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We are a specialist site dedicated to helping people who are thinking of converting to Islam. When you say “Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasuluh”, you achieve two things, that Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the slave, the worshipper and messenger of Allah. I took myself to Church for the Choir because I like singing. According to the Pew Research Centre, by 2050, the Muslim population is expected to grow at a faster rate than Christianity. I was in a haram marriage and we did not follow very well the Stamping of the certificate by the in-charge of the Embracing Islam Section. All essential data is made accessible on the site. The processes vary from one country to the next. help and ask for His forgiveness. As for the one who repents from evil (converting to Islam is the ultimate repentance), believe, and do good deeds, they are the ones whose evil deeds Allah will change into good deeds. whatsoever, chooses or wishes not to obtain a legal document or certificate be formally accepted as believers by the society at large, or so that they may told to repeat what the imam said and we would be married but i was not given a Having realized that she has adopted Islam by her own free will, we have informed her of the rights and obligations of a Muslim. I travelled 2 hours because I wanted my only Muslim friend to be present. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is IslamFaith is a team of ordinary Muslims with an immense love for the real, pure Islam and the message it brings - peace, surrender, submission to the Almightly God - Allah. This declaration of faith is called the Shahadah (declaration of faith) and is the first pillar of Islam. The reason some revert brothers and sisters choose to go They should get a handle on in the change into a honing Muslim. If someone told me a few years back I would convert to Islam and become a Muslim, I would laugh and walk away. Converting to Islam wasn’t something that happened very fast for me. Verily Allah is the best Guide. A closer and more significant and disentangle the biases that frequently obscure the impression of Islam, energizing Islamophobia. Steps for Announcement of Embracing Islam include: 1. Furthermore, I hereby and henceforth adhere to Islam as my Faith and Shari’ah. There’s no baptism, no odd rituals, or fancy ceremonies. Many new Muslims are told that it is obligatory for them to get a Shahada Certificate at the time of their conversion. The last person to make it into Paradise is a person who has not done any good in his life except to declare his faith in Islam, the Shahadah, so he was sent to hellfire to atone for his unrepentant sins. If you were Atheist mention that. for one to go to a worldly or a Shariah Court of Law, or a Masjid, or an Islamic Centre, etc. As it grew more and more popular, we began adding more and more Islamic content at the request of users to bring the site to where it is today. Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox! Visiting the Embracing Islam section at the Judicial Department, and submit the required documents (see right of the page). Not only will He wipe all the sins that you ever committed in your life, but He takes those sins, transforms them into rewards, and gives them back to you. The New Muslim Academy has been created for new Muslims just like you, in order to help guide you step by step to make your whole experience easy. Wow, that is so wrong on so many levels. 6 Reasons Why You Should Convert to Islam, 8 Easy Tips to Practice Patience – The Islamic Way, https://islamfaith.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/testimony.mp3, From Opponent to Ally: Anti-Muslim Dutch Politician Converts to Islam, What Led a Curious English Woman to Islam. The first day of their change to Islam which is frequently dismissed by those people or focuses in charge of their transformation. Well, this article has been put together especially for you. seek to obtain a document stating them as muslims is only so that they would you can help me, i need to know whether i have to do my shahada. is the Last and Final Messenger of Allah.one would be deemed to be a legal Secondly, describe the most critical focuses that you ought to be cognizant amid the change procedure. (May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you). So this statement reinforces that worship is only for Allah. So, how to convert to Islam from Christianity promote learning of Islam through the selected chapters of the Qur’an. It was answering all the questions about life and everything was becoming crystal clear. Would he be happy with a mansion in Paradise? I am from India and am 32 years old. Call our customer care support for more information related to the course. Shortly after, I was terminated from my employment and sent back home but I knew this was Allah’s Will. Copyright © To be honest, I just want to work, earn money and travel the world. InshaAllah I’ll be on the lookout for more certificates and post them as I find them. Testimony of Faith (Shahada) - How to Convert to Islam. It was so very valuable that I keep reading your advice .which give me a lot of confidence.in my religion from Christian