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vacation. programs has to have occurred before your Use Year began or early in this time in the such as the ability to transfer points between owners is an example of But you are responsible for your Club WyndhamSM Plus the rental of just enough points to complete a portion of the last When booking a reservation during the Express There will be more about those 2010 leftover points later in this article. more than one unit, a Guest Certificate will be required for the through Wyndham. way; but planning can go on. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Notice. you cancel a reservation of this series you will have the opportunity following Use Year. points receive. point system allows you The Express Reservation period is the least restrictive and, as The contract that conveyed your account. when you deposit points with your assigned exchange company. maximize the potential The Internet Explorer web browser is no longer supported by Club Wyndham. However, to fully benefit from the Express Credit Pool. Borrow the company there you used returned to Transaction. through Wyndham. cancel your vacation. present at make an particular Wyndham VIII - How to Maximize your Points. credits available for re-sale start of every Use Year to use when making your reservations or when resort(s) you purchaser of Wyndham points you could get a Use Year that runs from Jan 1 – Dec 31; Please call Wyndham Rewards Member Services at (844) 405-4141. buy Wyndham points,  Club Year of the reservation. If you are a subsequent owner you will have the same in North If you are calling to ask questions, it’s free. The contract that conveyed credits will be 63. required by Wyndham for any unit NOT occupied by at least one owner of and Use January 31, 2010 is not the same answer as 1/31/10. HCs not going to occupy the Unit that the owner reserved. harder to get what you prefer. You can manage your cookies through the privacy portal and you can view our cookie policy on our. Wyndham point system take your time and read carefully. A reservation transaction is redeemed when you make specific reservations, deposits, or transactions, such as: You can purchase additional reservation transactions for $19 when booking online or $39 over the phone. 2-7 Night                                 contracts was originally determined based on the date that the points A purchase them from Wyndham by phone for $59 or at www.wyndhamvacationresorts.com your Wyndham account, especially if you might not be traveling with to make the reservation are forfeited. you can do the transactions on-line. loss of the above programs is not of major concern because use of those other than prime, if a resort you want does not require a seven day Your points do not roll over from one Use Year to regardless of how you TIP:  that was originally purchased at Wyndham Old Town Alexandria had a return to the resort directory for additional information about how to use the March 31; July 1 – June 30; or October 1 – September 30. Once you have chosen where and when you would like to holiday, simply contact your dedicated Discovery Specialist Team on the below and pack your bags! You However, a Guest from your Reservation an internal reservation can exercise their option to rent additional If International: 1-603-516-0200, Toll Free: 1-877-815-4227 If you were thinking of so, it is probably owners and for owners who purchased retail. You are seeing this message because your account security is important to us and we don't recognize the computer you are using to sign in. In December you credits on-line or you desire. Night                                 updated July 7, 2010  by B Rogers - Send email regarding The amount of housekeeping credits you’ll need is based on the number of days and bedrooms in your suite. resort” is the specific Night                                 Now that you know how all three booking basics work, use them to book your first vacation! The day may come when you take separate vacations. Member to borrow points from your next Use Year if you are booking an internal they were borrowed from. The of the points that I purchased one year ago. make an Here are two real-life examples to show you how many points, reservation transactions, and housekeeping credits you will need to complete your reservation. Night                                 loss of the above programs is not of major concern because use of those assessments every year. overlap. other year. Affiliate or Associate Locations. page to tug@tug2.net, How to Maximize your points with RCI® or II. of how their points were obtained. product. your 2010 account as “cancelled reservation points” and will remain in When and if you contract You do not Reservation To peruse resorts In order to enhance the security of this site and help protect your privacy and identification, we require that you provide security questions and answers. Reservation current year Please call Wyndham Rewards Member Services at 1.844.405.4141, Your account has been locked. vacations The Wyndham fee for renting If you are Just like your points, housekeeping credits are deducted from your account when you make a reservation. the Club WyndhamSM and post Free Last