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Find out more, Prophecies and Scientific knowledge in Bible preserved since 3 Millenniums These books seek to give a rational account of Shi'a theology in contrast with the Ash'ari, Mu'tazili and other theological schools of Islam. These books seek to give a rational account of Shi'a theology in contrast with modern Western ideologies including Marxism and Liberalism during the 20th century. endobj What Is Islam? A Note On Some Recent Western Writing On Islamic Resurgence, A Numeric Classification of Traditions Oncharacteristics, A Replay To Belief of Mahdism in Shia Imamate, A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims, A Short Biography of Imam Jaffer As-sadiq(a.s), A Short History of Ethics: a History of Moral Philosophy From the Homeric Age To the Twentieth Century, A Short Treatise on The Divine Invitation, A Short Treatise on The Guardianship of the Jurist, A Strife-free Dialogue (A Step towards Understanding), A Study in the Philosophy of Islamic Rites, A Study of Polytheism and Idolatry in the Qur’an, A Study of Sunni and Shii Traditions Concerning Tahrif [of Holy Quran] Part 1, A Study of Sunni and Shii Traditions Concerning Tahrif [of Holy Quran] Part 2, A Study of Sunni and Shii Traditions Concerning Tahrif [of Holy Quran] Part 3, A Survey Into the Lives of the Infallible Imams, Abu Hurayra and the Falsification of Traditions (hadith), Adab as-Salat: The Disciplines of the Prayer Second Revised Edition, Ahl al-Bayt, The Celestial Beings on the Earth, Ahlul-bait (a.s.) in the Qur'an and the Prophet's Traditions (sunnah), Ahlul Bayt the Household of the Prophet of Allah, Akhlaq al-A’imma, Morals & Manners of the Holy Imams, Al-Amali, The Dictations of Shaykh al-Mufid, Al-ghazali’s Argument For the Eternity of the World and the Problem of Divine Immutability and Timelessness, Al-Imam al-Mahdi, The Just Leader of Humanity, Al-'imam Al-rida [a] and the Heir Apparency, Al-Mizan An Exegesis of the Qur'an, vol 1, Al-Mizan An Exegesis of the Qur'an, vol 2, Al-mizan an Exegesis of the Qur'an (volume Eight), Al-mizan an Exegesis of the Qur'an (volume Four), Al-mizan an Exegesis of the Qur'an (volume One), Al-mizan an Exegesis of the Qur'an (volume Two), Al Mizan an Exegesis of the Quran (volume Seven), Al-muqaddimah Al-ajurrumiyyah [on the Science of Arabic Grammar], Al-Nass Wal-Ijtihad, Text and Interpretation, Al-Shahid al-Thani: Zayn al-Din al-Jub'i al-Amili, Al-Siraj: The Lantern on the Path To Allah Almighty, Al-tawhid Some Old Manuscripts of the Holy Qur'an, All Solutions are with the Prophet’s Progeny, Alone With the Beloved: the Words of ʿalī B. Al-Ḥusayn Inthe Ṣaḥīfa Sajjādiyya, Alternative Sociology: Probing into the Sociological Thought of Allama M. T. Jafari, Ammar Ibn Yasir (ra) - A Companion of the Prophet ('s), An Aesthetic Representation of Alfred North Whitehead's Philosophy of Mathematics Education, An Annotated Bibliography of the Works of Sadr Al-din Al-shirazi (mulla Sadra) With a Brief Account of His Life, An Approach to the Understanding of Islam, An Enlightening Commentary into the Light of the Holy Qur'an vol. Please keep in mind books may not be in their cleanest state, and that bugs may exist. It is a book on medicine and anatomy by Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha the 8th Twelver Shia Imam who wrote this book on the request of Abbasid Caliph Mamun who was so impressed with the work that asked to rewrite it with golden Ink thus it is called Golden Treatise. 1, Mikyalul Makarim Fee Fawaaid ad-Duaa Lil Qai’m vol. Then again another book by him Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya الصحیفه السجادیه, Scripture of Imam Sajjad. "[Mustadrak al-Wasail, vol. The Four Books have been praised by many, but not all, notable Shia scholars. Download PDF\'s: holy books, sacred texts and spiritual PDF e-books in full length for free. %���� ), Anecdotes From the Lives of the 14 Ma’sumeen, Animals Welfare Acts and Utilization Limits in Islam, Aristotelian Perspectives For Post-modern Reason (i), Aristotelian Perspectives For Post-modern Reason (ii), 'ashura: Misrepresentations and Distortions Al-tawhid, Ashura Poems in English Explained and Annotated (volume 1). Hussain (grandson of Muhammad and son of Ali ibn Abi Talib) was killed at the Battle of Karbala. Starting from the books that are famous for commentary on Quran i.e Tafseer books. Ayat ut Tatheer: To Whom Does the Purification Verse Refer To? Thank you! endstream This book is actually supplications and praises which he wrote after Karbala and helped in reestablishing true Islamic teachings and importance of jihad and martyrdom and helped Muslims in uprisings against tyrant rulers. Translation & Commentary (the Example Commentary in Brief)(volume Three), The Holy Quran Text. Find out more, Topic List & Subject wise Quran arranged in Index and categories 20, An Enlightening Commentary into the Light of the Holy Qur'an vol. Find out more, Condensed Summary of Main Topics and Theme of each Book of Bible 2, The Role of Holy Imams (a.s.) in the Revival of Religion Vol. Quran in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish And Urdu. "[Mustadrak al-Wasail, vol. 13, An Enlightening Commentary into the Light of the Holy Qur'an vol. Find out more. 4 0 obj Hinduism's Online