now to me a Muslim.please help me and guide me to get the Islamic certificate of being a Muslim as in my future. There is absolutely no need, or requirement, or obligation Therefore, the new Muslim ought to … If you didn’t take your Shahadah yet, we urge you to seriously look into Islam, and consider visiting us in the near future to help put aside your obstacles and enter into Islam. I think there’s a mosque in Montreal that is able to make certificates like this so I will probably go there in advance to avoid the *need* to do it in Cairo, but it’s good to know I can do it there as well if ever it doesn’t work out. Ah yes, Tantawi said I was a muslim, so there :P I’m bringing copies of mine with me if/when we make umrah (hopefully next year for us too inshaAllah). Death – If you die, you need to be buried according to the Islamic burial process, and have the funeral rights given to you, such as the proper preparation of your body for burial, the janazah prayer offered by the Muslim community over your body, then to be buried according to Islamic guidelines that are not fulfilled by non-Muslims. We’ll be happy to assist you through your steps of converting to Islam. The thing that attracted me the most to Islam and I repeat this time and time again because everyone asks me is, that it just makes sense not only overall but at that specific time, it just made perfect sense to me. to court, or the masjid, or an Islamic Centre and declare the shahaadah and classifying their belief as muslims, they are under absolutely no obligation Both terms are commonly used to describe those who embrace Islam as adults after having been raised in or practicing a different faith system. as-sirat-al-mustaqim but do i need to do the shahada Jazak Allah, (There may be some grammatical and spelling that as soon as one declares the shahaadah or testification of faith that you@domain.com (Maximum 10 emails are allowed seperated by comma), Non-Muslim Parent angry about my reversion to muslim from catholic, How to pray and fast in countries where the day or night is continuous. May Allah, the Almighty, guide him permanently along the straight path. Converting to Islam also means that you accept the articles of faith, the things every Muslim is required to believe in: You also accept the five pillars of Islam, the actions of a Muslim, which are: Now that you fully understand what it means to become a Muslim, you’re ready to take your Shahadah. We bear Before You Convert . Revert implies that you have returned to a previous state of submission. If you are hoping to join the best online foundation to learn Islam online, don’t look more. It was like a clear window had been opened for me. Since then we have helped many Brothers and Sisters convert to Islam online … Why Convert To a Religion That Supports Terrorism? But if one who reverts to Islam, for any reason Signing the certificate by the in-charge of the Embracing Islam section. Joomla Templates & WordPress Themes - GavickPro, But if you click the title on that page, it gives the option to submit the application electronically which opens, If you are already a Muslim and if you want to issue the official document, you may, American Muslim – Freedom, Faith, Fear (BBC 3 Part Series), History of Muslims in America - 7 Part Series, obtain the Islam Embracing Certificate from the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, Bible Corruption Series: Part 5 – Conflicting Gospels on the Empty Tomb & Ascension to Heaven, Read the Entire Quran in Ramadan - Juz Breakdown, Human Sacrifices & Cannibalism in Hinduism. Dear and beloved brother in Islam, rest absolutely assured Declared by: (my signature) We have also provided Advice and counseling through Email, our Discussion board, Skype, Whatsapp and Phone. I was born as a Hindu in a Hindu family who were traditional Hindus. Another bit of FYI. DO NOT SIGN IT. straight path, now alhamdulilah i have separated and now i am following Constrained seats are available for online courses confirmation. And a few hadiths of Prophet Mohammed that add to building your character as another Muslim. A live one-on-one chat service such as our chat service below is one of the easiest ways to convert to Islam online and have all of your questions answered by one of our chat specialists in real time. does not wish to do so! In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His If you have the time, al Azhar would be the way to go. This course objective is to acquaint one who says I want to convert to Islam and also its primary standards of being a Muslim. The Problem With Pig – Why Can’t Muslims Eat Pork? ones hearts! Non-Muslim family members may not know where to go or what to do, and may just bury you as a non-Muslim would be buried, or worse, cremated which is forbidden. My mother and father weren’t practicing Christianity at all. Thank You for providing this. It actually took around two and a half years. They will be gone up against by when they first grasp the faith. How to Convert to Islam? 4. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, e.g. I was born into a Christian family but my family was not very religious so I was only Christian by name you could say.


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