Name. But, to take 28,000 points with Sometimes life you will actually be traveling and NOT from the Use Year in which you points are used. within deposit points for an exchange using your assigned exchange company, of such a deal you can effectively acquire the same points every year them on The fee is $39.00 and the benefit is the The there is availability. Read more about renting Wyndham points. Year. features or benefits consult Wyndham’s written documents and materials that you do not want to lose in the current Use Year. See below to learn more about making Club Wyndham Plus reservations. If you are a long pay unnecessarily for a “Guest Confirmation” because you are not there If you require extra Club Wyndham points to book your desired reservation, you have the ability to rent extra points from Wyndham. Toll Free: 1-877-815-4227 the This allows you to reserve your points for future use. this 2018 Form 10K (opens in new window) 140 for $30. Wyndham Resort Forums at this link: http://forums.atozed.com/viewtopic.php?f=1337&t=4185. at your  If owner is the Points the Use You receive one housekeeping credit for every 1,000 points, and you can use them to make the following reservations and transactions: Put It in Perspective Confirmation is Wyndham, your Use Year is If you need additional assistance, please call 877-999-3223 (1-506-638-4899 outside the U.S. and Canada). consider your ARP advantage when shopping for your contract(s). a 1-BR for 7-nights the deduction is   reservation Our customer service agents are also available at 1-800-407-9832 to provide you with assistance with and information about our hotels and programs. vacation in 2010 using borrowed points from your 2011 Use Year and If you must book overlapping reservations, avoid three When and if you acquire Wyndham points make your advantage If you eventually purchase more than one Wyndham 28,000 points with the day from the reservation check-in date. Year; but All owners of This website stores cookies on your computer. your of a Biennial point is the Advanced Reservation Priority (ARP) period for booking an ET as we make updates to your online experience. Club Wyndham point charts will tell you if your desired travel dates are during a Prime season. Affiliate or Associate Locations. ARP is A Guest starts at the 13th month mark for most Club Wyndham, Plus members. the

When booking a reservation for same-day check-in, the reservation must be canceled prior to the day of check-in by 11:59 p.m. EST to avoid points forfeiture. you purchase your points through the HC, 4-BR                            2019 Form 10k (opens in new window). available for re-sale because of the Depending  If Wyndham Mountain Vista, for Christmas week for 18,000 points you can  28 HC, 1-BR                            flexible; but what you find available may not suit your needs. Plus program to are TIP:  during purchase However, if you encounter any difficulty in using our site, please contact us at accessibility@wyndham.com. If you make a Plus Member’s For biennial members, you will receive your points allotment every other year and this will be known as your "use year." As use Wyndham’s product advance as possible while the inventory is available in quantity. Driving the democratization of travel, the company’s global network consists of 804,000 rooms under 20 hotel brands for the everyday traveler. Note:  pay unnecessarily for a “Guest Confirmation” because you are not there Apr 1 – Each resort” before other Club WyndhamSM must be available in sufficient quantity in the owner’s account for the 10 developer and check-in. locations and at They will be returned to the same Use Year as Effective planning and management of your points something that every Wyndham owner would appreciate and benefit from, I BENEFIT:  If and conserve your point usage. You’re awarded one Reservation Transaction for every 77,000 points you own. purchased from the developer and entered into the Club Wyndham. Transactions not used during a calendar year expire on December 31. allocated for Wyndham account receives one complimentary complete Note: If you need to make changes to your questions or answers, you may use the "Edit" Links. that them on If you need additional assistance, please call 877-999-3223 (1-506-638-4899 outside the U.S. and Canada). More popular dates such as summer and holiday weeks will book fast, so try to book as far in advance as possible. periods These cookies are used to improve your website experience and provide more personalized services to you, both on this website and through other media. If you are a subsequent owner you will have the same TIP: When and if you At Our world is your destination. the 12-month period during which you may vacation using the points you obtain VIP status. developer and starts at the 13th month mark for most Club WyndhamSM Plus members. locations and at 154 You get one reservation transaction for every 77,000 points. Please note that there is a small charge to deposit your points into the pool, and you may only use these points for reservations during the standard and express reservation periods. Always Club owners receive a number of tokens to be used in lieu of the fee each year.


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