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You knew that lost of your followers were Armys, and if they learned that you had broken up with Jungkook, they would unsubscribe, leaving you with few subscribers. You patted your cheeks trying to make the heat from the blush fade away, it wasn’t everyday that you received compliments like that, a half smile formed in your face. Either way, thank you always. You quickly took your sight from your cellphone, and examined the glass doors. Finally, when both of you had stopped laughing, him positioned over your body, with both arms on the sides of your head, he had said: “Don’t worry, in some years.. The walls were covered in a shiny marble, that if the design modern design of the building wasn’t enough to make it fancy, this elevated the level of elegance hugely. I don’t exactly know how many But I think there is only one manager of them (if you are not counting bts world LoL) who is sejin. You sighted, reaching for the foor of your cab. “I am really glad that you accepted my proposal Miss Y/L/N. Artists got ‘Married’ in some sort of way, and started living as a married couple. Is this the time for the daily rollercoaster of Bangtan feels? - Bang PD did realize Bangtan bring something to him, staffs, and company. Wanna One has couple paddings, couple necklaces, couple bracelets, still contacts everyday, plan to meet every 7/8, support each other's comebacks, plan to go on trips together, still mentions Wannables!!!! Quickly, you exited your apartment, closing the autmatic door behind you with an electronic sound. By Namjoon oppa explain. You had left your mouth hanging open, while staring at him blankly. Consisting of … “Ah, Y/N-ah! The status of your relationship with Jungkook was really complicated right now, as you didn’t knew if you were still a couple, or exes. You blocked your phone, saving it into your purse, as you walked with a new gained courage into the meeting room. Please accompany me this way to speak more comfortable.”. He positioned in the seat across you, taking some documents from the table. Yoongi and Seokjin are happy to give him hands on proof that they disagree. You made a good desition Miss.” You heard him say as you exited the room, looking for your phone in your purse. And also they're probably mentioned in the boys' 'Thanks to' for Wings, right? I will come to retrieve you when the van arrives.” The Manager told you while closing the door behind you., and left. You didn’t want to write this trough a text message, as it wouldn’t create the same impact as it would if Sejin told him. Did all of the staff of this agency knew about the offer the manager proposed you? You had thought a lot about the possibility of accepting the offer, it really had more advantages than everything. "Yaaaahhh, it's been a while., once jimin come back, sure thing that we will destroy Korea music industry like we did 3 years ago. “I am truly pleased for your visit, we have been waiting for your answer. We've been together since 'Boy in Luv' and I still remember asking what we were eating for lunch, how puzzled and happy you were. You noded, while examining the documents, indeed all of the legal process was well explained in here. Ugghhhh.... Bangtan is out to kill me with all these feels. Is it? “ The man on the line answered joyfully, as you now recognized his voice as the kind older brother that BTS had as a manager. Besides Seijin there are : This manager has been with them for a long time too!. That part really caught all my attention. However, this smile faded away and was replaced with a pout, when you remembered his answer. “Y/N-ah I already told you it is impossible at the moment…” You letted out a shaky breath. Sources? I’m Sejin, BTS Manager!. nochu, August 16, 2016 in Celebrity News & Gossip, "Hey guys. Same. He clearly busy enough during that hour…. Ko Euna - (Kim Minjung) BH receptionist and is very strict to rules. You always teased Jungkook that Dawon was his best friend, as the media ussualy compared them, and made them compete against one another. You sighted, slumping into the comfortable chair. There still alot but few that i can pick up. fc? He leaded through the hallways, taking you into a conference room that was really finely decorated in your opinion. “Miss Y/L/N, how are you? Apparently he's the short one people call "Jimin's personal manager" since they're always seen together. It haven’t passed long when you heard some footsteps approaching. And your face and expressions demonstrated it, as your looked into the mirror. Something that your needed for today, to give you extra confidence. You were not going to have an opportunity to talk to Jungkook before canceling him.. “Emm.. i'm still in shock due to the fandom collision (seriously, i've been a liverpool supporter for over 15 years!) Thank you.”. “However, he have to head quickly to the next program, that just Jungkook and Suga have been invited, it is going to be filming all through the night, and we have agreed on it for weeks, so we could not move it into another day..”, You felt your body freeze for a second time in this hour. “Ah… I sure that Namjoon-hyuna explained it, but I don’t remember.” He scratcher his head while sighting. Had he requested his company to place you and him on the program on purpose? BTS (Bangtan Boys) contact information (name, email address, phone number). And manager sejin told me, in this two or three months if he fully recovered, he'll join us and continue our schedule like before." Your theories about his obligation to the company for your participation were now destroyed, if he wasn’t the one porting this, then who did it?.


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