Lexicon - A-z Dictionary, History of Shi'ism: From the Advent of Islam up to the End of Minor Occultation, Human Rights Nature, Concept, Origin and Development, Humanitarian Rights in the Time of Appearance of the Mahdi (pbuh) Or World Promised Saviour, Hypocrites: A Commentary on Surah al-Munafiqun, Hypocrites (a Commentary On Surah Munafiqun), Ijtihad: Its Meaning, Sources, Beginnings and the Practice of Ra'y, Imam Al-mahdi (as) and Opponents : the Dialectic of Complementarily and Contradiction, Imam Al Mahdi, The Twelfth Khalifah In The Sahih Sunni Ahadith, Imam Al-mehdi (may Allah Hasten His Return), Imam ‘Ali’s First Treatise On The Islamic Ethics And Education, Imam ar-Ridha’, A Historical and Biographical Research, Imam Husayn's Revolution: An Analytical Review, Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s. And has several titles, such as “Sister of the Quran”, “Gospel of the Holy Household” and “Psalms of the Muhammad dynasty. The only book that scholars unanimously testify to its authenticity is the Quran. Then is Al-Risalah al-Dhahabiah الرسالة الذهبیة, which in English means The Golden Treatise. These books include discussions about Theology of Shi'a (Usul al-din or principles of religion): (Tawḥīd, Nubuwwah (Prophecy), Imamah, Adalah (Justice of God), Maʿad (Resurrection)), etc. Now some Hadith books, for non Muslim listeners hadith means sayings of Prophet Muhammad. By Alasdair Macintyre, Brief Bibliographical Guide in Medieval Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Brief Commentary On Hadeeth Al-Kisaa (Tradition of the Cloak), Bright Moon: A Collection of Poems of Imam Husayn (as), Commentary on Sermon 80 of Nahjul Balaghah, Commentary on the Supplication of Salawat Sha’baniyyah, Comparative Study of Shared Views of Muslim and Non-Muslim Scholars on Philosophy and Education, Concept of Justice, Utilitarianism and Other Modern Approaches, Contextualization: a New Missionary Approach To Muslims, Contributions of Islamic Scholars To the Scientific Enterprise, Craig and His Concept of Eternity: a Critique From the Standpoint of the Kālām, Criticism of the Idea of Arab Nationalism, Daily Supplications and Salats [prayers At Nights] of the Month of Ramadan, Daily Supplications For the Glorious Month of Ramadhan, Daughters of Another Path (experience of American Women Choosing Islam), Deforestation and the Islamic Stewardship Ethic, Dialectical Relations of Modernity and Tradition, Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms, Discussions Concerning al-Mahdi (May Allah Hasten His Return), Divine (allah’s) Judgment (hokm) Versus Human Judgment (hokm), Divine Revelation, Human Reason and Science, Dua On the Day of Arafa From Imam Hussain (a.s) and Imam Sajjad (a.s), Economic System in Islam Compared with Capitalism and Socialism, Environmental Protection in Islamic Shari`a, Environmental Protection in Islamic Shari’ah, Events and Circumstances Surrounding the Martrydom of Al-husain B. Ali, Events and Circumstances Surrounding the Martyrdom of Al-husain Bin Ali, Examples of Imam `ali’s (a.s.) Moral Virtues, Excerpts from the Holy Qur’an, an Eternal Guidance to Mankind, Excerpts From the Life and Letters of John Locke, Exemplary Youths during the Early Days of Islam, Explanation to the Belief of Mahdism in Shi'a Imamia, Explanation To the Belief of Mahdism in Shia Imamia, Extracts From Correspondence Between a Muslim and a Christian, Fabricated Traditions: a Critical Assessment of Traditions On Classification of Caliphs and Their Excellences, Fascinating Discourses of Fourteen Infallible (a.s), Fascinating Discourses of the Fourteen Infallibles (a.s), Fast of the Month of Ramadhan: Philosophy and Ahkam, Fasting According To the Five Schools of Islamic Law, Fatima (a.s): the Most Paramount Lady of Islam, Fatima az-Zahra’, The World's most outstanding Lady, Fatimah al-Ma`sumah (as): a role model for men and women, Fifty Lessons on Principles of Belief for Youths, Fixed and Variable Aspects of Islamic Legislation, Forty Hadith: The Awaited Savior of Humanity, Foundations and Purposes of Imam Mahdi's (a) Global Government, Freedom and Causality in Contemporary Islamic & Western Philosophy, From Marriage to Parenthood The Heavenly Path, Fundamentals of Islamic Thought: God, Man and the Universe, Fundamentals of Knowing God in Greek Philosophy and Divine Religion, Futures Studies in the European Ex-socialist Countries, Ghadir Khumm, Where Religion Was Brought to Perfection, Ghurar Al-Hikam Wa Durar Al-Kalim, Exalted Aphorisms And Pearls Of Speech, Glimpses of Shi'ism in the Musnad of Ibn Hanbal, God and Physics: From Hawking To Avicenna, Hadith Al-Thaqalayn, the Deposed Will of the Last Prophet to Humanity, Hajj The Islamic Pilgrimage According to The Five Schools of Islamic Law, Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. Message To Muslims: Come That We Burn All Books Written By All Saints Of Your Sects And Start A New Life. 3, An Enlightening Commentary into the Light of the Holy Qur'an vol. <> 1, Stories of the Prophets, Hazrat Ali Akbar,the Beloved Son of Imam Hussain(a.s.), Hazrat Zahra (s.a) and the Heart - Rending Episode of Fadak, Heart of the Qur'an: A Commentary to Sura al Yasin, Hermeneutical Foundations for Islamic Social Sciences.


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