the production of great works.”. Classical composers are rarely discussed in depth by typologists. Of these two dispositions, I would argue that Beethoven is a better fit for the latter. Beethoven’s music feels way more singular and grandiose than Schubert’s, who’s music runs wild and free with his imagination. source 3. Symphony No. Tori Amos, U.S. singer. Famous INFP Musicians. INFP here as well. source 4. However, addiction can happen to any type. That’s what I really call troublesome.”, O.G. Conversely, Beethoven’s letters do not reveal much of a disposition for fellow-feeling or mutualistic social graces. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Are you faking? Beethoven, however, has no a-priori objection to judgments and standards, he just thinks critics use the wrong standards and that his are more fitting. As I said, this difference can sometimes be paper-thin. That data contains first hand examples of how he physically undertook his compositional process and through that one can glean a bit about his petsonality.


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