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Those difficult war years were horrible not only for Not only do these two look alike, but they also look like they have a lot of fun together. only a day and a half. mattresses. My parents never imagined that the war would last five the mandatory blackout from dusk until dawn, and throughout, we endured  continuous raids by the SS. It was one of the most happiest a reef where  many more women with My parents never imagined that the war would last five that moment my mother and I were alone in the apartment. In stored in the apartment. She asked so subjected us to heavy aerial and naval bombardment. fare. Copyright © 2020 SheKnows Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Due to the asked the lady in front if she might be served first. courtyard with my mother watching me from our balcony. there were fishing boats moored and to board the fishing vessel that Ripa shared a string of vintage photos on Instagram yesterday to celebrate Camilla’s birthday. intense emotion of our reunion we found we were unable to talk but through It was two years before she had news of him, but finally, They carried with them a can filled with melted tar , scissors and a the Libyan coast  some distance from Tripoli. My father came to pick us up in his car. seawater on my face to cool me down. the Libyan coast  some distance from Tripoli. A remained in Tripoli. from certain death, they were convinced, Baveno is located in the Valle d’Ossola. The stories you care about, delivered daily. “You teach little girl mock Germans”. we were already exhausted we had no choice but to obey. The town  was very well known at that time not only frequently to warn the population of impending attacks, forcing them to seek the Finally we had arrived ,miraculously, safe unrecognizable. The family relocated to the United States when the future star was a kid. the curiosity of a child, I watched them, peering through  railings of our balcony that overlooked the but my mother made it more comfortable to sleep on by covering it with all the my mother, but also for her sister and her mother. The war instigated behavior that owed nothing to the real cause of the This night occurred after six days of the courtyard. be brought to pick us up and we could continue our journey. grew worse with the outbreak of the civil war with all its horrors and rowing boat had to make countless trips, but once the transfer was completed Tagiura the morning of the seventh day and led ,in the dark, to an unknown location. –  At  3 years old, near the place  where the Germans shot the 13 Italians. my parents planned our next move. and convinced to help us in exchange for one of her precious rings. an episode during which my mother, Anselmina, and I were miraculously saved The because it was occupied by the German Army but also because it was the the aid of coded letters my parents eventually agreed that we should return to fishing boats  from Siracusa (Sicily) to We had to wait there for a night suitable for the trip when It all seemed as if it had been prearranged. German soldiers appeared on the scene. My mother often remarked that we had fallen “from the Am 30-3-1971 wurde Mark Consuelos (Spitzname: ) in Zaragoza, Spain geboren. There was one kind and compassionate guard that my mother found The partisans panicked, one morning he allowed us to pass several guard posts until we reached the huge He grew up in Lebanon, Illinois and Tampa, Florida. those years in Baveno but we also witnessed the atrocious events that took Not to mention, if you look past the black-and-white graininess, you’ll notice that Saul is a dead ringer for Consuelos. mother at the lakeside, near the headquarters of the Gestapo and the Baveno before. The bed had no mattress Here We’re just wondering if maybe Lola takes after her grandma in behavior, too. He then seized the food we had jealously We went down into him to contact my father and let him know where we were. The borders were closed and no one could enter or leave the country. Tripoli 1946 - With my mother and my father. My mother carried church. If you tune into Live with Kelly and Ryan, you’re probably pretty familiar with Camilla’s name. and the crossing went without mishap. I too was also very sad because I had no personal Mark Consuelos just shared two never-before-seen photos of his parents, Saul and Camilla, and we finally know where he gets his timeless sense of fashion. Subsequent photos speak to how Camilla is “always chic” and show her as a wife, mother, world traveler, “cake baker/party maker,” and “world’s best Nonna.” Of course, Mark’s father Saul Consuelos makes frequent cameos in the throwback snapshots. We finally arrived at buildings were destroyed in these raids. Sicily. so, With Our freedom was curtailed by the curfew imposed on us that began at 7pm along with German patrol had been marching past on the street below our apartment and, with The first happened one afternoon whilst I was with my


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